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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trust In Truth- 31st December 1991

THE PUPIL redeems his master; the master works with all hope for the pupil's continuance in striving, for the 'new blood' shall water not only the way for the generations who proceed therefrom, but also make good of the work of the old.


Sometimes there is no time afforded to one's personal doubting - we are called onwards regardless, and only by the work involved, with such doubts put to one side, shall more become apparent and by which made more real.

We all wish to be sure that our beloved are safe and well, and also that this work is not pure fantasy, sweet hallucination. Rarely does one begin to question the nature of the reality which is in the immediate, let alone that which is as transparent to the eye. But it is what it is - rest assured of that. Time is not only a great healer, but revealer as well.

Whom do we trust to? The question is great indeed. Whom may we go to? How great is our need? We must not be downcast or subdued by the exacting question. We ask and then we wait; and we work patiently and trust that important questions are fulfilled.

But there are those who would do all that they can to help, and do so when given the opportunity. They must be allowed and the timing has to be opportune; and they wait as patiently as you do, for your answer, ever ready at your side. For once in a heart you never leave that special place. Once established within the work, you are dear to those concerned.

With loving forbearance we seek to ease each other's lot, that the effort be massive but together made light, and all burdens are given up and taken up collectively. For this is the way of our work: with that desire, with that fulfillment. This is the only way, at the end of our days, for humanity itself to go - giving over, each one, to humanity, and humanity collectively taking not only one's loving work but also one's struggles, that as a collective we know how to manage each and every problem, and 'enlighten' (enlighten and enlighten - make light of, as well as with light upon). This is the way, for we may never be as effectual individually - our universe is far too large and we incomplete. But rather as a whole, our brotherhood is strong and all is multiplied in mutuality.

This is divine law. See how much, how far, one succeeds in part alone, then look to the task which is shared, and the results which abound from a common goal. Man is elevated by such community. This does not in any way negate his individuality; providing this is of his will to be assistive (not compliant) but of the group, for the work, according to the vision. For the identity shall be gained similarly to a merit badge, once vision is perfected through fruition. Collective striving actually makes the vision real. The striving itself gives substance in the higher worlds, to the vision. Men together impart much life and form to that dear vision - whether realized within the physical world in their lifetime or for another's is (pardon the pun) immaterial; and largely of smaller importance than it is to the spiritual reality made perfect.

Furthermore not all things begin as ideas held by men. There are of course those spiritual realities which need attention from men, which are there in place already. These may have older roots, earlier beginnings which may or may not be directly from one's ancestors, but nonetheless are dear to humanity - many an ancient ideal slumbering in the bosom of deep cosmic thought, as vision of He who we give over the title of Lord and Master. To these visions we are to be attuned, and once pronounced in unity, are so stirred into actuality. 

So it is that sometimes we are called upon - and it is important to answer, irrespective of our selves. If we are moved to this work, but have not the larger perspectives as yet, then we must be content to work as one who does, for only then may we re-establish our relations with heavenly cause.

If our objection to the work is only that it is new and unknown, then we must not be ashamed to be beginning somewhere, or put off by our immaturity. Of course, as with any work, if the objection is because one finds contradictions inwardly and is led to suspicions that it is ill-founded: if we are alerted to the prospect of there being a questionable motive or that it is not in accordance with the heart or mind of Truth, but rather deceptive and to poor consequence, then of course, one must walk away. For one must never deny their personal discernment. We are called upon constantly, for value judgments - without which, the work itself would be to no value.

'Self' is never to be denied, but shall be consumed and made part of a much greater 'self', and so incorporated within. To do this we must be prepared to listen not only to our needs of self, but our greater self. Our self calls for explanations and direct certainty, but cannot be fulfilled until it of its own will quieten enough to receive those greater realities. We cannot therefore demand that certainties are given us and supplied in palatable condition, for these would become as banal as our self, and so diluted that the interpretations of the greater self are made unextractable.

Example: Red requires proof of the existence of orange. But red requires mingling with yellow, before such transformation. If red is separate to yellow, red will only perceive the yellow. Red must give over to the power of yellow and be so touched, as to find the contrast of orange. We walk the world as red, and we are separate to the untouchable yellow and unattainable orange, until we can absorb and take into ourselves that yellow.

One cannot receive material proof of spiritual actuality. Even miracles, once materialized, are simply that made material and therefore give one little true insight as to the spiritual nature underlying the miracle. However, all of manifestation is exactly that. It is this that we must contemplate, not in part, but in whole. We look for the spiritual worlds in isolation and find difficulty in comprehending that the two worlds may never be separate. Where there is physical manifestation there is most certainly the other, for there would not be precious vitality within, without. Therefore life itself gives us daily, the perfect representation of that which we seek - suitable for our earthly eyes, as palatable as it can be.

Development which affords us inner insights must be slow and gradual or else the comprehension shall be destructive to our worldly stability. If one were to see higher worlds and make more of a reality there rather than here, then one would be moving towards certain death or madness, or profound sadness. Our discontent with this our temporary home, would become so keen and painful that we should long for otherwise. If the task calls for action here, then it is first duty to be here and not there, in our efforts of consciousness.

Even we are denied (or more correctly deny to ourselves) concentration on those places which especially are so much more attractive and exuberating than our immediate confines. For we may reach them with a grasp of greater intention, if we turn such transformations with effect and so draw them into the world we frequent. This is ever possible and no realm is indistinct from another. Distance relates to perception only - not spiritual actuality. Distance and time are but increments of a whole reality, which may be traversed and entered into as a whole.

Subtle changes happen so that when an individual makes to become more advanced and more developed, the nature of the gradual change goes quite unnoticed. But however, the change is real, and when one takes time to turn back and review from when the change did begin they may be alarmed to find such a remarkable difference!

So if there is no great and noticeable movement, this may be significant that one is easing into the 'new and improved' condition without great pain or sacrifice, without a jerk and a jolt. It does not mean, as is often presumed, that you are going nowhere or that development is at a standstill. For it is never at a standstill. Once we make efforts towards self-improvement and improvement for others, then we are upon a very real road with a very real destination that is promised certain arrival.

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