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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wand or Feather?- 15th March 1992

THERE is no way of proving our credentials, of who we are, because it would be based upon our say-so. Some are never satisfied, whilst many are too easily satisfied when entering into such relations. Of course the question is relevant. However one can ask: what are the credentials of those who throw doubt upon the matter? 

The 'Space-people' intercourses are not dissimilar to the spiritualism of last century. To many they are one and the same. The figures are equally as fanciful. One can 'pluck' from the astral many an obliging speaker who undoubtedly, will for the most part garble on. At the moment one is working on the basis of assumption that these 'Space-people' are talking entities who convey meaning from very distant realms; that they have just 'flown in'.

Many will tell you (or precisely the mediums) exactly what you want to hear - if this was not the case the mediums would not oblige. They never seem to offend anyone, do they? Some mediums still continue on in the old school, with old names of exalted saints and teachers. Others continue with Indians and (ho, ho, ho) pirates, etc.; others make claim of 'Venusians' et al.. Whilst also, those few idiots who should call upon devils are satisfied also, with slime and incantation. All of them are obliged - but what precisely is their contact? The quality of their teaching, or more accurately the information, will speak for themselves.

Yes it is true that the 'Devas' relish the opportunity to communicate, and yes they may be equally obliging. It is no small matter however, to be privy to interpret 'language' and converse with a being who projects from outside the system. One would have to enter in so close as to actually be here, and have been here for a very long while. You see, if they do not know what it is that they say they know - if indeed there is little evidence of the science and advancement proclaimed - then one must question that they are who they say they are, or more to the point, that their contact and experience is much older than suspected.

If it were the case that our world was so ethereal as to welcome all manner of beings to the doorstep, and indeed shower their influence to degrees that is assumed, then surely we would have been overrun a long long time ago. One can imagine what next century shall bring - most likely the Tree-spirits and Animal-gods etc.! 

In the centuries prior to this one, there was no talk of space vehicles and the like. It is true to say that men would have lacked the accompanying concepts, but nonetheless, were this occurring at all the information would have brought about its impact. But this was not the expression at all. For the main part, we have deceased entities or deceased shells of men who shall speak of foreign planets and missions to Earth. 

Certainly in trance a medium cannot accept into themselves anything but a lower entity; for a higher consciousness could not endure the association, nor would be attracted to try. It is an impossibility. One may frequent the houses for the mentally insane and mentally disabled, and strike much of the same communication which issues willingly from these mediums. The messages of words spoken are simply not put to use by Angelic influence (not in the way described), as their activity is paramount upon the manifestation within the world - what use would be a few garbled words? One can only endeavor to ask them a sensible question and hope for a sensible reply.

The world of men is much more complicated than most imagine. If one has not the business of becoming directly involved, then they are not aware of the capabilities that advanced souls, and not-so advanced souls have entered into. In some ways they can be as glorious or as hideous as any Spaceman concept, in what they can actually effect. But usually the politics is bound to this globe; and busy enough as it is, with such.

The Devas inhabit a world which, one might say, has been separated off from this our world - and yet is one and the same. The etheric realms of golden light are vivid and bright, and by contrast most pleasurable for these individuals. Their perception cannot often make the connection which takes them into the shadows of this world. They would keep to themselves for the most part, and as with all beings they have representatives of their very wise, to their very infant. In legend, they are awaiting a soul of their own and are somewhat disturbed by talk about this. For in truth they have their individuality and ways, and have been with this world e’er since it began. They are in essence the plant kingdom personified.

As men we are continually exerting and exhibiting influences which stream from other planets. So much so that an individual has within him: a Mars man, a Jupiter man and so forth, who with particular characteristics thus imparted from those regions, does work with them accordingly. And some characteristics may definitely dominate others. One aspect so received and featured, will make for a consciousness upon approach into that realm: in conditions of sleep, in conditions after death. And it will be to a particular globe of that planet to which they will go. There are many globes which run concurrently aside from those which are to be. 

None of this is frightening to Man as home is where the heart is! But interpretations of such peregrinations are difficult, if not almost impossible for most to recall or to imagine. Equally so, the fact that this larger home sphere is teeming with beings is incomprehensible. Those who adhere to the Space-people theory often are ignorant of the sheer enormity and diversity of population. This must speak to us therefore, of a limited capacity of comprehension if not experience.

The knack is in trying to develop a consciousness that is self-conscious in the present with present concerns. For surely this is one's first concern. To make effort to expand oneself out from the conscious limits, is in this time a strain and a stress and a contradiction to where one sits at the moment. All things and all places have their appropriate times. Whilst the imagination can soar and 'take off' into realms far less tangible, it is best to exert clear and concise consciousness at best, as is possible, for this will assist one in later efforts in future realms.

