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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pursuit of Knowledge- 1st July 1992

THE conjecture about 'Black Holes' is interesting because it exhumes a study of something, which by definition, is not there. Such studies are at best difficult, and suffice to say more properly, that there are most definitely gateways between this realm of our perception leading into that which may not be encompassed by our senses or by instruments, or otherwise directly accessible to Man. This would be a large concession if the scientific world could extend their theories to accommodate those prospects of there being worlds layer upon layer, related and unrelated to our own; albeit unseen and unexperienced.

The point of such conjecture may be brought into question. There is actually no war against a comfortable and smug materialism. For if something is beyond recognition and comprehension it is only reasonable to accept this, and put it down to the 'unknowable'. Therefore we may only begin our studies with that which we may know, or have opportunity for coming to know - expectations of otherwise need re-examining.

This does not in any way detract from a Spiritual Science, however, one's nous, one's knowing, might be better defined. Regardless of popular opinion, knowledge does not rest on consensus but on fact and the subjective experience of such facts as are there. Agreement as to facts is secondary and good for substantiation, but not reliable.

If I set about to know something and to test it for myself, I must satisfy myself that I shall know how to begin, and how to identify the result with which I am satisfied. Furthermore I shall do this, having a history - of which I am aware of - of many 'wrong' assumptions, whereby in confusion or misapprehension I have mistakenly gauged a situation and have been incorrect in my judgment. Nonetheless, with great optimism I endeavor time and time again to be the better judge, and make for opinion.

This is no cynical treatise on the gleaning of knowledge. Indeed, it is a wondrous endeavor in which curiosity inflames and men seek to discover the unknown. It is primal, it is essential - in some, deterred, quashed and broken - and yet such assimilation carries on regardless.

The ingestion of knowledge is reliant upon a being that is capable of expanding and infilling with the veritable 'stuff' which comprehension is made of. We are told that there is the capacity there for one to encompass all knowledge at the one time; and have provision for this, in breadth, in strength, in expansion - very stretchy! Although, we have never seen it done!

The pursuit of knowledge appears second only to the pursuit for love; and so often they are definitely one and the same. It is fine to see a student aspire towards the truth, as a truth, as was eons before; and also to remain candid about the differences between the unknowable, and the knowable unknowable!

The vistas of discovery do widen with each grand step - wonderment with anticipation, wonderment which comes with the privilege of knowing, the holding, in this the entrustment of those finest of treasures: the truth. This is because the TRUTH, is what IS: of our Father - that which is complete, most perfect, uncontaminated, without compromise, out of time, in actuality, the quiescence of isms, perpetual and everlasting.

From the Truth we find streams of fragmented expressions, of persuasions, of manifestations, because the creative impulses are deviant in respect to that which has never been, that which is new. For out from the unfolding of such Truth, there are possibilities. And possibilities are given Time, for a time, in which they may or may not become incorporated in Truth. They must be worthy. They must become in accord with the almighty presence and power of the Truth.

When the carpet of time is rolled up and away once more, some are taken with it, whilst some may remain in the bosom of our universe. Creation herself withstands and remains, for she and her Nature are inherent to the Truth. Some designs require a little working on! "Not enough Time" they cry - out comes the carpet again. Her helpers pick through to find the lost jewels - and recover them they might: Lost worlds and lost souls, as gnats, as fireflies. 

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