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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Question on Pacifism- 10th November 2001

Dear Brothers,
Undoubtedly the message of the Gospels is one of pacifism:

Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matthew 5:38-44

We have had your detailed message on the importance of not killing, and respecting life. The question I have is though, is war ever justified at the present time? If not, could a tyrant, such as Hitler, just have his way with the world? 

If pacifism is the philosophy we need to follow, then is it possible that the Christian religion could be prevented from being practiced?

- Bruce

THE forces of antagonistic chaos tire of themselves very quickly. The angry soul will deplete himself, all of himself, because he has deflected the very life that would sustain him ordinarily. He has substituted truths for hatreds, and such vile calamities which then flow forth in thought, word and scheme, are little good to invest in.

Desolate places,
Sand swept and now imprisoning oases,
Knife-sharp grasses,
Storms, winds and consuming seas,
The parched,
The dulled,
The cynical,
The mutings,
Venomous blue-bloods,
The vile, the foul,
The reckless-regardless,
Sea-monsters too,
People monsters, demon imbibed,
Violence - of word, of thought, of threat, of act,
Carnivorous plants,
Bad fairies,
Fallen angels,
Disturbed and humorless people,
Rumors and insinuations,
Aggrieving criticisms,
Wood-rot in growing trees,
The expression for the desire to cease a life - of self or other,
Striped socks!

Death dies. Evility does not thrive; it exists, corrupts and then falls to its own design. Hatreds are self-inflicting. Even the wars in Heaven are but a thumping and a clanging of but a toy drum and cymbal to the serene and holy hierarchies.

By their own nature those who offend Father God by their intent, by their behavior, will be unarmored, incapacitated and laid victim to the same ranks they themselves have led through their short-lived victories.

Then let them step amongst the slush of once flesh, and feel the edge of every tendon, every sinew - for each sightless eye, twisted or dismembered limb, for any premature and violent end, they too, in trade, shall be thus unendowed.

Where now the strength that once was arm?
Cannot the finger point, or curl -
Or hold thy heavy crown?

One could say that our fleshy bodies, warm, supple, yet as imperfect as they are at the present, are merely bodies, lesser cousins to the spirit within and almost disregardable to the spiritual worlds and their realities. But this is not so.

The mysteries surrounding, encouraging and enrapturing the human frame have not even, as yet, begun to become what they can and shall know. This world and its manifested comprise, is not just some cosmic experiment or artistic trial; and nor is it sinful, for that matter.

The ensheathment of ourselves in flesh often presents an element of compromise. We know, because of the current condition, limitations and difficulties which the ethereal bodies simply never comprehend. The tasks are many, and fundamentally we are called upon for much courage to persevere with this existence as it compacts upon our ego and soul life within. 

Also, in complement to this somehow, the world at large is often perceived to be cumbersome and difficult, detracting from the higher realms realities and inherently sinful in this. 

Today we are going to separate off some concepts and distinguish them more thoroughly, to look at the world and the existence of the mortal man in its most noble of aspects and regard what it means to decry them. 

The nature manifest and the nature underpinning (the physical and the etheric worlds), is very innocent and intrinsically spiritually pure throughout. When an animal, fish, plant or elemental copulates, it does so within the streams of life - higher life - and never in 'sin'. There is nothing debased about creation creating. 

In human life too, this is the same. If there is sin present it is occurring outside, although adjacent, to the physical and etheric existence. Neither the physical nor etheric condition is blameworthy of sin, although they are affected and impressionable to it. 

With human copulation there are divine powers operating and cooperating from the very highest of influences (which, by the way, can experience some of themselves through the perfect act). There are outstanding differences between Man and the lesser kingdoms in relation to everything because it is Man himself which hosts the higher powers, draws them in and enables all other creation to be revivified through him.

There is something of a whimsical paradox when it has been said, in relation to sin and to copulation, that a man or a woman is behaving like an animal. Whilst it is true to say that the animal nature within the flesh appears to respond sometimes independently to the ego, it is in fact life-driven and without sin - the sin itself residing elsewhere, entirely different.

Now, if the animals, plants, fish (yes, even the terrible ones), insects, elementals, feed off one another, if they are predatorily, violently, disconcertedly, even enjoyingly vicious, they are, nonetheless, free from sin in their acts. There is no outstanding karma amongst them. There is no sin within their expression. Only in Man can we look and find expressions of the weight of the associated sin; and not within the etheric or physical world, but outside of it.

There have been periods where darkness has encapsulated the Globe. These periods have been so dense, that penetration out or into has been difficult and almost threatening to cause a permanent disabling. However, the Heavens, the lesser gods and all of the angelic domains, have always loved this world - at every corner, in every space, in every way.
The physical life, as it is and as it could be, is cherished, admired and well thought of. 

There are mysteries which cannot even be hinted at here, except to say that locked within the human body itself are all things cosmically much further afield. We present a symphony of powers in our very stature. Our physicality is perceived very differently to the powers without us. They see many things occurring, which as a sunrise may enliven and inspire us, we likewise inspire them.

