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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our First Goal- 19th February 1992

WE keep losing sight of our first goal, that being namely: selflessness, selflessness in the objective to draw humanity out from the abyss. For whilst humanity blindly struggles and twists and writhes, in such pain that the self-seeker finds unimaginable, we shall not self-indulge, but make our first cause to be the healing and fulfilling of humankind and the human condition. 

And though sweet success is unapparent, the sweet mystery cries out to each and every co-worker in this the Path of the Heart, and from spirit to soul, there is grand rejoicement and pleasure - pleasure not which is of the kind that infills the senses, but pleasure in the prospect of happier days to come; and the sensing, the knowing of the true nature of this cause: of our work.

It must be this which is of primary importance, which holds our attention; with neither desperation nor sadness, nor self-interest sought after. For the trials will be many, and the work far from complete; and recompense ignored.

If we can push away the desires of self, and shelve them for the attainment of high and holy perspective, we shall be infilled with stern knowledge and upright sensibility, and we shall neither hesitate nor flinch when presented with an ineffable duty to answer, according to conduct called upon: prompt, righteous, correct and true.

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