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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer for Surmounting Failure

Heavenly Father,
I pray for reprieve,
I come to You,
That I may be healed of my tumors of incongruity.

There is sadness in my bosom,
And many tears held back, beneath,
Much loss unanswered, subtle torment and grief.
The woes I lament are not as troubles to You,
And yet indeed, as they trouble me and stifle happiness,
My pain is troubling to You. . .
May I surrender this upset, all of my disquiet,
To You Dear Lord?
And by doing so, may I heal,
That I best serve you, renewed and revised,
And neither You nor I be tormented by these troubles now past.
May I desist from self-mocking and rather, knowingly review,
And accept that shortcomings lead to long roads well trod,
And know that experience counts for much;
Gratefully accepting all compensatory activity
Which shall rebound upon each and every movement of my being.
And herewith, return to You Dear Lord,
Knowing that you would not have me overburdened.
Please release me into Your Expression,
That I may overcome my sorrow for such failing.


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