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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Desire- 28th March 1992

THERE are extremes in everything - extremes in one's own behavior; whilst there is also that which speaks of a man to a man, which may be far from the example of such extremes. A good example of this is the way in which a man may laugh and joke, when he feels little within himself to be lighthearted about. 
 A man may welcome behavior which steers away from the norm in outburst and eccentricity, knowing also that by such extremes or untoward actions, he has developed his capacity for exhibiting and experiencing moreover, contradictions. The way to finding the true man within, i.e. within oneself, is not to look to the outstanding or untoward examples of those times which were particularly different, but rather to take opinion from those currents which ebb and flow throughout the character beneath the extremes of personality. In this we shall find that there are wants and desires - many shared by all men - whilst added also, are inclinations which run deep that are of themselves foreshadowing and predictable. These inclinations which form the true character are such that have been maintained over a far greater period than this present personality. One shall find that there are qualities which all trees may share which entitles them to be named a tree; however there shall be determining inclinations which will determine exactly their basic form, regardless of minor deviations with growth and size. 

The nature of desire, one's desires, is to inflame. A desire of itself shall not be fulfilling, nor is it meant to be fulfilled to the point of being extinguished: 'snuffed out'. Folk shall try to ease their desires by putting to motivation and acting accordingly, and the desire shall be present regardless of outcome. Men become so used to seeking satisfaction that they mistakenly believe that a desire calmed is a desire quashed.

That element which bore Creation into manifestation was pure Desire - desire from the highest - the flame and the flicker in the bosom of deep thought, in deep longing, in the heart, ere the beginning. It does perpetuate. It goes forth, streaming in and out of every man, taking many forms, many expressions, without which the Cosmos would sleep. Thus in the true sense, desire is that masculine projection which seeks to be fulfilled but of itself cannot fulfill.

Desire within men is not want: want of gratification, want of sin or want of honor. Desire is desire. It is essential, insensual, and indifferent to reality. Desire shall motivate the breath, whilst also shall call to one to step the threshold come their time. Desire is not motivation, but moreover motivates motivation.

The experience of desire does not depend upon the fulfillment of such - many are enlightened or inflamed and find great experience in such pure beginnings without necessity of outcome. For the nature of desire is overwhelming and all encompassing.

What stirs in all beginnings to life? It is this: desire. We all know it well. We may cast a gaze upon all that suffers such birth pangs coming up and into this world and know the intensity of the desire which propels that life forward - the momentous and enspirited, essential desire.

This is distinct from a man who is actually desirous. The two are quite separate as one is the little chap and one is the larger. There is Cosmic Desire and there shall be desire personified. The element however, narrowly viewed, is the same.

When it is said that we should walk in the world free from desire, it is from worldly desire rather than from this, our Cosmic Desire, for to cease to desire would be to cease to be. Were we not inflamed by this inherent element then we should not breathe the Cosmic Breath. No amount of passion, even at the extreme of asceticism, would account for that extinction of such primal Cosmic Desire as imparted.

So what is it that we are to suppress and how are we to behave in good measure? How is a man to regulate and distinguish those elements within his nature to those elements put to unlawful or disruptive abuse?

The cacophony of personality is as varied and untidy as a chookyard. One is forever struggling to heed the inner voice amongst such cackle and screech. Again we all share this deterrent, to fixing upon a stable and peaceable outlook. It is somewhat true to say that a man has a certain road to go before he may begin to unravel and distinguish; and the necessity of experience is paramount to this. We may find episodes of quiet, and when unresolved in 'busy' times, are crushed and dismayed that this cannot flow through to all hours of the day. Whilst it may be essential that one comes to view Heaven herself through a peephole from the dark plains, from fog, from mire, from wasteland, from both joy and content, down to sorrow and its depths - it does not make the present any easier, but rather, more difficult to account for.

Thus the student struggles! And struggle they might! We try to reconcile one with the other: our vision with actuality, our hopes alongside our concerns, our true being with this our contrast, and in trying this we may become easily dismayed. But the dismay shall not last, for Truth in her wisdom sparks yet more desire further, and the desire for the Truth shall relieve us of our personal worries. For a time!

There shall always be contradictions- seemingly. Judgments are to be weighed accordingly always. This does not portend into the endeavors of seeing far into other realms and worlds, but rather into this world and its perspective. If there were not reasons for everything then there should be no precedence for its being, ergo: there is a reason for everything. The fact that it may be cloaked from us is not reason in itself for doubting grand reason.

In substance a man requires desire to be. One may frequent the experience of desire in many varying forms pertaining to their personal life, or they may come to know purer and higher expressions in which desire may work through.

The exercise of the element, desire, is largely based upon exactly how a man may put this to conscious use. Often as not when one is sparked into greater regions, all former desires become inflamed; or more accurately, that which we have desired formerly does present itself, for it is so carried by us and cannot help but be provoked, by this our experience. So the student may be met with challenges of great intensity because he is infilled and charged with much intensity. The experience of calling forth the greater desire invokes the previous patterns of that which we have desired, in all manner and form.

Herein steps the devil himself! The greater temptations that spring from the pious man! Again another little contradiction, unless handled with care.

One must remember that all the cosmic elements are powerful contacts and all embracing. It is they which drive life, and when one is to concentrate their thought or activity in this regard they immediately encounter that path to the source. We may or may not be persuaded by personal demons attributed to ourselves, if we attend sorely and are forgetful of our own development.

We are forever required to attend to our own backyard and it is not so easy to abandon that which we have collected amongst us, by false wonderings and bad attitude. Our harvest of demons shall not disband because of momentarily ignoring them. They will however alter considerably, change face and reform or disband over time: when confronted, when sought out, when the nature of a man is consistent and has gone to great lengths to become morally defined. So the importance of these inner ethics! For if we are to be charged with greater intensity we shall only feed our lowly impulses and untoward instincts, unless our own personage is addressed and redressed.

The prospects for success in this are good if not great! Desires are colored by men and pronounced. If one has the key to cover this, our great desire - the key which proclaims and stipulates right desire thus distinguished - then eventually it shall be thus worked in and the man purified.

The beginnings on the path present many contests. These contests are not to be shunned or persuasively interruptive. They are rather as direct consequence of a man who seeks greater enlightenment- self-determined and very obliging either way.

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