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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, March 28th 1990

THE spear becomes a scepter, with bauble on top, the thorny twine, an elaborate kingly crown, and the metal clamps spring open - the broken one is weightless. He rises in triumphant glory.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega!" And the quest is moving forward, the diminished are being renewed to their former glory, the stripped and battered are relinquishing their bondage. The path homeward, in heavenly procession, calls to the massive pilgrimage.

If there is one thing above all that one must be forthright and adamant about, it is the fact of renewal and divine consolation. The heritage of all beings is holy, and their evolutionary paths are laid through the heavens. No lie or illusion can mark this truth indefinitely.

The Lord has come to set things aright. Conceptions of this inspire charity and pity towards the wretchedness in the state of man. This can be a misleading perspective as the pictures given can indicate that we are wretched and pitiable in our true condition. But the Lord, who sees us and knows us, does not actively challenge our inner beings to turn around, rise up and join him, if surely His work was from grief alone. Rather, He realizes our true perfection, and through Him true perfection is realized as He is the key. He holds the world on His scepter. He defies the illusions cast of our degradation. This is a subtle, but nonetheless important view of the attitude in regards to our forecast.

Through his Blood, which watered the earth - diluted and potent - we are steeped in a remedy which brings Man back to the Gods, and can turn us around, as we go screaming into space.

Go and find your way in the world, and when you have discovered all there is to know, return. This is the story of the Father and Son.

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