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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Nephilim & the Sa'tans- 6th April 1993

There were Nephilim in the earth in those days...
- Genesis Ch.6 v.4

THE Nephilim/Gigantium were formerly known as 'the walking trees'. There was a resemblance: the thick of the neck adjoining the ill-shapen trunk; the head, by contrast, small and ill-defined; the veins protruding and the digits long and knobby; the clumsiness of movement, the charcoal voice, deep and dry - lumbering giants, if you like.

That which was human - had been human - was simple; it was a problem, in measure, that they had became ensouled in marriage as it were, by ominous entities, later to the date of their first appearance as manifest.

Matter was not matter as we know it, and the gateway threshold into earthliness was almost 'immaterial', given certain starry correlations and 'favorable' circumstances.

Mixed evolutions always settle down into there being one dominating individual. In the case of the Nephilim, that which was to be space for man became flesh - if you could call it that - for Sa'tans (pronounced Su-tans: “u” as in 'cut', “a” as in 'father').

Angels do not incarnate in this manner. Angels withdraw and depart, contributing initially what they are called upon to assist in, compelled by the will of circumstance, but not held once such form has become manifest. It would be difficult to fondly recall these Gigantium as brothers- although, in part, there is a relative link somewhere along the line. They did appear as hideously deformed, because of the fact that they were randomly cast, and the specifications altered to accommodate an entirely different entity: an embodiment of cruel forthrightness.

They were clever enough, but conducted themselves rather stupidly; the reason for this being that cleverness cannot tolerate men, men being bewilderingly elusive to thought which is purely coherent and reasonable. Because of this there was a contempt natural to them, for men, from the outset. Wicked designs were justified by such contempt and both despised the other, with probable cause.

However, men were not as they are today, and there were greater distinctions between those who were advanced, and those whose consciousness still slumbered within their soul. The fiber and the sinew was charged with an etheric pulse which later was replaced by water. A man did not 'weigh' half of what he weighs today.

Probably the worst part of the story of the Nephilim, was the interesting way they recharged their form. They did not, and could not, procreate. Stories which followed after of giant wives and giant children, related to such giant men who belonged to yet another time again, who were simple, humble, gentle and sometimes beautiful both in features and in nature.

The Nephilim had the means to extend their own lives through the extraction of the vitality of living men. Furthermore, because of the conditions of the time, organs and features of those men who were devoured were visible, hanging off various parts of the Gigantium for a time, until the astral dissipated. As a camel holds water, they were seen to have these hideous attachments; adornments, of which they were undoubtedly proud. They could not maneuver their own form very well, but could feed suggestions to a man, enticing him to go to them. Whether perceived as a god or a lover, the man would give over himself as a tribute to the spectacular being before him - unbeknown, a forgery.

The Sa'tans were rebuked in Heaven and intervention was granted soon after their appearance precursory to the Atlantean catastrophes. However, it is true that some escaped and made their way into the early civilizations under the pretence of being gods appointed to Man. This may have been believable, had they not been in the habit of eating men deliberately. This practice meant that whatever fanaticism sprang up from the worship of such a Sa'tan, sacrifice and inhumanity followed. (Baal etc.)

Even at the point where their entire physicality had deceased, the Nephilim continued to provoke and prompt men to bleeding their very life's vitality in their name and their honor, to their satisfaction.

In asking who the Sa'tans originally were, one may find a clue when they discover their ability to have entered into the physical world at all. There are times when souls are sloughed and abandoned by such men, who sadly have forfeited their connection with their spirit. These souls are usually dissolved, but occasionally are chanced upon and assumed by beings (descending angels) who would ordinarily, be naive to those reminiscences of human evolution.

The soul seeks to return to the earth. It is capable of re-entering because of the qualities it possesses. It is no longer humanly espirited, however it is impressed with memories of humanhood. Unfortunately too, it has come from a sour individual who found no love for his humanity, no savor in the actual living. 

Thus the Nephilim were enabled to graft on some experience of Man, and were attracted to Man, but were not by rights, Men; and furthermore were actually lacking in certain impulses and virtues which ordinarily could have enabled them to bridge their astral desires through to higher aspects complementary to Heaven. Therefore their sorry condition provided for a natural malevolence to men, an indifference to the value of life, and an immoral representation.

They were so impressed with the souls, that they 'fell in' to an adjunct stream of evolution. Their egos as such, were not as a man's - and not even operating within their level of activity.

Sadly, all the way along evil appears to be as lovelessness - those who are without.

The physical embodiment does not occur these days; as aforementioned, such ensembles have been outlawed by those prevailing commissions of authority. However, within the immediate membrane of this world, we do suffer their presence as a gathering gloom: a reminder of a fallen humanity which beckons the rest to follow their ghost.

Therefore we must rebuke them, and commend them to God Himself; praying that these sorry wraiths may come to peace, and the beings (Angels) conjoined, may return to their rightful places and regain their lost identities also.

Did you know a signet ring was a signature seal held by a man as a personal mark? Or concurrently, to signify one to another if given? 

And that men used to scour the shell of a turtle to find upon it the secret and mystic markings individually borne?

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