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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Internal Power & the Equal Strength Without- 9th January 2005

THERE are no words that can tell us a Truth alone. Words themselves are not so powerful, for how could they be self-knowing in themselves or by themselves?

In order to be more than something, we are required to know what we know - or for it to know us, that it may become in us.

Words are the great protectors.... they conceal us from the force of the Truth they are conveying. The husks of a seed similarly contain and withhold the force of the life conveyed.

From this we can tell that there are two types of strength in the World -
  • intelligent force and
  • non-specific strength
There is an internal power and an equal strength without.

There is blood and there is skin. In the blood there drives the Will, and in the Will there lives the Mind and heart's desire for all becoming. And from this grand and essential knowing comes the tidal pulse of immeasurable force.

Then also grows the sheath of Consolement, for to console is to wrap around, as it were. And with that binding hold fixed, our Planet is consoled by the Heavens that its bulk does not tire itself with too much friction from the internal force. It is an outer holding of sorts that steadies the course.

Although it is common for people to talk of finding strength 'within' in Western culture today, previously in centuries before, people would look 'outward' to find the strength required for certain things.

For example: courage is an accessible virtue, however excessive nervous energy can thwart the courage you might otherwise experience. If we invoke the consoling powers from without to bear down upon the excess energy and curtail their disruption, we are then free to experience the courage that comes most naturally to us.

Asking the powers without can be a way to define the powers within. Ancient cultures looked to the vapors, to the smoke and fire, to the elements of nature and supernature, to 'normalize' the great powers within. 

Our being, our own nature within, holds the same essence, power and velocity of the purest and fiercest forces universally known. There are not many different lesser varieties, but rather each bearing that of the same - same forces also that drive the world as well.

The blessed laws of Karma hold back and contain the erratic possibilities of happenstance. Life would soon be the end to all life, if it were not contained.

These two strengths described, hold their own unique characteristics. They are not opposites, as neither in truth are the elements tabled in Yang and Yin. Opposites are graduations of more of the same, whereas different elements come from (and with) different families of structure.

Greater again can we say that the Spiritual Worlds have been clothed with the material robe. With high purpose and yet unknowing, the material substance can bring divine definition to the boundless spiritual. This gives new meaning to our beloved Christ being the Word.

This is but one view of this truth, but a glad and profound one to ponder. The very forces that could break our world apart from within are of the same that would temper us from without. This divine paradox occurs throughout the tablelands of existence. 

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