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Friday, March 18, 2011

Christmas Gathering- 2001

Imbecilic joy…
The two faces of both natural wisdom and wisdom-yet-to-be…
Gravely reliving the moment's conspirations;
Touching and tasting the freshly delivered sunlight.

In foyers crowded and anterooms amassed,
The multi-multitudes of beings gather together to worship at Christmas;
All rare and exceedingly curious variations of life,
All dear beings whose form may appear but parody to human;
Yet clear-eyed and clear-hearted,
They have spindled or twirled into the community party.

The children of this world have joined along too -
At slumber time, with heads heavy on their beds,
Their dream spirits have run along (and some have flown) to be at this party -
The party of Christ.

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