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Monday, March 8, 2010

Benediction: to end a meeting- 1993

To Seal the Moments Passed 
SIGNIFICANTLY, the passage of the day has gone before us. Temperately, we have come to this moment in one mind. Before moving on we may take one gentle pause to review and recollect, and consciously acknowledge the many presences which accompany us here, in this moment.

Oft times, men best interact in unseen ways, regardless of words as parted with; concentrating earnestly on rather, pure intention. The intentions are sensed and spoken to, each unto all, and there may or may not be recognition of such.

If we come to meet minds or meet hearts, with a question - it may be under a presumptive doubt, or it may be with immediacy and optimism - whatever we ask and whatever we bring is paramount to the end value of this day.

As with rising to each wave, we go haplessly from one sequence, one momentum, and one distinction, only to duck and bob afresh; the interim between affording little time to qualify the preceding experience-mix. It often takes death to make a really good and comprehensive impression of events passed, and thus digested. In ingesting the worth of the day and preparing for the rise of the next, we do so shift and make shift most marvelously and for this dexterity we are grateful.

Intentions are precisely that: in-tensions - which drive our being and manipulate the forces of the Will, coherently. Amongst the secret treasures inherited by Man, his deliberate causal willing-ness is a prize as yet, quite undervalued. However immature the intentions of each and every one of us are - wholesome or marked, enhanced or bemused - the intentions enrich the future fabric and future design of destined interactions. For that is their potency; they do not only work the immediate realm, but particularly seek out, untirelessly, their fulfillment.

At times we may not feel very powerful as individuals, or capable, or equivalent to life's prospecting; and that our divinity is shielded ignites a personal suffering of separateness, an aloneness, a discontent. Our fulfillment, our expansion, is met by the extending and incorporation of our egos into the harvests of another.

As a group impartial to solicitude there becomes far more distinction and quality of experience, far more than mere gradients of 'energies' abounding. Energies may be summoned wherever, 'energies' (to wit, there are more than may be open to interpretation) are not as the vital fluid which is imparted alongside the intentions - marked intentions that are ours.

So we may take a moment to cite what it was that we harbored in our hopes for today, and what transpired.

Look to every man and woman in this room and know that you shall one day meet company again.

Know that today was as binding as any contract in life. For the promise of furtherance drives all of our circumstances.

May we come to know also, some measure of continuity. Meetings over time and out of time, appear fragmented, but to the soul - whose memory is unsequential but rather pertinent to the complete knowing required by a particular prompting - the soul does pick up and go on as the same, whether it be one day or one thousand, one year or one thousand, before coming together again.

With this knowledge, may we come to clasp the hands that may be met - once again, to seal this parting - and know quite distinctly, that with whatever has passed before us, however slight or however striking, we may be sure that we shall be given the opportunity to combine as souls again.

(Group may now shake hands)

Know that our precious qualities, intrinsic to us particularly, enrich each other as actively employed.

Know too, that there will always be time provided for us to give back to each man that which we personally have obligated afore.


(Directive: One faces another clasping both their hands again palm to palm, whilst pronounced.)

Beloved Christ, I implore You
To watch over this soul who does love You,
Most definitely.
We pray that this man or woman before us,
Knows of Your comfort, Your gentle grace,
Whilst also, Your stern strength.
May Your issue saturate their being.

Kind and loving beings,
Draw closer to this soul,
That he or she may be encompassed
By Your guidance and protection.

And now, as we move to separate
From one to the other,
We give thanks for their being
For their existence,
For their consideration of us,
And for time shared.
In Christ we live.

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