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Monday, April 19, 2010

Old Man Time- 31st July 1993

IF one should come to the equatorial bracelet and so measure those locations, they could arrive at the conclusion that a greater conductivity mobilizes there, a band of greater activity involving the instreaming possibilities for change. Should you spill a dye in the center of a spinning disk it will work its way to the circumference, making greater effect the further out it reaches. The propensity for change in relation to a warmer climate, is heralded through magnetic pathways in thunderous activity - the snap and sparkle of an electrical storm, the arena for the beginning battle which only 'change' does bring.

'Newness', abstract newness, is very much taken for granted as always having been as an allowance, as a right, as a prevailing condition. This in itself is not so, because there are in fact episodes within the ages of Man where there are no possibilities afforded for change whatsoever - it is as the planet has paused with a momentary sigh and closed herself off from any further intake.

'Newness' brings stresses and strains to all who front the unknown dragon, who is to be regarded as both infinitely wise and infinitely unpredictable - of course. That such an element is housed and made provision for, is quite remarkable. Newness may only be effected where change has entered in and preceded it. Without the two, men and for that matter all previous cycles, all kingdoms etc., would be confined to those planes of activity as entered upon, without release.

Old Man Time has crept through and stalked the imagery in men's imaginations e’er since self-conscious recollection (this may sound as an obvious statement, but not so). Old Man Time does not present as but a ghost of the past, but moreover as the living past calling to men to acknowledge all that he is and has encompassed. Picture if you will, the keeper of the cycles, the cyclic law balanced and perfect, the treasures of ingenuity struck, and the solemn sacred wisdoms as found only by Man and his manly interpretation thereof. He is not only as a compounded spirit - i.e. the pneumata of Humanity - he is living time embodied, but from our past. Upon his girdle do hang the keys of great learning, bringing with him the sum total of Man's former expression. He is a grand soul and may actually be met with - yes, actually.

He does not, as one might imagine, embattle himself with change or its outfall. This is not the domain of 'time past' who stands aloft from the ongoing actualities. The world beats one beat faster than his involvement; Old Time stands out of time with the current time and all it is.

Here is something of a hint as to the glimpses of precognition, whereupon the future is advanced as one beat ahead to the present. However precognition offers the vision of spiritual design awaiting - not yet born into being - therefore not as representative of what has to befall, only living in semi-tangible realms of impending likelihood, if that. Those who witness such dreams and fancies as do spiral the atmosphere are often irreparably alarmed. The measure of 'change' as is the theme to such floating possibilities is over-clear, and to men's perception, equal to disaster.

That which breaks into or away, tears apart, dissolves, destroys, contaminates, condemns in order to make for new order, is when experienced, unsettling to say the least. This 'Kali' influence is both welcomed and shunned by an ever fumbling Humanity, who in some sense stands upon the wave-washed rocks, slippery as they are, balancing afore the next wall of water rises to greet them. No one need be told though, of how the grace of change may also bring release and such sweet offerings to men who would otherwise be imprisoned without freedom.

So these impulses work and weave their way throughout the globe, being ever more predominant in some aspects and expressions where they may make entrance - more so than others. Each man too, is as a miniature globe and has a field to which he may enforce, that may for a time repel change. There was a tale given of a portrait, a self-portrait, that aged and changed whilst the painter remained untouched by time, and at the end it caught up with him all at once, and he could not forestall the changes which time would bring, any longer. [Dorian Grey]

We are answerable to laws which may be propositioned briefly, however all of us must necessarily conform to equal requirements. It is always for the good of ourselves that this be so, for the higher wisdom delegates such impulses and eventualities with supreme foreknowledge which complements the infant Man. Overall there is not one way chaos and subsequent change may intervene where uninvited. It simply is not so.

As stipulated before, there are actual periods whereupon the planet takes rest and runs, as it were, on 'automatic pilot'. It is a recovery time which fortifies the fields and 'reforms' the general substrata ecology. Historically these times present as being completely uneventful, and there are miniature periods of these also. The outstanding souls who ordinarily are drawn into the world for the times of great change are deferred and the gross population is allowed a little 'catch up' time; usually with a very peaceful incarnation equally as uneventful, but completely restorative.

This is to good purpose also, because there becomes a re-association with the globe, of happy times, in such times of peace. When men picture paradise or heaven on Earth, it is often with the richly imbued recollections of these periods they have known as fondest reincarnations, overall.

Yes you are correct, the old world does perpetuate and remain - the stamping ground of Old Man Time - sheltered and innocent to change- faerieland being the etheric world which cohabits within the physical realm, held back one beat behind the challenges of an evolving evolution, two beats behind what might have been chaos and subsequent change.

There are many beings who await at the gates in blissful ignorance of how the precious token of frozen time will dissolve away one day, releasing them yes, to advance and to become, at the expenditure of that dream which at present perpetuates in mysterious surprise.

Thus will then be also, the death of Old Man Time, when even he shall be overburdened by age... such old age that revivifies only with change and rebirth.

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