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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Time- 15th April 2003

VERY few events occur in real time. Most apparitions of fact live their reality within the spiritual realms long before they are realized materially within the world, and either therefore come from a past, or are being contained in an awaiting future.

One definition of real time is when the combining spheres all experience an activity concurrently at the same time. This actually does include the consciousness, because without the consciousness not all of the spheres of being would be succinctly together at that one point conterminously.

Real time denotes proper health. There cannot be decay of any kind during real time. Decay erodes; whether timely or untimely in the overall scheme of life, its action works one life force against another without a cooperation of subsistic living (as in subsistence).

Yet neither can real time be artificiality, whereby appearances present a continuum that does not ebb and flow with a supporting life above and beneath the exterior apparition.

Complicating this theme further, all Life is so cohesively conjoined through our Father God - He being in Real Time throughout. So in this respect there is both a consistency and an agreement which by its overseeing Nature does conform all beings and particles into the Supreme Real Time of Heavenly Existence.
An insight, a spiritual revelation, can bring us the experience of a real time event (the "AHA!", when that first 'flash' lines up in the consciousness, and all of the thinking stands together). Then the being of ourselves, uniformly and snugly, also aligns with this conceptual occurring; and then the entire being responds with the ego flaring its brilliance of joy. The soul light glows and the spirit's flame brightens too; there is a health and a happening of everything just for one moment at least, being perfectly together. This is an experience of real time exactitude.

The saints live in real time continuously.

To say: "I and the Father are one" is a statement of fact, health and real time as well. For it is with this fact that we can bring our consciousness together with Him and then become materially, and then completely remonstrate of this being as said.

Equally, if a person does not exhibit on the 'outside' - i.e. by actions, appearances, honesty, naturality - exactly who they are within their personage on the inside, then the alignment of such real time cannot and does not occur.

Love manifests only through real time. It cannot permeate superficiality or blocked arterial byways. Love lives in the present only, in the immediate, and is also experienced by the real time privilege of all worlds being in perfect alignment. Its gifts and rewards are all real time occurrences; neither accrued or owed, begging or conditional.

To feel strong within one's own ego can be an experience of real time and the perfect compilation of self. Every thread that knits through all of the layers of a man maketh the coat for all time! 

Our 'inner secret self' is not selfish when calling to be coherently dignified and respected by the consciousness. If we do not manifest the person that we truly are and need to be and become, then we betray, malign (get the word now: mal - line) decry and yes, even (hell of hells) blaspheme ourselves and our Maker, by those tensions of ill-fitting worlds and inferior realities.

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