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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Greater Mind-15th & 22nd January 2005

THE word 'confusion' implies disorder, disarray, and possibly a form of static in which the thought processes become for a time, paralyzed. 

When we experience this static it may feel as though there is no going back or moving forward. Reviewing our past knowledge from experience is not immediately accessible or sufficient, whilst finding our way to productive new ideas frequently feels blocked.

As well as this there maybe chronic or temporary physiological factors bearing down on our capacity, affecting our convivial wellbeing.

There is Knowledge and Intelligence all around us - a concordance of Genius underlying all things. Once again, as before, we find that mind, Great Mind, lives outside of our beings as well as working within.

It is good to be reminded of this, because the actual effect of this contemplation is relaxing to our own tension of thought. For when we ponder the Mind outside of our own we literally flip inside out; and just as when a computer locks up and the restart button becomes the only option, this inside-out play of process permits the thinker to quit the confusion and begin from a point that better suits their pursuing. Sleep also is a great restart to confusion, and the very same principle applies.

Now having said this we can add further:
In truth we do not always do our 'thinking' inside of ourselves completely. If you were speaking with a brain specialist today, his opinion would be that cognitive thinking manifests electrically within the orbit of the brain cells personally, and not beyond.

Logically speaking, they would have to say that a human being cannot therefore think 'outside' their own personal experience and former accrued knowledge, and that everything which takes us up to this point has evolved from our own personal sequence of building-block wisdom. Yet it can be proven quite easily that all people do more than just this, in the very fact that they can change.

In order for a man to change his thinking on something requires that he disregard his former ways of thought, and in order for him to be able to achieve this, he has to be able to 'see' an alternative before he finds it. He verily 'senses' another way, another wisdom other than his own, and has a capacity to recognize and make it his own if he so chooses. This sophisticated ability has to lie outside of the defining capabilities in order to work.

When people begin to feel confused they often become sleepy. This of course is a most natural and possibly helpful consequence. When they are dozy they are going to do one of two things: 

  • either find a thinking outside of their own or
  • fall totally asleep and achieve a restart.
You can see from this that very intense thinkers who are quite self-bound, for this reason, may suffer many bouts of sleepiness during the waking hours. Meditation has the same effect, often described as a 'clearing of the mind'; which we can add also, a receiving of the Greater Mind - a referring to the outer and greater wisdoms.

Once again we find with imagination also, that it does not live within ourselves so much as it lives outside ourselves. The place, the realm of imagination, is in fact the spiritual worlds.... all of which are pretty pliable in the immediate, to our input.

Even within the local astral and etheric, the manifest is charged and changed continuously by the occupying inhabitants. The very seeming lack of plasticity within the material world is an exception to most.

So much ordinary thinking comes in from outside the individual thinking it....and not always from a greater mind or source. Many folk are given to repetitive thought and by doing this are cordoning themselves off from the pervading outer thought. It can become a habitual enterprise in trying to be selective, but if the ego is weak the problem with the closed mind is that it is closed to new and higher thought also.

It is perfectly understandable that someone who has difficulty discerning their own mind from the voices of the Greater Mind, would vanguard their thinking processes with constant and repetitive familiar thought. However the implications of this are in the negative, that the individual begins to perceive all things not as they are but through the eyes of limited experience.

Of course once again it gets back to the importance of strengthening the "I am", the Arterial Selfhood, the blessed Ego. Neither can it be advocated that an open faculty is of itself meritorious, for attraction and discernment have come into play. Even the adept is open to ridiculous thought at times.... just as sometimes it is necessary to pace through the alleyway to get to the bridge. Yet no strength of dire and perilous thought can perturb the one who is strong in who they are, and furthermore strengthened again and again with every test before them.

Thinking within this world is a direct preparation for moving about and navigating the spiritual worlds. The effort put in now will accrue immediately, and with what skill that is accomplished, shall determine well the vistas available later.

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