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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strife - 1992

WE are responsible for all arguments - as much to say that should we become involved in such, it is our duty to make effort to resolve or deflect the associated anger or frustration which has become so sadly evident. So it is suggested that a gesture or a word of such peace-making be instigated, before severing any connections.

An argument requires two parties; a disagreement which is concise and to a point, shall not hurt any party. However, if there is upset it is usually not related directly to that said disagreement; it relates moreover to a much deeper conflict. 

There need not be wickedness or malevolence, contriving to upset the work. There shall be many individuals who will need to 'catch their breath' afore keeping up with: the pace, the distance and the long road to go. 

We are responsible at best, to try to quell the upsets and not prolong them, for they are unproductive to say the least. When there is calamity it is profitable to attend to one's duty, and make leave of the situation, lest it explodes! The object is never to push or pull, but be patient and learn when to leave well alone. For coercion produces only transitory results and will be despised in the long run. 

Personalities, especially opinionated personalities, are apt to flare. If one is usually prone to attacks of similar episodes of conduct, then it is really to be expected when it comes down to it. We can never expect or anticipate anything from anyone, however this may be the rule for both the old and the renewed. 

With blessing we wish them well and must allow freedom to have her place, for without this precept we should be indistinct from all the rest. Contrariwise, we also should ask this of those who would interfere and think to know best, that they also grant our freedom to proceed with the work as best seen fit. As caretakers of a project, of a work, then it is the responsibility that shall be yours, and not theirs; therefore there shall be no arguments, only consideration.

Strife is not productive, but is stimulating to some. It is a diversion from the true path of inquiry, and as a bad egg within the recipe, does not make for a good result.

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