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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Absolution of Man- 28th February 1992

Concrete laws, fixed in sand,
- thus the shifting sands of time;
and with the sand-slide,
shall be the laws revealed!

THE tenor of gravity is 'likeness'. Without 'sameness', without 'likeness', there should be either propulsion or equilibrium (distanced), but not gravitational compounds. If I adhere to the Earth it is for the same reason that the Earth cleaves to me: 'likeness' in those qualities particular and determining, of this moment.

It is precisely those qualities which are bonded in such a manner which shall not be made separate - however distinct other qualities might be. Reformation therefore, is essential. 

Although man comprises so many increments in his 'beingness', he may not disassociate one part from the whole for periods longer than 'a rest'. He is compelled to return to pick up that which he himself has cast down, and work with his might in order that certain changes be effected. It is as lost treasure which from incarnation to incarnation he is bound to begin to retrieve. And Karma is binding to that material, which he has temporarily deposited for determined return.

Self-consciousness within this worldly arena may contrast a shadow-land of perceptions. Men differ in their perceptions, even though there is equality as far as reality's offerings. The fact that the notions of men are so disparagingly alterable and considerably 'at odds', gives over to that fact that all men bring with them a wealth of experience from various differing backgrounds and color their perceptions thereby. Men are not stimulated in exactly the same way. They share that which they share, whilst there are numerous realms of activity in which invisibly, they are manifest actively or quiescent within. 

Man and his relationship to the Cosmos is ongoing and not unfamiliar. The perception may be temporarily narrowed but his interaction with all realms open to his activity is continually a font from which he may draw- depositories for other, most hidden treasure. We are given such substance as is required for pass into cosmic realms and spheres and modes of being. We may ignite such mass and infire such rapports or make focus upon the immediate boundaries which are now in place. Whatever, they are all commanded and determined by each and every individual, regardless of his performance as representative of he the being, in this the present moment of the here and now.

The pantomime illusion of characters, of age, of personality, are not to be disregarded however, as mere puppetry. Every deed and thought which emanates out from a man is significant. The fact that the man is far more than he may seem is not contrary to this, but rather stipulates an important need: that the spirit of man needs be reconciled along with the frame (the body) and cohesion in the world.

Laws tend to be immutable. Occasionally though, higher aspects above lower laws may 'put off' or hold back, or foresee and pre-empt that which a law shall manifest. 
Regardless of this, a law is a law, a defined consequence of a preceding motivation. One's inability to bring to one's acceptance the inarguable reality of such laws, stems from the superconscious perspective which defines the laws as interpreted in the present world, as being by contrast of lesser significance. 

The path of those who would defy all law, comes from an over sensitivity as to the intangible alliances which remain between those of the lesser and those of the higher. Would that such could be clearly gauged with cohesiveness, the matter would be settled and restraint would become compliance.

Here we come to the overall interesting factors: that laws do not require acknowledgment in order that they be complied with. Moreover, a man is required to adopt a consciousness which may be as a directory to the Stars, with complete compendium and reference as to each and every stipulation, each determination. Fortunately they are nowhere near as difficult to interpret as those laws of local government! They may be difficult to comply with, with full graduation, however! 

What use to the universe would there be for a convolution of reckless souls? Let them go to those places where reckless souls best inhabit, that their injuries thereby, are contained. If we are to respect the law of a given household and oblige the host as he requires, then we may enter and take leave as we please. But we do not turn the home over! (Lest we never be invited to return again, of course!) 

The laws of men have given rise to the thought, that laws in general are improperly and unfairly decided. Protests come from those who do not hold perspective of the machinations required, and furthermore what lies above those very machinations: Divine impulse and Divine Reason - with an overview to both necessity and creation, in which the New is always harvested from the Old: Divine succession, Divine progression. 

Laws are neither entangled nor separate, but are as a returning chorus.

We often judge according to our own findings - a man may believe laws serve no higher purpose, and be unacceptable because he may find them to be nonsensical; purely because the effort or the understanding is, at that time, unavailable to him. The word 'obedience' sticks in the craw, for he may not perceive obedience to be managed with knowledge, joy- even laughter.

The immature consciousness seeks defiance, as does the concept of 'self reliance', 'self importance' and so forth, in order that they may assert their own junior significance in a scheme of preponderances maintaining overwhelming configurations. Such an immature consciousness moves to 'draw in' towards themselves attributes and belongings, and that which may be seen to enhance their being - to be 'empowered'. However, in the course of his self-tuition he shall find that it is the study of laws, both lesser and great, which will be of the greatest assistance to him in his plea for self-development. 

The path of logic and the path of the heart both lead to but the same door. But the dynamic approach, from the path of the heart, shall quicken such gravity of those the higher inclinations. One may reason as why one should seek out the 'doing of the Good' or one may actually do it. 

And here the laws are not only cited, but in being put to use are traveled and followed through into yet higher circumstance. The causal link between the law and imbuing the law, is that we come to said law, identify its purpose and make more wonderful the world hand in hand with such law. For the law serves us with the rudiments of possibility, that we might acknowledge and serve, and be so replied.
And from whence did all laws come?: Spilling out from the vision of that which is to be! It is as though we unravel backwards - that we have begun with an ending, and from this we pick out the detail. The eggbeater came about because the physics which entailed the usefulness of an eggbeater was put in place in, nigh! the very bosom of that first vision! No more, no less. Isn't that wonderful?!

Law is as language - and we may choose to shift in and out of its universal definitions. Law is as music, which returns with lofty and inspiring repetition. Law is as Angels, who with overseeing concern do tend and nurture the consistent and cohesive correlations - the Guardians of the larger world, whose dominion and care and responsibility serve all. Law is impartial and shows no preference for King, Master or demigod. Law is the grandest servant of all, in obeisance and humility it untiringly, unfalteringly, reliably serves all with constancy. 

The absolution of Man is to be exacted within such comprehension of Divine Law and the love between.

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