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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One can make better…..-1992

“Gnawing already gnarled bones, the specter did pick with lascivious urgency - arresting yet further, his tender, lame leg.”

ONE can make better, make good or strive to perfect, that which has essentially the ingredients to become that much loved artistic work. In attempts at refinement, one may also crudely set to pervert such work (in innocence), and misguidedly adjust it according to taste and preference which is therefore more palatable.

But all of the effort is to good purpose and with good result. Everything so considered and weighed, becomes evermore remarkable in study, and through these processes.

Sometimes one may feel helpless, as though one should beseech another more qualified. These are always the important times that do test us. And with experience - experience only to be gained with some measure of floundering and blunders from inexperience - is one to become that qualified person whom you would have chosen. Besides, who better for any work than those who are at set task?

We count the inspirations, we do not count the deficiencies. The end result is already greatly determined - much like the composer in relation to the conductor - the conductor has license for expression. Here is the meeting of minds and the glory therein - for empty the shell of an unloved piece.

You worry too much. If any small point need be reiterated, it will be so. Nothing is lost, but much is revealed. Let not the worry seize you and fatigue you, from the outset. All life is labor, and labor brings its subsequent bounties.

Harmony is ever challenged, for this is the way of the world - especially so, when individuals embark on a crusade in the name of such harmony. But if this be realized and considerations are with one intent and one mind, with selfless desire and common goal, how marvelous the outcome, conjointly worked for!

You worry too much. Relax the tension and get on with it. If there are hiccups, take a glass of water. The lesson of idolatry applies much also to future works, as much as it does to those iconoclastic jewels of the past. One cannot afford to be perturbed and held by such distraction, especially when all the viewpoints of the world, may be 'off center'.

Fix your mind on the vision of the future and hold it tight. One must not equate the teachings with self-tiredness or find the 'nitty-gritty' too gritty. Do not complicate fervor with desperation. Neither is particularly useful. Remember that 'slow and steady' etc. etc.

And if you think that this is hard work, relax and enjoy these slow times, and reflect on what is around the corner! Go with the flow, wait for the signs, all will become apparent in time. As the ball rolls, it gathers much momentum - no moss on this rock! Be of good cheer. There is a Father Christmas!

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