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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dissension or Ascension- 22nd March 1992

Across the seas, great oceans vast,
The passage great, we shall surpass,
From soul to soul, from me to you,
From you to me, across the sea.

EXCITING, igniting and inciting inspiration...
One may definitely stimulate another into prompt awakenings, and lead them also carefully into insights which would have been otherwise unattainable, and at times they were without. To what degree are we to do this? How much or how little is relevant from one to another? 

The tendency to share, and share experience also of being, is one of the greatest drives and longings that there is- and not by mere communication. Communication is established and realized on many, many levels by differing degrees. Moreover, one does seek to make an impression and be impressed, and mark out in time some special statement or expression of mutual accord: an understanding, of a completeness in such union.

This is why the written word shall only satisfy so much. It has its place and may be worthy, and may be quietly assisting such communications. But the actual interactions between the learner and the subject, between the man to the man- companion to his friend in discourse and shared revelation- are by far the greater experience and expression. And we all seek such understandings.

Whilst also, there is the inner communicatee who also craves this intimate discourse and reply; and with solemn but eager countenance, looks to the face of the aspirant who is thus inspired and now extended, so poised as to make something of this higher experience with mutual, dual, consideration. And joy is acknowledged from deeper meanings in this. The higher man becomes released into expression for a time and has found a freedom which hitherto was not available to him. The written word may well assist here, but it is not the written passage of its own which shall speak to the man and thus satisfy him, it is his consultation with indeed his higher self and glorious nature within.

And too, there may be a remarkable relay between author and reader - given that the author is 'living' and accessible throughout the waves of thought. Much may be returned to he who has chosen such relationship, albeit at a distance. Mutuality knows no distance.

What also of those beings higher in angelic community within the folds of Christ who crave also to be party to common and shared inspirations? What of those we have known, and by this are affected and touched by that which we touch? Whether deceased or presently current, they too shall be involved in connections of like understandings and uplifting, ever rising, profundities and glorious insights.

From this one may begin to encompass the necessity and the rewards of true spiritual contemplation, of prayer and guided meditations. For it cannot solely be for the aspirant and in truth affects not just one. All of that which affects one's immediate realm, so also must accordingly span greater tides of influence, to those that we share with from this our little corner. It is precisely such inspiration which is required within the world, particularly today- lively, life endowing inspiration.

One cannot arrive at this happy condition by way of arguments. The tune to an argument, to aggravated discourse, discounts immediately the magic which may otherwise have been expressed and experienced. In this one may see some fruit at the time of the altercation, but it shall not sustain the work. If anything it will hinder and thwart, and interrupt the true student's concentration.

Again one must return to being mindful of their goals. It is natural that one should seek to explain and impart some of their previously gleaned experiences. They know of the intimate joys which realizations may bring. However, such realizations are as potent as the life they spring from; necessarily, for it is this essence that they are true to.

Not all are so ready as to partake in this experience, no matter how zealous and enthusiastic their partner may be. So discretion is required, as well as good intent. One must evaluate how equal the longing for such experience is. There shall always be those who are in need of a good friend or friendly advice, or the ear of a friend; whilst there shall be fewer who are hungry for encounters which are lofty and of deep impression.

Relationships are apt to become confused when there are two or more levels in which one may relate to another. There may be actual ecstasy when thoughts connect and rise together, when the encounters assist in the enrichment of wisdom - and verily one needs the other, not only in support of this and in this, but in deep realization. Whilst all of the time the outer conditions may suggest contradictions, and intimate the revelations unlikely, because the contrast is so great! And one cannot hold indefinitely, concentration on both concurrently.

Therefore we are encouraged, when viewing our brothers, to look beyond those details which are not pertinent to soul discourse, and view all as we would, in said spiritual reality. The practice of this shall help with further reconciliations between that which our personality assesses, and that which presents itself in deeper intercourse. One must not abuse the royal road by adhering extraneous subjective wants upon those who have partaken in the inspiration so great. For this is demeaning and destructive to future participation; for Truth is a free spirit, unshackled by personal demands and requests for compliance.

The greatest tools for any student, come by the nature of the truths imparted to them and experienced by them. The character, the integrity, of the student must be so worthy and refined, and adept at managing such tools. We are well to be reminded of this- especially as the realizations become all the greater!

Impatience is to be calmed and settled, for he who is impatient to grasp the fundamentals shall lose hold of the detail and the depth of implication. Fervor in self discipline may redirect the untoward impatience. Eagerness must be coupled with restraint, even though one's joy is so magnified by this the work. 

There are many disruptive influences which would infiltrate and petition for disharmony within a bond of inspiration, particularly when a group of individuals is so united. For each group, although unique, shares something with that which other groups hold the possibility of: that they are so bonded and creatively aspiring together, and through this each one is immediately accelerated and advanced.

Many groups have personalities which are of the group but separate to the group. Also they have their convoy of friendly associates in unseen places, who gather to encourage, to envelop, to partake in and adhere to- gentle souls and gentle beings, who are not so easily inflamed as the men to whom they have gathered to. When in seasonal episode, the disruptive elements attempt to break in and divide such a group of men, they are dismayed, but without influence unless called upon for assistance by the men themselves. 

Almost as soon as men are united, there are too, impeding beings attracted by the challenge of provoking disunity and disruption. For there is a might when like minds gather and engage, and are most definitely as a beacon, made obvious by such activity.

Sadly to say, one may witness in many a group which had splendid beginnings, fallout with little remaining but a shell of its former hopes and declarations. Many have disbanded way before their due duration to expire; and not because of those things which have incited the disruption, but by experiencing mutually and entertaining this also. For one has to realize that lofty insights attracted and experienced, bring of themselves conditions of vortex within the vacant spaces of design. If men are not guarded, their treasures shall be taken, they shall serve some purpose and then be left without. How then may a group be so responsive in correct manner to divisiveness and discontent?

