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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crop Circles- 3rd May 1992

IT may be difficult indeed to give an overall blanket statement upon this subject, and yet blanket is the correct term, in more than the obvious. The question pertaining to the fields should moreover have been, "Why has not the entire area been so flattened and yet remained standing, desisting from that which effected the remaining pattern?" This back to front reasoning shall help with the inquiry.

Large, flat, plains, which largely - depending upon graphics - by ordinary standards, are remarkably imprinted; the 'insignia' is not by standards finely detailed or managed in versions which are not large - excessively large, albeit precise.

It has been assumed that there are imprints depressed upon the landscape, and that these imprints - now with great notoriety - are of some coded communication, as best can be shown. Furthermore, behind such are a trail of excited fanatics, who with little direct knowledge accept them to be somewhat holy; and whilst supernatural to the normal order, are intelligently devised.

By the bye, did you know that similar things have been effected as impressions which have taken several centuries to manifest, although laid down and envisaged so many years prior; that the originators are long deceased, but have left a legacy of such design? No matter.

The first point is however, that were one to stand within a field prior to the 'impression' having remained, one would actually see the entire field laid down, later to rise, with that of the design still remaining. Stalks have not been broken in either area; that part which has remained cannot rise and spring back of itself.

It is in this way affected: the base of the plant which meets with the ground becomes, within hours, markedly limp, implying almost a horizontal growth. However, it is so weakened at that level it can no longer support the weight of the plant, and cannot return to its upright stance, as with its fellow/fallow companions.

Therefore this phenomenon rests upon the weakness inspired at the base of the plant, rather than the overall onslaught as brought on by an aerial position. This is effected as well on ground level, as it is from any other, and is not the consequence of 'rays' projected down or any other impedance.

One must understand from this, that clearly there is a direct interruption to the life-force properties of the aspiring growth of those plants which are affected; that it is a severe interruption which causes what would have been new and upright growth, to lose its power of projection. And it is upon this basis (forgive another pun) in which the technique rests.

There are many who are capable of incurring such injury to the plants, and it would be of great concern were this as commonplace as to affect larger areas en masse, rather than the foolery and imagery as is now provoked. Albeit also, it would also be imprudent for us to examine in detail the specifics which may cause such disruption to the natural order, as this would be dangerous knowledge indeed!

There need not be evil intent within the current manifestations, however they can be taken to be as meaningful as they are, at this point indicating what can be done in an obvious manner.

The principle as above described holds good for many techniques, from poisons to etheric disturbances, with gravitational results.

At this point, there are no further remarks to be made or commented upon - except to say, with this subject one embarks upon dangerous ground.

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  1. Could the Crop Circles be a manifestation of the Sophia at play, or messages from that deity, eventually forming it's connections through patterns?


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