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Friday, October 29, 2010

Divisioning of the Sexes & the Serpent's Way- 27th August 1998

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
- Genesis 2:7
HERE we are told that this was the first point that Man began to know as a living soul, our own being and our Creator. Our very first breath in through our nostrils and into our lungs was that of the very breath of Father God, and life came to us because of it. So upon our first breath into our lungs, our organs of discernment, there came knowledge of Him and of subsequent life. This concept is worth repeating because it gives us the picture of a man who has the knowledge of God instilled within him.

In the perigee of Genesis we are given the distinct phases of our earthly garb described, beginning with the externalization of Man. Common to all cosmic activity there are episodes in time when things empty out of themselves and spill their many characteristics all about, often creating further exterialized worlds which later in time will go on to unfold a'further.

There is no end to the magnitude or its assembled parts! Life can be fractioned and yet determined to such cohesiveness that it simply reforms more wondrously ever into yet more detailed life in constant multiplication. Love is boundless, Eternity ceaseless, and so fundamentally, there are enough materials imaginable for any number of worlds to be in flux and flow.

Now Man in his spiritual being contained (and still contains) it all - everything - the keys to the kingdoms, in substance, in kind, in Godliness, in sublimnity. Accrued along the way he has also preferred to exaggerate certain characteristic developments, which at the sojourn of the previous semester he was encouraged to slough off.

In a manner similar to emptying one's pockets in order to view the contents you've been cherishing, Man was organized into naming the living creatures which were to populate the world. Alike to the grit worn off the edge of a great sea shell, the lesser kingdoms came into being out from Man himself; for Man and by Father God, our inner inhabitants were given form, and we in part were released of them.

The angels however, were not clothed as individual spirits (for this is not in their nature - angels 'bond' whereas creative spirits 'split'). This is because they, or the angels, do not share in the ego of Man but rather are given to the presence as inspired to them secondhand, so to speak. The varying elements were to serve us and their respective environments - without physical substance either.

Adam 'named' the world - out from his own lungs expelled the breath to form the name of each and every inhabitant of field and air; said sacred name, that perfect utterance - the expression of being known - all the natures of beast (then gentle) being from the one nature, one God, one Man.

Then and there life could have meant a self-fulfillment in its loneliest aspect, for the world, as manifold as it was, was self-contained, coordinated and perfectly sterile. The natures did not harmonize (this is why they could be fractioned off in the first place) and had no means to communicate amongst themselves. It was a knowledge plain and apparent that could sequent the World - but not love.

Now not only do the masculine and feminine principles preside throughout very nearly all cosmic activity (in one form or another), but also do the active principles of duality and combining perpetuate life in the highest of spiritual spheres. In plain speak, in their own way the gods 'make love' - not by orgy, but with dual combining. When they do our seas swell, rains fall, the ethers are replete once more, the coals that fire the Sun are stoked, and Cupid smiles at the explosion of yet another Big Bang theory.

Yes it is that the higher gods themselves combine most naturally and thus it was that Man too was then given the means to truly come to another in ways that involved love both into himself, his partner and into the world at large. This love differed from that which is generated through compassionate empathy or later, sympathy, for it encompassed the same benevolence one knows from the nurturing nature of our Creator - alongside the creativity given of to two equals in spirit, engendering the activities of same higher conducive forces.

The 'act' created a spiritual dynamic whereupon Heaven and Earth could be truly married. The loving coupling of two people does in turn have its effect giving back to the higher gods who first inspired it: they know of its human occurrence and return their affections spiritually upon this world. They have no part in the provocation of human interaction; just simply respond in the purity of the expression.

So the paradox was that the oneness of flesh created by two, synergized the highest of influences which not only brought men life into the immediate but also the gifts of renewal and further propagation to the planet as a whole. And this was unashamedly splendid.

When we are loved we are ennobled. As a child with the love and adoration of the parent we grow to be ennobled in our being throughout, impressioned by that deep caring so known. When an animal cares for its young there is such an ennoblement within the species, within the unit and the pack; although instinctive. Such instinctive love is also known to Man, where in most instances there becomes an unconditional sacrifice of self for the child, and in both instances there is such a warmth and divine purpose amongst the incorporated family which could not have been comprehended or experienced within the 'self-contained' and sexless world.

