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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Celebrations- 24th December 1991

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all round the house,
Ran a possum, a rat and many a mouse,
The children were anxious lest St. Nick forget,
Wide eyed, with live fire-crackers a'dancing in their heads.

Hark! we hear a whisper,
Lo, the dogs do growl,
Surely not! The black imp-sprite!
Who 'round the house does prowl . . .
Quickly children, go to bed!
For it is the impish child he seeks.

Many a present he will bestow;
As well as the Saint, he has his work;
And he shall peer in your window.
Have you been good?
I should not wish to see his surprise,
I should not taste his food!
Close your eyes,
Close your eyes and dream of Heaven,
For the morning soon comes.
May your day be sweet and happy,
With love, and gifts and many bon bons!

WE may be reckless, we may be somber, but truly there is nothing wrong with a little gaiety. Who would quash the happy occasions with sinister and miserable malcontent? It is nice to see such expectation. It is joyous when there are joyous occasions; and that there are fewer than most is pitiful, yes, but that should not mar the children's delight. For how many such times will there be in their lifetime to come? It is natural for parents to wish to see their little smiles and celebrate, that they can celebrate when they can.

And yes too, a holy day. And yes, every day is a holy day - with this one coming perhaps a little more special, because it is made so, because it is recognized as such, because of the starry inclinations, because of the joy which ripples through the kingdoms - and many kingdoms delight in the joy of Man.

Many a time we may focus upon those who derive this and that from the more unfortunate conditions. But conversely and more importantly, the emanations which flow from a truly happy individual, and especially, much more especially, from that of a little child, give to the surrounding worlds all that they would ask for.
For those dear who have moved on into higher spheres, throughout other worlds, they too are so moved and motivated by the greater extremes of certain occasions. 

Who said that there cannot be happiness in holy celebrations? We must at times put aside criticism, and just comprehend those wonderful aspects rather than our suspicions of them. There are other appropriate times to be concerned with bitterness and guilt, frivolity and meaninglessness, and disproportioned wealth. All year round would be nice! But also too, to relax the strain and give time to those who are especially pleased by your offerings and thoughts.

If Christmas has been persuaded by commercial interests in some parts of the world, so be it! Let it not detract or take away in any direction. For we all need a little light-heartedness! Some crave it more than others, and some have forgotten the true and genuine cheer. Furthermore, to be mindful of Christ is a very cheerful thing indeed! There could be nothing happier!

Life itself is a true and precious gift. How often we hear this and yet pass it by. All of that which we experience, and the means we have in order that we recognize this, is from such a great and grand gift. Everything which comes to us: very scheme and fashion within this structure, and yea, the supporting superstructure - all but one great and sublime gift. And when, on a day that many exchange a gift or two or three, they are, with simple acknowledgment, carrying out consciously that which moment by moment is so greatly perpetuated.

Thus is the nature of gift-giving, moreover a celebration of Divine and infinite law. And if we have to weigh the price or the content, it is nonetheless special, because of it being a one-way transaction imparted by the giver to the receiver, from one to another in tradition with Cosmic law. That which we carry out according to the greater laws, is internally, celebratory and so satisfying, and received with immeasurable (as well as measurable) consequences.

On the questions of the true birth date of Jesus, (we shall not speak of the two today) one has to reply: that the time was eastern standard! Unfortunately for men, the only thing which is not factored in, is that time itself has altered - actually since the birth of the Christ Child. As the calendar speaks, with date and daily notation, we may trust that it is more correct than false. For certain things are not allowed to be misjudged or miscalculated, for when they are so important to the Truth, the Truth is ever perpetuated. When people would have it that we may engage in lies (humanity that is) and live mistakenly, it is generally because they have not the faith or the insight which proves to them that wisdom oversees always.

To some the world is a foreign and muddled format. They perceive little reason in life, or for that matter their own lives. Because the perception is so narrowed they are immediately suspicious that all men shall be mistaken on all counts, and question if anything at all is ever right. And this is sorely sad, and it is for these souls that we fervently pray that they should come to acknowledge a higher wisdom, higher truths, with higher instincts and regain a faith and knowledge in the world which will lead to a clearer interpretation.

Most of the time we find that it is not that a 'simple myth' is conjecture or fantasy but rather our understanding is so limited, that it is nonsense to our own person. This is common, as regards many, many teachings and interpretations of that which is sacred and preferred to others. Those stupid to a wisdom are blocked by their own first suspicions of there being no truth to be found and they inquire not, they seek to understand not, having no faith in the sanity and wisdom, concepts and inner truths, that are especially wondrous to others.

However, all men and women understand appreciation of themselves and understand the notion of their receiving a gift! As well as being pleasurable it is also to good purpose, that they are softened by certain happinesses and indeed open to something, rather than nothing at all. Men and women love to be considered and thought of with friendly acts of affection, with mutual recognition - and this is splendid for all concerned! And so if one's company is not particularly open to the more deeper aspects of the mysteries which are foremost connected to them personally, we may still effect a little joy by ways in which they do understand.

Thus, when it can be, the customs of Christmas are essentially good and wonderful. The songs sung, the ways of people who meet again, the old and new friends inspired to be a little closer - all of this is far, far away from any grip of cynicism. For cynicism holds no place on this festive day. Rather, it may have to wait for a period, back in the mud and mire that it crawled out from - or perhaps wash its gloomy face and too join the celebrations!

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