The principle of the 'free love' movement was ill-directed in relation to physical relations, however the principle itself was good in purporting to freely give rather than freely take. One can easily see how a good idea may be mistaken for a bad one. The lower passions of men are all too easily inflamed and can be paramount in distracting those very inspired, from their newly acquired experiences. It may well be that in the case of a newly formed group, those who are tested are provoked into episodes which accompany their self-acceleration; and one must govern which way one turns and answers all lower passions. One must never sacrifice their unity for the sake of the divisive elements.

Imagine that there is a rock, upon which a plank does rest. On one end of the plank rests that which a man might aspire to, and is too great in weight to be levered by the power of one alone. However, with mutual assistance the weight of the effort employed by many, may in fact raise the other side. Although this view is simplistic, it will do for explanation. Now imagine also, that the men have discovered this knack, and by mutual effort have propelled many an insight experienced out into the ethers. Hurling one, now two, now three! The inspirations are given freedom and go sailing off the edge, of this man-propelled see-saw. And to each is given form, form expelled through this lively creation. And each individual is thus rewarded and marvels accordingly with each new form.

A great crowd does gather around, who may add to the load of the corresponding weight. They bring their ideals, they wheelbarrow in their desires, for they too wish to see them take form and take flight. The original men still heave and push, some will weary with the gathering intensity. Some shall be stronger in this their effort. Some shall be dismayed, if the nature and character of the forms does markedly alter. Imps shall sit at the shoulder and poke fun, and jeer, and call to each man. And they shall be so distracted from their original effort in trying to answer, in giving over their attention. "Who bit my foot?" snaps one, suspicious of another. Envy steps in and does tug at the shoulder, "I am carrying more weight than thee!” And now the effort is dislodged. Concentration waivers, intent becomes vague and the men disband, forgetting their visions just past.

There are many disappointed beings, who in angelic concordance have hoped for men and their outcomes. And men who enter into unity, consciously for mutual effort and mutual realizations, can call upon the presence of those who may oversee to the disruptive elements, and help to awaken them to their presence before they incite much havoc and concern. For it needs be only that we know how to distinguish the true from the false, and the creative from the corruptive, and so recognize precisely those weaknesses which may afflict us.

Usually that which is the divisive element is not of pressing consequence or large concern. If however, one shall afflict another, then of course a harmonious relationship will not be achieved. But at what cost does one argue and encourage the airs of dissension? Dissension or ascension? This is the question!

There needs be spirals of activity within the larger group. There shall be cores and pockets of like-minded souls who know best how to mutually assist each other and complete various tasks of learning. It is true to say that even in episodes of dissension this still holds true, except to say that the learning and experience is shattered into fragments unequally, with promise in future encounters to make balance for such interaction. But specifically, when one enters into the task of maintaining a correct and proper perspective of sharing one's teachings and experiencing greater wisdom thereby, then one must be 'on guard' for that which threatens such fulfilling pursuit.

If the core is strong in purpose and first interests are well attuned, then it shall be a natural consequence that many who are ill-suited will be repelled and dissatisfied upon contact and from the first. If the core maintains that they shall shatter their visions to make them more 'palatable' and likable, then they shall forsake their visions to encompass a greater number of aspirants and thereby alter the entire mass of wisdom they originally set about to experience. 

Thus it has been so that many a society was selective and elitist in order that they may protect their unity and shelter it from disharmonious interference or differing persuasions. So it is that many groups are so protective that they have become totally insulated from the larger world. But what of the students who wish to make study of the larger world? It is contradictory to set such a practice of exclusion and prejudice.

Remember that it is the mutual sympathetic experience which will speak to us. Men will share more divine qualities as they do their sins. If we are to appeal to an inherent sense of truth in great proportions, then it is necessarily to every man we appeal. 

A man may choose to be active within the higher qualities and thus identify, or he may choose a lower profile within the world; and his consciousness shall then comply. If however, he has been so reached as to assume, with help, the beginnings of realizations which carry him into spiritual insights, then such joy found will motivate him to return again and again through the source of the link, to the source of that knowledge. And so one must reiterate that each individual who sets himself within the community of lofty aspirants, can call upon the assistance of those, who with sympathetic aspirations shall help clear his path through the world.

We are not to be fearful of challenges to our personality, nor to be judgmental when we find another who may lapse along the way, for this too is part and parcel of our own dissension. Rather, to be open to the Powers of true insight and inquiry, with loving grace and the grace of such love.

Set all differences to one side. Have respite for a time. When in good company, put the time to good use. Do not waste words. Do not press or make push. Be content that there shall be times of discontent and that all have sinned and will probably sin again. But hold to the times when the group may be at its best in creativity and have hopes for consistency as one of the ideals - which is better to be expressed in a few minutes or in one hour, than not at all.

Treasure the special moments when two or more may meet, soul to soul. Discard for that time all differences. Get on with the work. Then return to the world of men and endeavor to attend also to one's duty.

Perfection is not attained in one eye blink but can be experienced in the space of an eye blink. Take rest and then start again. Some things cannot - and in their time, are not meant to be - reconciled.

We must allow ourselves time to arrive at understandings. In order to arrive we must make attempt at understanding. Anything which blocks such attempt is unuseful and therefore destructive to that endeavor. 

No one is to try to convert the body and mind of another: asking complete compliance, absolute agreement or complete approval. The lasting impressions will be those which are worthy of lasting.

So when so joined together in great unity, men must strive to make connections specific to the task and not require nor seek conformity which negates or ignores their ego-identity. Submissiveness or the request thereof is devilish and impious; for it is the pious who regard our Heavenly Father first before all others who would compete for our attention.

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