When it is put to us or said by us, that verily Christ is in us, this is not meant figuratively but completely, utterly, literally. The angelic beings can see this. They can see this in us. Every act of man is significant. Every word and deed is holy. 

Therefore also are we chief inspirers to the world around us. Our descent into matter is an acceptance of the virginal condition. We enter into purity and very quickly it is either enlivened by us or defiled. Within our humanity, and from moment to moment, we do both. This is life as we know it.

Both Etheric and Physical substance is angelically compliant to the directives of the motivating forces and personas working in and upon them. The Earth is the living jewel set upon the Crown of Christ, responsive to His every thought and desire, and Known by Him entirely. 

As worlds within worlds, we represent both Him and The World as well. When the animals copulate they are driven by Creation to further yet more creation. They move as the life moves within the world, expressing such life, loving such life. It is one act relived by a many, second-by-second within the one world, expressing the action of one world. Life enters in, life departs.

In the first instance, a man and a woman who are fertile and capable of offspring are enlivened too with this global drive for further life. This is not an act of sin amongst the child-bearing, ever. On the subject of children we can look and see what has been expressed above … proof positive of the purity of the physical and etherical condition as it is. The sweet infant and his means into life, holds the dignity of all existence within its being, explicit in its manifestation.

At the heart of Motherhood and Fatherhood is the highest expression of Humanhood made possible. The path to arrive at Motherhood and Fatherhood is holy. The act of conjoining in a fertile couple awakens an action responsive to Life in a way that cannot be achieved with couples who are not capable of offspring as a result of their intercourse. Now, there are higher conjoinings available to other unions where fertility is not present; there are differing occurrences which can be either holy or perverse. 

This is not to say that sainthood cannot be achieved by the childless, because it can, but the qualities of the motherhood or fatherhood will be what is brought forth in that sainthood regardless. It is more to explain that for all of those individuals who do have children, their spiritual giving within the world is already incredibly established and worthy. They may never profess a formal faith, yet the attributes which accompany the parenthood they manifest are divine.

It is to say that intercourse with fertile couples who give themselves to the divine possibility of welcoming life in their act, do not sin – whether married or no. The act is the union blessed by the life they give and receive and further offer.

It is not to say that infertile relationships hold no value in spiritual terms in relation to the act (by infertile this can mean even using pregnancy preventatives, or same sex relationships for example), but that the impetus comes from differing forces which may or may not be especially worthy. Some physical combinings will be holy, some significant spiritually to the partners cooperating in copulation, whilst some are devoid of soulic union and therefore 'at odds' with the being and nature of the individuals within. 

If there is no fertility there becomes a vacuum for other forces to become present. The same forces, which would ordinarily support life in the individuals participating and further life beyond them, can turn upon them, being destructive to their physical and psychical wellbeing. This therefore can be 'sinful' for one or both of the individuals concerned.

Copulation as described between fertile couples is the first and primary act which the Cherubim concentrate upon. Even when there has been no actual physical fertilization occurring, there is always a spiritual seeding which takes form (many forms follow on from this in point of fact), which 'takes' within the female and lives on into the etheric given forth. 

There can be a secondary form of copulation which is not procreative, but is spiritually formative. This act draws in the attention of the Seraphim that concentrate upon the living soulic connection between the individuals who have divined their beings in spiritual mutuality and likeness. This act needs to be discriminated from only physical expression, where there is no possibility of children and etheric birth resulting. Casual acquaintances or unequal relationships cannot communicate intimacies upon the soulic level, for the ego today requires qualification in all that it does, and knows when something so vital is hollow and unsatisfactory. Also, where there is selfishness for only self-gratification amongst the act (from one or both) there is sin apparent.

One of the reasons that young boys were called upon by black magi who used them for copulation was to draw in forces, which were in contradiction to the creative powers and redirect the forces into forming demonic beings. 

Demonic beings of themselves, do not invoke karma either. Through their conjuring and use, many tyrants have found ways to escape the repercussions of their meddling through their employment. This is part and parcel of the 'advancement' some may have made, without the usual hindrances one would expect to intervene, however usually one of two things often follows from such behaviors. Firstly the black adept creates powers and beings which eventually consume him; that grow beyond his willing and turn back upon him; or secondly he cannot help but participate in those things directly which do incur karmic response, and he is quickly undone. His successes can make him careless and eventually, because of the demonic consciousness, he will mistake himself into believing that there are no personal consequences for that which he does. As he negates his own human empathies and conscience, giving over to the powerful and anti-human motivations, he loses his caution, yet still must answer to all that he is responsible for. 

Now as to the subject of violent death, returning to the concept of the importance of our physical existence to the heavenly worlds, and also, to the further idea that each man and woman is a world within a world - and being partial to Christ Himself - we can contemplate with a sadness equal to this truth, what it might mean to bring about an unnatural death to the physical body and the spiritual pain that is caused by this. It is a very deep hurt to expire anybody thusly. Abortion is in this category of course. Anywhere, any place, where the once perfect body which is intact and warm one minute has had its life severed unlawfully and unnaturally before its own time, is assaulted not only materially, but spiritually as well.

