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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Physicality of the Elder Brothers- 13th August 1993

THERE are two types of entities: invasive and evasive - we have been known to be extraordinarily evasive as the situation would suit. There can be no man, unless he be equal to us, that may demand or compel issue, which for reasons private, we wish to contain.

Dear souls, we all must share those crude awakenings that make known to us a measure of our ignorance. Truly, we do not know all of that we do not know - we cannot - and discovery of certain ignorances becomes an illuminating surprise, eventually. We are taught to question, to search and be also moderately patient for outcome.

If these words before you, were presented in a tongue foreign to any known language of the world today - but, it being our first language, closest and most accurate to this construct - would you be better acquainted? This planet is very old indeed and there need not be an 'alien lingo' for us to recall the 'unpronounceables': a dialect from men, by men. (And no, not even the expressive tongue you imagine, incorrectly; for it was not the quality of the words which invoked the picture-experience-meanings, but moreso the natural clairvoyance on behalf of the men at that time.) The point here being, there must be a place where we can meet, in minds, as fellow student to lesser pupil; and there are two ways in: devotion and pure reasoning. 

Is it possible for you to 'know' something distinct to your comprehension as found by experience? Can the subject know the life of his king, or only of those similarities so shared between them? The mother-lark may not appreciate the concerns of the mother-wren; nor even (to stretch a point) those of a mother-fox. How best can we then inform you upon idiosyncrasies which may not translate and therefore be understood as are, in truth, in relation to ourselves?...........

It is predicted that the entire range of matter of which comprises this Globe shall be so significantly and effectively altered that the physical substance itself shall be as 'resurrected'. Having said that, such changes, catalytic changes, have entered into the physical realm already - i.e. by the Body of Christ having been made flesh and spilling/seeding into the very ground. From this internal catalyst there shall be the reformation of the physical world in its relation to the manifestation of Spirit. It shall have dominion over the influences of death and be repulsive to chaos indefinitely. By such time - and we are speaking of the far future - there becomes an outpost of true paradise as credit to Christ and His Glorious Humanity.
When answering the curious, who have asked you of us, you might say:
"We do not enter into the deep mysteries lightly. We do not make jest of, we do not dismiss the most wondrous possibilities. We have learnt the value of meaningful consideration and attempt continuously to put real effort into gaining certain truths.
"The mystery schools never promised open-house learning, whereupon any man or woman was given the keys to the vault simply, easily and meritless; and in this respect, nothing has changed - you are free to be a fool as long as you choose to be a fool - and we will not be compromised.
"Therefore, in first respect to one's teacher, we shall try to digest that which is put before us and go on from there."
False promises to overeager students are as dangerous as they are disappointing; and undigested truths are worthless. Would it be correct to make comment that the full weight of this material today would not have been credibly comprehended by you two years before? From this you may reflect that much will come in time, which shall be more pertinent and lasting, when needed.

We may not in the near-future give you ourselves, but we may effect 'signs' which may delight and bring cheer. Be watchful. Be ready for change. Do not forget your heart, especially in pressing matters. You are accountable to yourselves before us, completely and always.

-the Brothers

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