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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Invocation to Christ

Beloved Christ, we pray that Your Presence be amongst us,
As You stand before each and every one of us.
As You Love us, we love You also.

Behind You follows a legion of souls, faithful and illumined,
Gathering in to be close to You.
We welcome them also, and bid them take interest in this our meager work - may it be empowered with the miraculous and with Your Blessing.

Let each man come to know Your way, and each soul thrill to salvation;
Salvation that You give.

We pray for restoration:
That the hopeless regain their hope, the heartless regain their heart,
The faithless regain their faith, and the humorless regain their love and sympathy.
May we care for the despicable, nurture the outcast and shelter the lost.

We pray that we be mindful that time is Yours firstly.
Should we deny giving time to that which You would choose us do?
When all is said and done, You are the rightful Keeper of all time,
And all effort in time which is not of you, is as naught.

Dear and Beloved Christ, as Your Blood spills into ours,
We pray for the ennoblement of all Men.
Uplift us with Your Wings of accompanying Cherubim,
That we may be raised high enough to gaze upon Your Countenance.

Master of the World, we pray for Your Consideration.
Every day afforded us here is marvelous opportunity to work a good deed, forge a perfect arrow.


Arrow = Desire

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