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Friday, December 25, 2009

Light Exercise- 1992

LOOK at the light as it touches unevenly all that it falls upon. See here a shadow, see here a great spark, on the leaves, on the tops of that which it fires.

There are gradients of light, the way in which the scene is lit, and one may focus best upon the shadows, or upon the most brilliant. Seek with your eyes, the shiniest, brightest places within the scene. Go to them, and ask what inhabits these brightest places. They will shift, but they will be present wherever kissed by the radiance. They are much illumined.

Keep looking. See where the light falls, and know that this makes a difference, not only to your vision, but to those places where it is most intense. It may be in reflection, it may be in direct sunshine, look around to the brightest places.... keep looking.

"Oh, Great and Wonderful One, He who brings this Light: the Light, not in symbol, but in actuality - where should we be, without this intensity? I am humbled, I am grateful, I rejoice in this vision granted. And I know that help is at hand wherever Thy Radiance falls.

Pure Light, why do I take thee for granted? Why have I cared not to see you? I look to all else, that by your Power is made known to me; but not at the actual Light itself - the brightest part of the Light."

Look, really look, into those places lit so brightly. By contrast we may experience those places where the light is at its brightest - it is the very contrast that enables us to do so, and it would be hard to imagine a world without contrast, if all images were indeed the same, without the palette of gradient light.

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