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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chronic Fatigue- 12th April 1992

"To be perfectly frank", said the pig to the louse,
"Of all of my closest companions, some are preferred to others.”

ALIKE to a soluble aspirin, when the stomach still burns, all panaceas bleed a man. At times peace of mind may be a compromise. Conversely, despair is as unwelcome as a twelve-foot frog. What is it however, when a man seeks peace? Peace with the turmoil, peace with himself? Does he welcome illusion or mere rest and repose from a world fraught with turmoil? We must ever be stronger, and it is this that we seek- to be tossed and turned like a reed, upstanding and compliant but not bent by the impact, neither crushed nor broken but intact and resilient.

The sufferers of Chronic Fatigue, or more importantly, those who are so depleted as to engage with tiredness and never waken fully into limb and into consciousness, are those men and women who particularly desire peace - to come to know peace, within and without - but cannot reconcile such desire.

An individual may actually live one speck, one fragment out of time- a little forward, a little back, from the present- for such adjustment was displaced by unease and inadequacy at some period of turmoil. Imagine if one drove a car through traffic lights, through intersections, but the reflex reactions to that which must be abided, were a minute too soon or a minute too slack- the near disasters or actual disasters and the nervousness of the uncomprehending driver! Of course, the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue are a little like that of themselves. For the man who must drag himself around the prospects of the day, shall find that his timing of response and coordination is somewhat confusing, let alone befuddling.

Yes, this does seem to be more symptomatic of the Western world. Which is interesting of itself, for here in the western regions, time (as in incremented time) is distinct from a man, rather than instinctive to the man. Degrees of self-consciousness alter a man's perception of time. In youth and middle age of the folk, who by cause arise with the sun and bed with the moon, the rhythms are natural and permeate in time the system within the constitution of the man to whom time is instinctive. Yet now more than ever the Western modern-man has little or no instinct as to the time of the day. By time of the day, we do not mean eleven or twelve, but rather what eleven or twelve of itself does bring into the world. For all regions offer conditions which are best suited for certain activity, and impulses vary between noon and noon just as the light filtrations also vary in intensity, in hue, in gradient composition.

The constitution of a man needs be in rhythmical balance with such daily activity as is sent forth from the stars and does radiate from the prime planets, as it does the Sun. If the conjunctions within a man do not meet with the incoming impulses, then the man himself will become sensitively distracted and depressed by the overwhelming conditions of changeover and missed vantage times.

In other words, his peaks and his falls of receptivity, his drives and disruptions, become 'out of tune' with the days proceedings and impending forces. Therefore, slight enough as it may be, the forces do turn and work in extraordinary ways in areas unfit, on that troublesome constitution. Overall he may suffer what he interprets as tiredness or vagueness in mind; whilst all the time what he suffers most is the argument of a system 'out of whack' out of time.

Oddly enough, the interpretation of time therefore, brings continual preponderances as to premature ageing, rather than the experience of ever renewal.

Of course the question is primarily, what has the notion of 'peace seeking' got to do with such sufferance? Firstly, there is the ongoing crisis of constitution in which the individual cries out for pax to be made, that the system be conversant, in line, in accordance, comfortably regulated and stable within the phases of the extraordinary system without. Sleep will relieve this of course- for that time in which the individual 'steps out' and the rhythms resume correspondingly, accurately for that time.

Secondly, there is the larger issue at hand when one comes to find that the individual is literally captive of a particular time of previous life (the same life), and this period imprint is as noisy and disruptive as a locomotive or a whistling kettle (which we do not recommend: whistling kettles, that is). 

Now upon this point there are two items which require discussion: the definition of 'peace' and a comment upon regression techniques - as is the fashion today - that are understood to be as remedy.

The word “peace” implies a situation which is of balance, whereupon one opposing pole is stationed and fixed by its attending opposite – an answer, a remedy, a fulfillment of a presuming negative, which requires a formula pertaining to its specific. This is one meaning of the word peace.

Yet further on in relation to perspective and to spiritual insights, we can also draw peace regardless of outcome or exterior circumstances from a higher accord, which of itself will answer all disturbance, all disruption, and put such by overview into completion - a complete picture, a complete concept, a complete comprehension etc. For peace is completeness, as well as completion. It is not only to resolve rather than to negate, it is to draw into order (in perspective, in soul, or in quality) and to be so positioned as to be a condition of working with, rather than against- working with, only because one is qualified in perspective to be enabled to do so. In this sense peace is not exterial. When such peace is within all men, then peace without shall follow accordingly.

