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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Materialist- 19th April 1992

MATERIALISM provides for only one static condition of inertia. According to the materialistic perspective there may be no such thing as Divine Cognition, Divine Motivation - circumspect or retrospect - present in living quality and enduring; or that of Divine Memory (also recall).

The properties which the materialist attributes to this great and glorious universe are such that do not afford for impetus, but rather regulation. They have substance, without substantiation: tri-lateral dimensions of finite proportion allowing for no quasi sub-structure - stratum infinitum.

Let us declare that this is fact: if we are decided, then there is fabric and substance in Divine decision. If we are to know of anything, then it follows too that there is higher knowledge, greater knowing; and knowing itself, only known in part by those who may come to sense something of the greater Gnosis.

It is the height of egotism to accept the corporeal realities and willingly ignore realities which present to the soul. The inability to make connections is usually borne by such sufferance, such entire upset, whereupon the man has much anger directed towards his parenting spheres. This anger will not be calmed by denial. Denial alludes to resistance, but in reality denies the secrets of self.

Such a man is driven with definition and repetition, and makes an entire concentration of it, becoming adamant convincingly in an effort to continue such denial. In other words, it is from his own inner core in which the contentions arise, and are made much of, as his dubious and nonsensical affirmations of 'logic' protest and protest, without relief.
There are two questions here:
1) What is the true nature of matter?
2) Why is it that some men are unable to perceive the realities of their linkages with this their higher worlds, and consequent higher forms of being?

The true nature of matter is precisely an issue which of itself is fascinating. For matter itself does shift and alter true to form tangibly, and yet is not understood - not even remotely in current conception. Even strings and spheres and planes and codes do not allow for individuality.

One must first question - within all of the recurring cycles and patterns - why our defined and lawful structures bother to any extent with also, undeniable individuality. It is rare to find two men who agree on all subjects, rarer to find that they shall share entirely the same backgrounds and experience, and relationships to such experience; rarer again, that they should look the same, respond the same, and share fingerprint and so forth.

From this simple, very simplistic argument, one may question the materialist as to the provision (within the law) of individuality. As they would have it, there should be no such thing. Undeniably however, these characteristics which do distinguish one from another, distinguish in a far greater way, all that which is alive and emanates life. Whilst there is a world of generalities which hold good for much agreement, there is also that which does separate all from each other, clearly in division, no matter to what degree they are conjoined.

Distinguishing life therefore, is a process of 'sorting out' and assessing, from the viewpoint of individuality, that which is impressed upon us as being both separate to us, whilst becoming ever yet a part of us in part. The complexities of such design, namely of incorporated individuality, are inherent to self-conscious and conscious distinction. One can generalize about DNA as they might do about trees as seen from afar, but the properties of both may only be assessed at closer range vis-a-vis the distinguishing characteristics which verily set one apart from another. 

All of manifestation requires a parent from which it is born. This need not be a mirror representation in totality of reproduction, but rather aspects lent, certain aspects shared - origin, which will later be drawn together within expression. Something on one plane of manifestation cannot of itself reproduce a total makeover solely from that specific plane, unconnected with spheres higher above. In other words the quality and nature of something is dependent upon its relationship to the higher worlds precisely. All else on one plane would be imitation at best and imitation without life, character, self-perpetuated impulse or motivation. Life without such cords of connection leading into higher, respective emanating spirit, would be horror-filled indeed!

Herein is the astral reflection and perception of the staunch materialist. As he endeavors to look further and perceive into higher realms, he is as caught within the immediate boundaries of an echo, as it were: the astral echo, which exudes much of his own sensory perception, with entanglements suggesting that there is no range beyond such an echo.

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