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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 13


13. Repulsion for individuals who invite devils into themselves and forsake their higher natures by such terrible compromise.
This repulsion is instinctual yet often compromised by those who imbibe certain devils themselves (such as with alcohol). It does not mean to say that the folk around us are possessed by demons to the point of losing all self-consciousness, however and disturbingly, one would be surprised to know the number of the population who are not given marginally to one devil or another which suppresses their Christ-given nature. 

The more sensitive and 'open' a man becomes by living cleanly, the greater his difficulty is with the presence of those who do not, for it pains him on behalf of the afflicted, and is causal to a collective physical sickness in the world which intuitively he picks up upon.

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