Each to his domain! Everything starts from the point of where you are. You may look to yourself, to another, to your little room and what actually is in there, to your garden and to your world. All of these things comprise (right here and now), keys into the realms that extend outer and inner and beyond. One can come to an inherent understanding of the nature of these living qualities through the mysterious which is before you in the very present. To come to observe and know of life intimately- and this is not impossible, right from the position you hold in the room you are in, in the present. 

Now were that you were enabled to experience a little of such perception, there would be no need for a spaceship in order for you to achieve this. Grand Maya! The spaceship enterprise (pun!) is quite contrary and immature to spiritual theory and practice. The ways in which a multitude of beings inflame their influence in man is not as blatant nor as primitive, nor as naïve as the concepts that purport this.

Some Devas are suggestible to Man's bidding. Some are aloof and keep best away, but some are all too easily influenced by the concepts of men as regards themselves. And liberties may be taken on both sides. Even though their experience and wisdom may be as long as their years alongside man, and even though they may present (some of them) as very aged, they are in fact very much the children, who are as children held back. They never quite made the connections, even though they are kith and kindred to humanity. They suffer the ills of humanity, but do not partake directly. 

Their memory may span the ages, as they are not incarnate within the physical realm directly, but they are impassioned by men and imprinted so. They may be corrupted or encouraged or exalted, or dismissed. They who were at the crossroads, who could not make the bridge into humanity but run alongside, are concurrently in many forms and consciousnesses. 

There are many who are far from dull-witted and stupid. There are some who would enter into the realms of men and oblige; whilst others are contemptuous and ill mannered (having gleaned this from men also). In a way, there's perhaps more of a freedom within the realm, and yet also a time and space which is undecided. Depending upon their characters - their personal natures - one will find anything from 'Tinkerbell' flower-hat fairies to veritable demons: those of the earth with bearded consideration, those of the air realms, the water, the Angelic.

Of those who are fixed and more mature, we have many who are quite capable of approaching men and conversing at will. Some may be subservient, whilst others have outreached the general capacity of a man's comprehension. Some are very confused. All have a pretty poor self-image. They are the original 'Green Movement'. Some are understandably 'testy' about these pressing concerns. They must find means of being understood and have been long dissatisfied with their neighbor's habits and inconsiderate interference. 

Added to this, they are rendered almost powerless unless invited to contribute in that which affects the world of men. Some are doting and very impressionable (some, meaning literally millions). They are colorful indeed.

Much inspiration may come from their directives. However as with much within the world, they are as many and varied by nature and attribute, and it does not pay well to generalize. They are also very easily offended. In point of fact one must never be as discourteous as to be haughty about one's position in relation to these beings, nor to be 'pushed around' or 'played with' (depending upon who it is that you encounter) but be respectfully aware with neither fixation or judgment.

Added to all of this there are men, who by varying degrees have excelled and advanced during their lifetimes and have left a legacy of such work as has been done. This legacy is verily the impressions of their efforts under the particular influences from which they worked from. Such a contribution - distinctive in any field - remains within the hemisphere of our Globe as reference and inspiration to others who, in their lifetimes may be so attracted to draw from.

Also it may be comparative work which necessarily does not adhere exactly, but with like intent. In other words, a great mathematician who has departed this world shall leave a residue of his efforts of calculus and inquiry, coupled with his love of that field of endeavour. But later on: one year or two hundred - a similar soul who holds a passion for music may well draw upon the old mathematicians mastery of logic and be thus inspired. He may even be so alike, that the old mathematician will present himself in dreams! However, these visitations will be part of the impressions thus left and signatory to these, rather than actually calling into being that particular soul.

If however, there had been a man-to-man and soul-to-soul contact established within the one lifetime (another perhaps or the present one) and a signatory relationship was thus so formed, then on the other hand, a link and a connection with the true soul may be made - depending on exactly where he was at the time, and how intent or like-minded the 'seeking-out' was. But actually it would lend itself to higher encouragements rather than the particulars of the impressions. In this way it may be easier to talk detail with a 'ghost' from the past than a ghost which is ensouled. For as stated - quite correctly - there comes a time when the individual is past the realms of common speech and cannot intimate word for word in common language.

Added to this we have earthbound souls, who for many reasons - grisly, sad and desperate - moan and groan and hover around the material world; as if to say that they have left the best part of them there. Eventually they too pass on and impressions of these are discarded also, cleaving to the world in odour and sickness. Souls who are somewhat disassociated from the 'spiritual' life and in much turmoil, do also wreak their effect upon the general locality.
Further on, there are men in the world, who have advanced to a degree which does lead them into realms of semi-isolation from the bulk of humanity. These souls are individuals, who by concentrated effort and experience, have greater memory than most and are content to remain within the world sphere and carry on much learning and adapting to the present crisis. Many hold dear affection for 'up and coming souls' and because of past experience, know only too well of both the problems and the strife, and the happinesses that beset all men.