In simple terms, one may be amongst some unruly noise and exclaim accordingly, "If only I had peace!” Now the means to obtain this in this circumstance could be answered immediately by deafness on behalf of the exclaimer, but of course this is not the true meaning of the answer sought. One might also believe that it implies that the noise itself would cease and therefore bring peace to the individual. However, given that we should be accountable for ourselves at all times and do find some circumstances, however temporary, to be unalterable personally, the greater object is to make sense of the noise and the circumstance and by drawing together some orderly sense and interpretation of the goings on, shall not be perturbed by it at all. This is the singular sense of the word. 

If one sits in a room of people who are speaking in another language they shall find that the irritation experienced is far greater than if the folk were of the same language and easily interpreted. Therefore if conclusions are not able to be drawn and confusion results, the individual will suffer - requiring order, and if that cannot be obtained, cry for what they believe to be peace.

In all individuals there are entire episodes historically, which are carried and burdensome and left unresolved; mainly because of the lack of interpretation as to the importance of that episode. Whether it be remarkably happy or sorrowful, the misunderstanding (or actually the non-understanding) hangs heavy in a cloud around the head.

To the soul, there are pictures of a different nature, in which the soul itself accepts much of life's offerings, and is indifferent in respect to one's obvious reactions. The blockages occur when the soul has not the opportunity to assimilate certain images of circumstance, because the individual himself cannot bring himself to release the experience to the past. This is useful, because it shall make way for similar opportunities of experience to present again; even if they are to be cloaked in differing garb from the original.

However, at times there are considerations when the individual's personality has 'misread' all signs, and is completely static as far as the rendered consideration before him. It is not so much a question of sorrowful impact which cannot be assimilated, but rather that there was a point in time in which the individual was weakened in his constitution (through illness, through conciliatory periods, through poisons without, through personal attack from associates intended or not, etc.) and the individual has come to an experience ill-equipped to comprehend the situation to any degree whatsoever.

It is a little like a spinning top that has been spun off course. The implications here are great, and it would require pages to come to specific circumstances. Also it can be said that there need not be any hard and fast rule as to why some individuals shall be strong enough to remain in good rhythm regardless, whilst others are prone at these episodes to be disrupted. It may in the long term be very much a case of physical disorder in the first instance, even though one is cosmically implicated at all times.

However, suffice to say that the weakness of the Chronic Fatigue sufferer, will directly relate back to a single episode whereupon they were literally 'thrown off course' - albeit in the flicker of an eyelid - and from that day onwards, are out of step with their dance of the constitution and its rhythmical system. They shall identify this instinctively as being quite correct.

Regression is an oddity as regards a subject of remedy, because much regression that is popularly talked-of today is actually forced will upon will by another. Even though there is good intent in this, one can cite that the remedy may often as not, aggravate the individual's susceptibility to future episodes as above described, and it is surely a case of the remedy being far worse than the malady at first.

One must remember that we are talking only of a very slight altercation and disruption to the system. These are not life and death circumstances, even though at times it may most definitely feel as such to the sufferer.

The basic problem of enforced regression is that the circumstance being brought about by the leading and stronger of the two, is in fact yet stimulating more of the situation as described above. For when one submits to another, especially because of an original grief, they are open to all kinds of pictures which may actually be inspired from the one who is leading the regression. In point of fact, the images which often come as regards previous reincarnations are often as not, read directly from the images encompassing the individual who is leading the regression. The other, who is submitting to such condition of receptivity, is drawing from those strong impressions and quite liable to mistake them for their own. Once the impressions have been accepted into the man, they may hold real for the individual, and be picked up again and again by others yet further. It does not refute the question of reincarnation, but is misleading as to proper recall, which springs from reason and direct circumstance rather than miscomprehension.

Is it enough that an individual actually believes that he finds sense in something which was previously an enigma? This is an interesting question indeed - does understanding need a basis of fact or is fable enough?

Here we find there are two concurrent forms of thought on this subject. Firstly, it is true to say that one may glean much from a fable; particularly if it helps one interpret a like situation of equal proportions. There are many such linear interpretations in which we come to the world, and sympathies are based on this means of understanding.

