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Friday, December 3, 2010

Flowers Laugh- 6th December 2000

EVERY flower manifests a living memory, for it carries within it the sun; and amongst these glowing and gossamer vitalities, there are also reminiscences (remini-scents) of Paradise. When we take a flower into our home or onto our lapel, we have a representative there with us of that which we have momentarily forgotten.

The flower is not drab, but bold; it states its living with great exuberance and even the most delicately petalled are in truth much more confident than demure.

Flowers laugh. They and their elemental buddies, are joyfully placed all day long. This is why they sleep so heavily at night - too much laughter in the bright light of day!

If you personally get to know a flower it may share this with you. The conviviality may not exactly translate over, but a gentle amusement will surely abide.

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