The physicality of the Elder Brothers is indeed an interesting point, for suffice to say, it is altered, and so is not actually according to what most would compare to the general man's condition of being. For there comes a time when great changes ensue and the physical body is transformed in compliance with the renewal and renewing of one's subtle bodies and must also be adaptable that it may withstand certain procedures that ordinary men could not endure.

This is personal to say the least, but we respect people’s eagerness for such knowledge. For it is also the way of the future! Also, we might add that there needs be links, living links with future design, afore the bulk may take to such design. What lies ahead for mankind is manifest in those already who have made further destination, and so the point of physiology is interesting.

Extractions of food and assimilation of such is not required and would indeed be a hindrance if taken in similar manner. The organ, the bowel, is quite transformed as to be almost nonexistent as it is now known. Some babies today are born as such and cannot adapt to this process, and sadly do die - however already, the forms begin.

But nonetheless, we are men. We may command more and are guarded as to what we tell, for it cannot be anything but sensational to do so. However we are not discarnate entities, even though our abilities encompass those that occur 'outside of the body'. We should not be traced to our fingerprints visibly, we have none - but they are there!

We have many friends and co-workers. We have many degrees and representatives. We have but one common goal. We are fearless but apprehensive. We have been known to take tea and beverages. We all need our quiet times! We are not many in number, but represent a great number. Our numbers are guarded, as are our true names. We do not encourage fetishes and exaggerated devotion. We are isolated not so much for our sake, but for the sake of others.

We have no intention of forsaking our humanity. Our commitment is longstanding, and if there is any pride to be had it is in this our fellowship. Our responsibilities are many and we are never in want of 'finding something to do'. We are answerable to many Teachers in the world. We are at all times answerable for everything which we may effect within the world. We are not 'beyond' the Law, nor are we keepers of the Law.

At times, we too are lonely for good company - which is not to say that there are not many, many, connections in spirit, soul to soul, that are forever with us. But that loneliness is precisely what motivates one to work further to assist in the nurture of a growing humanity. Who is it that says “It's lonely at the top!” Only joking. We have our Teachers. It must always be that way. We have those we aspire to, who love us, whom we are grateful for.

We do not have wings, but are as swift as would be if we were endowed. We are blessed and do bless. We are privy to visions past and visions greater. We may concentrate and fix our sight according to pertinent directions. For this one must exact. We take rest. We are not indivisible like some. We regard all our friendships with importance and many span lifetimes- even those that folk do not recall themselves.

We weep and we rejoice. We suffer pain, not physical pain for this we may be released from and disassociate from. However, we may still feel inflictions quite similar.

Usually, when we meet with folk, it is not until after the meeting (if at all) that they begin to wonder. We are formally informal. We have various 'codes' to which we adhere and do not go around pleasing ourselves or others on a whim. It becomes injurious- if nothing more, fanatical! But when the time is right it is only courteous to make ourselves known and this will be so. 

The usual question we are asked is: "If all of this is so, then why not world domination?" You know, this has been tried in the past! It is interesting for there is something of a shield surrounding our influence which prohibits and deflects, and our very nature is non-impact- quite a paradox. We should be stepping outside of what we have become if we were to try and exert such influence within the world as to capture the minds of men and thus direct their affairs. It is not that we function as disassociated from life, but rather that the nature of the binding, the associating, is transformed as to go with, rather than against.

When one waves a wand in the air the waves repel and make for great clanging. We do not clang. We become as great and as insignificant as a feather on the air. We command what we do, but are careful not to negate what we are by the doing. Intervention therefore, is most weighty and guarded. Angels do not make very good boxers. (We do not claim to be Angels, but you get the point.)

Our strongest influence as regards the world is, alike to others, in living an exemplary life and employing our talents in the assistance of others when called upon to do so. Anything outside of this may come into debates of our own, but essentially we too have many limitations. But we are and have to be, at peace with them.

Never let one's concern with those things (or beings) outside of your experience distract you from the true path of finding and realizing inner wisdom. It is good to inquire and be mindful, and thus be equipped, but not to focus intent into unseen realms before they are revealed to you; for the tests will be many enough as it is. The serious student shall be amused enough and yet challenged enough, and the journey into higher thought will bring much enrichment; bringing its own insights stimulating higher perceptions. But that we are guarded, to attend always to the matters at hand and not shirk our duties and first considerations; and in this our development will take care of itself - and in this in time, much will be revealed. Remembering also that it is a good heart which holds the mirror to Heaven, and a defiled heart reflects back much of the murk that has so stained the pure image. This is the focus. This is the key to this and many of the realities of being.

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  1. A master doesn't need solid food, and temperaments no longer influence or control him. He uses the choleric temperament to do his magic deeds, he lets the things of the physical world pass by him like a sanguine, he'll behave like a phlegmatic in his enjoyment of life and he'll brood about his spiritual findings and experiences like a melancholic.
    - Rudolf Steiner - Esoteric Classes


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