However, there needs be on the personal level, particularly with those who are prone to unstable energies, much reality and desire to meet with it. Instinctively, the Chronic Fatigue sufferer wishes dearly for his smaller world to be a more conducive environment, whilst also, the world at large - and is fearful in both. They become fearful as to foods consumed, fearful as to folk encountered, fearful as to concepts abroad - because of the inherent inclination to be so out of rhythm that their interpretation of everything which is based in reality, is (to a fine point) out of focus, and either in advance or behind, in time, in actuality.

The point therefore is: that they might resume their rhythmical process and resume them well. Remembering back to the fact that those pictures which particularly have not been absorbed by the soul are so carried with us, it is not difficult for them to gaze inward (close the eyes) and go back to that sequence of events (without assistance) and so picture that original off-swing. The real difficulty lies in the fact that at that time they could not interpret the circumstance and make order of it, and when it presents again and again they are further confused as much as before.

One can seek active participation with their soul, and call upon assistance, just prior to sleep, that the matters be resolved. Remember also, that we stated that it was during sleep in which the bodily functions and the entire constitution was inclined to be fully capable of resuming proper rhythms once again. Upon entering into slumber it is most useful for the individual who feels tired by life itself, to consciously desire that all miscomprehensions be made orderly and so resolved, that they are offered up to the higher consciousness, whose job it is to oversee and unravel the meanings of all confrontations and activities. The individual will indeed awake refreshed and unencumbered, although this might require some steady work at the moments before sleep, on more than a few occasions. Also, this being yet one more good reason to consciously review the day just past before departing into the fiery realms, where the greater cognition ensues.

It may all sound too simple, but it should be said that within a man is capability for correction. Within every malady is indeed the possibility for remedy and outstanding results. The fact that a man is so impinged upon by life itself, that their day is tiresome from beginning to end, is an indication that the individual has not the resistance developed to withstand even the ordinary impulses which come his way. To an exaggerated degree death would result, and one must be mindful that this condition is not nearly as dangerous as it is uncomfortable in the short-term. Also, it does happen that a man will come to those episodes cyclically, which enable an almost mirror image of circumstance to re-present and be thus unlocked from the malady at such time, through further understanding. However, it is nonetheless real and consuming, and most difficult to weather. If painfully prolonged, the man shall despair within himself and find to degrees that the world itself presents as unfriendly and uncharitable, confusing and unreliable. It is a wonderful thing when one recovers from such a condition; which, with modern practices today, will ever be on the increase, unfortunately.

Entire nations may suffer, both mental and physical fatigue. It does not assist in good learning either.

Of course, one can also say that the regulated breath techniques and other practices that directly affect the vitalities will make a difference in the degrees of which they pertain to. A man who is unregulated and significantly 'out of whack' may find certain practices useful, but only for the time in which he can consciously maintain such a course. Certainly rhythms of activity, routines, and so forth will obviously help. Yet as an overall condition it shall only be alleviated, until remedied as described.

We should seek to understand rather than close ourselves to interpretation and comprehension; and also remember that a kindly perspective does help when coming to know the true world and its makeover. It is difficult for those who find the pressures of the world too demanding, to wish to make interpretation and complete comprehension of such - even more difficult when it is almost impossible for them to accurately gauge the impressions because of their times of delay and propulsion into impulse and inflow, release and resistance.

So we should all seek to know, rather than to annihilate the consciousness or the development thereof. Antipathy is an extreme, which proves that the individual is ever yet upset within and 'at odds' with complete and comprehensive understanding. Resistance is not antipathy - even though antipathy is by nature resistive.

Furthermore, the Chronic Fatigue sufferer is not in any way more hateful by nature or ignorant than any other. More often, the original episode which did lead to the 'hiccup' may be quite simple, but compounded because of the circumstances surrounding the individual at that point of time. So one does not have to look for outstanding causes or reactions, but rather that momentary abandonment in which the individual fell from perspective into confusion.

There is very little that we take into ourselves consciously and yet all considerations are impressed upon the soul eternally- especially those considerations in which our consciousness participates when it meets the world. Our inner world holds full account and requires order, requires recognition, that we might hold such experience and greet all circumstance with such universal mind, in accordance with universal language.

Peace is not cessation, but rather the coming together of an overview which speaks to us of the true picture, the true reality and order of that which is. We may endeavor to reach this understanding and not be perturbed by our own incompleteness of understanding, be peaceful in the greatest degree that it will be fulfilled, if not now, but in the future. At peace with ourselves - being that larger perspective, that comprehension will come and the path made yet clear.

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