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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 12

12. A despair and trepidation for those individuals who knowingly cause harm, upset or injury to another living being.
On a deeper level again this refers to the fact that over the course of many lifetimes we have encountered actions of men which were inhumane and evil. Experience has taught us of this possibility which is perhaps of the greatest sadness; and also in all probability there was at one time or another a pocket of such cruelty that we ourselves played out in some horrible way. And of course it cannot be abided in any way now. 

For the Christian man this element of dark humanity is very real to him - one of the nastiest ghosts and ever apparent. It is distinct from the Double and even separate to just the personal experience also - rather an occult phenomenon of such anti-man which is known behind the worldly cruelties. There is little good which comes from speaking of this element, this apparition, but suffice to say that the great Masters are aware of him, and the further along one becomes, the greater the disgust and trepidation.

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