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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Give You My Word- February 2nd 2003

  Embedded beneath
The temple and hill,
Two eyes, two nostrils,
An ever-hungering mouth
Calling out,
Quests the life,
Devout to love,
Compounding and exacting.

Past present and past recall,
Past infinity's hopeful premise,
I give you,
I offer you,
My Word.

What a keen edge
This Life has to it,
Delivering the near impossible,
With the highest of expectations;
Entertained by our God,
Who immortally is here in puzzle,
By virtue of the fact,
And fact that that is that,
That I am in fact,
Yours sincerely,
In Word -
I am.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's growing borders,
I give you,
I trust in you,
My Word.

Submarine and subterranean,
In places where no other
Does come so,
Save himself,
To save himself.

Divining I,
With credentials holy
And a given for a newer life,
Now living,
In the heart of the soul,
In the soul of the ego,
In the kindness of spirit herein.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's encompassing reasons,
I give you,
I offer you,
My Word.

God of Value,
God of gods,
Heavenly Father,
I give You myself.

Christ - my higher instinct,
The one consistency,
Essentially and empirically.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's shining comprise -
The ever-dawn
I give you,
Yet keep also,
My Word.

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