We can add to this in examination of the developing ego. Yet again, same paradox, different name, that alongside the growing being who is aspiring towards a greater selfhood as he acquires that sense of ego and of who he is, there is also the greater capacity to love and to choose this love (not by impulse or instinct alone); and to give of himself decidedly and fruitfully.

Now in the instance of both varieties of loving we have mentioned, there is an expression, a working, a giving, a caring-for - intentions to provide for another before one's own needs or wants. This is not implied that the entire day and night be filled so consumedly, but that within the sphere of activity between any two given souls there is a love known for the other that exceeds the love of their self. Not only is Christ apparent at such a conjoining, but also His Love for both as is then known.

It is by Christ we have been afforded our egos such as they are, it is by Christ's merit indeed that we have come to distinguish ourselves and grow to love more perfectly. All of this is good. Neither is it to the discredit of the parental love offered and shared, for when we depart of this love to embrace another who is not of our family but rather of our own choosing, beyond the obligation and instinct, this at the ego's best is unashamedly most splendid.

There are two minor gods, Lucifer and Satan often spoken of, quizzically, characteristically ... and the one thing which these two fellows share commonly is that their love is only of an ambitious variety - it is a hungry love, which is both consuming and lonely. For neither have the impulse to coupling, and neither understand the wherewithal to love greatly enough despite of themselves.

They are as collectors who choose to make great private acquisitions. They are both proud in these adorations, narcissistic and aggressive, they display no capacity to step outside of their own known realm and learn of another, let alone sacrifice for one either.

The reason why both Satan and Lucifer may work their way into a man - within his soul-life, affecting his astrality and his composure - is that there are ancient times within our beings which correspond to these gods of isolation. Before we demonstrated our divisionings we too were aloof from the spiritual splendor of a single other. We could always comprehend the greater Powers, we knew of the radiant, vibrant path to Father God from almost any station within our starry trek, yet we did not have company cared-for to detail, we did not 'chum up' or relate one to another importantly. And this is not to maintain universality versus some kind of sentimentality, but rather here to explain that in all things we are as 'inside out' and that the path to the macrocosm of greater thought and virtue is gated right there at the heart of our fellow brothers and sisters. From knowing one man well we may come to learn also of our selves, moreso than any mirror or self-judgment could ever arrive at for us.

The Serpent is the collective host, coming from that former era within humanity when that reptilian coldness prevailed. As said before, all creatures assuredly came out from both God and Man, and this specter of the past came from a time which simply did not understand the warmth of selfless love. This is indeed the great parable of virtue. If one gives virtue they become as powerful with it, yet if they take it to keep and use it not, then it is as death to the soul.

Satan and Lucifer both urge Man to take the fruits and become as gods, knowing both good and evil in this way; and with an independent enterprise, entered into the bodily transactions, now exploited by the hungering gods. Flesh and function were given instantly to corruption. What could have been an immortal coil, became instead a collection of compliant components each with their 'air' of isolation also. Christ adheres them together, this is also true, however, since the Fall of Mankind we have suffered a derision of virtues working within.

The Serpent came to man through woman because it is from the woman that the old forces flow. The futures stream in through men forging the world's imaginings and makings; whilst the women make this possible in that they hold the powers from the past in containment. Man himself cannot let loose of that cord which connects him to his origins, and so he secures himself within the woman that he might still hold to Father God, yet advance forward also.


From the Gospel of Philip:

"Whereas in this world the union is one of husband with wife... in the aeon the form of the union is different. [This is possible because] Christos came to repair the separation which was from the beginning, and unite again the two, and give life to those who died as a result of the separation. "

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  1. "Perhaps there is something else that is characteristic — I mention it only in passing: In Paradise, too, it was a woman who instinctively allowed the functions of the devil to enter into Paradise. I think it is not much to the credit of men in our civilization that they are still calling this kind of thing superstition and refuse to have anything to do with it, once again leaving it to a woman. It may indeed be characteristic that a woman, Ricarda Huch, is calling for the devil, just as once in Paradise it was Eve who let in the devil. This merely as a passing comment." — Rudolf Steiner, FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993), lecture 4, GA 177.


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