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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Xmas Message- 1991

TRY not to overlook those who are before you, for it is all too easy to disregard. Of course it is natural to tire, but missed opportunities are not so easily picked up again, sometimes it happens that much time has to lapse before they present a second time.

You still worry too much. Distractions, distractions- perhaps a gift of a reassuring sign this Christmas? Perhaps it is time to fill in a few of those gaps? If you were totally sure, you would have to be closed minded - besides which, you would be bound to be mistaken. Contentment with frustration? It is not much to offer- apologies.

But we are here, and when you need us - not writing on a wall! The work is fine: it is O.K. At this point there are hundreds preparing, who shall make themselves known; some will be available, and some will be so intrinsically altered that there will be no turning back. This is satisfying: let it be great satisfaction. For any life so touched remembers unto death and after, and takes it with them further and further - all good is unalterable, all betterment is never casual but Divine motivation, which propels the soul at the speed of life! And that is fast! Faster than light - or of Superman!

Mountains are there to be moved, not climbed! By your work, and dutiful, sincere and trusted labor, you will effect so much more than would have been - had it not been. And so it is worthwhile - difficult at times, yes. And we would not interfere for one moment if we believed that the family would suffer in any way from this time spent.

But there is a halo around your house, this place of teeming thought and intersecting concepts - for they are lively when holy and active - most vital. All to the good: many invisible friends - a Christmas with real Angels upon the doorstep, and many others besides who have come from afar. And the connections between us all are ever stronger: the movement is grand. For we, as you - all of us - are not in intermittent isolation but ever together - and to be called upon if need be.

Good company of good friends - no arguments, no falling outs, no complaints, but ever diligent - for this is what warms us, and from this we all thrive, that we are harmonized in happy conducive co-working (if you like to call it that). We know who we are, all of us; and we do not work separately or against each other, but for one cause and many loves.

We apologize if it becomes tiresome or tedious, and acknowledge that work is work, and for whatever reason may not be known to you, or so apparent. One must not be mediocre, or haphazard or sensational. Quite a mix. Ho hum. Ho Ho Ho. Hum Hum Hum.

Do you realize that every contact made, of itself, is so very important? That each time the aspirations flow, each time from this there is thoughtfulness and deep consideration, we (as one movement) are all stronger - even if we all said 'Frog playing harp' together as one - just being mindful that there is in deep reality, a movement of Heaven for Humanity who genuinely seek to assist and strive, and encourage the world. Be of great cheer. For this is reality. See you soon.

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