When folk speak about periods of incarnation and of death, it is easy to think kindly of both processes with a gathered detachment. We know that the spiritual worlds harbor homes for us, and that a single lifetime within the earthly sphere is by comparison very brief indeed. One could attempt to be philosophical about war and those who have left abruptly to re-enter the spiritual realms. It could be possible to imagine that because 'life goes on' (and it does) that although war is terrible, it is endurable and only really played out in some bizarre heroic upon life's stage.

Yet we tend to look to deeper and sterner consequences - we know that pretty much all things are endurable, and concede to this with both relief and happiness at that comfort. However, to study a'further, we can also come to a gravity as is experienced from the wider circle which embraces humanity, and gain a little perspective there as well.

Earlier the concept of sin was introduced and it was done so to give over to the principles that both the Earth and the Etheric existence are uncorrupt and treasured realms. Sin itself will be visited many times by all of us in varying ways - sometimes we may even choose to sin knowingly, and granted that we assume the responsibility for this sin then it is ours alone to deal with and for naught else to judge. Our lives are not determined by outer directives - even the fanatic who would live according to creed rather than credential must refer inwardly for guidance. We choose daily, and 'choose' is the word implying a level of consciousness, of confrontation, of reaffirmation or reformation to follow. 

The impulse of Life is more important than just energy or some faceless continuum. It pours from the highest being down and reticulates back. If there is an interruption to Life, or a refusal to Life, then it is that the whole ecology of beings is sickened because of it. 

When a man ordinarily dies it is within his own timing, and there has been the opportunity for the aspects of his being to make loose from the frame and begin to withdraw from his connections. Not only does this free the ego from its involvements within the system, but also gives the physical body some time as well to adjust to the changes which will soon befall it.

The workings of the organs within the physicality are reliant upon many, many beings that in the higher astrea are responsible for the starry interchange between the physical matter and the planetary persuasions. The organs themselves operate according to their own system, whilst are also responsible and relating to the extraordinary star system we relate to as the Zodiac.

A little portion of place corresponds within us. Our bones store much of our memories (even those of the previous lifetimes within incarnation here). Our fluidic systems manifest our desires and emotions, and even our thoughts as well. Our fibers are woven with both an etheric and astral nerve which corresponds to both. Our senses are angelic receptors - requiring that we sense our interpreters that they may intercede between ourselves and all of that which is outside of ourselves.

Our glands respond to other people - they are our 'people receptors' supplying the empathetic resonances. Our ethers expired, help to form and future the world. These finer expirations bear our characters and concepts which pertain to our own individual persona (they also have an astral counterpart of a differing emanatory influence). 

Our bodies, when we are given to sleep, are contained and protected by an angelic sheath. You see nature herself does at all times entrust much care and concern to every human body- even the failing ones, the aging ones, the frailing ones. The form which is inflicted with disease often brings with it a great number of bright angels for both day and both night, consoling the condition and the soul who struggles within. Anyone who has witnessed the peace of the very sick will know these angels.

When we are mortally threatened by another person who sets about to attack us there is initially an immense response of disbelief, for it is exactly as though one were injuring themselves to hurt another, and it seems incredulous to anticipate that this would occur.
Then, when this disbelief has been overtaken by the immediate sense of danger now apparent, there is a period of gathering within the being - of assessing what is there and accounted for and intact in the present moment, and then an attitude of rechecking the prospect of danger.

We gather, we check, we gather, we check. Now in part we may do this as a matter of course throughout any given day; but the atmosphere of this stocktake is alarmed and defensive - not informative, now more protective. 

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  1. "Many of you will certainly know that precisely in our present
    materialistic age, this concept (love) is shoved into something else
    and distorted, in that the materialism of our time forcibly places
    the concept of love as close as possible to the concept of sexuality,
    with which it has nothing to do!

    "This is a point where our present spiritual culture not only
    departs from reason, but even departs from anything that is in some
    way still allowable for healthy thinking. Here, through its
    materialism, the development in our time not only comes into the un-
    reasonable and the non-logical, but into the scandalous, when what we
    can call "love" is so closely juxtaposed with the concept of

    "The fact that, under certain circumstances, in addition to the
    love between man and woman, sexuality can enter in --- this fact does
    not in itself give a justifiable foundation for bringing these
    concepts as close together as possible --- on the one hand, the
    comprehensiveness [inclusiveness] of love and empathy; and on the
    other hand, the total specificness [exclusivity] of sexuality.

    "Logically, this is just as intelligent as, for example, putting
    the concepts of the "locomotive" and "being run over" side by side as
    two concepts that belong together, in the same way as today love and
    sexuality [are believed to belong together]--- just because
    occasionally, locomotives do run over people!!!

    "However, this close juxtaposition of the two concepts does not
    stem from some sort of scientific pre-conception, but rather from the
    nonsensical and utterly unwholesome way of thinking prevalent in our
    -Rudolf Steiner, Earthly Man and Cosmic Man" Berlin on May 14, 1912


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