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Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Didyouknow?- 1991

DID YOU KNOW that one sprig of grapes can be perceived as one fruit? The grape, with sphere, stalk and stem, was the symbol of life- thus all the talk about wine and wine-presses. (See Punch and Judy)

DID YOU KNOW that the body weight of a cow diminishes depending on the phases of Moon activity?

DID YOU KNOW that a cicada generates enough etheric activity to encourage the plant-growth in his locality, and measurably emits inaudible and audible calls which should, by physical reckoning, be so violent as to tear apart his own metabolism? Observe plants with and without cicadas.

DID YOU KNOW that the lacy, skeletal frame of a dead leaf, should not support itself according to the brittleness and structure per weight, once waterless and decayed?

DID YOU KNOW that birds are direct relations to the plant kingdom, rather than first relation to the animal kingdom and its hierarchy?

DID YOU KNOW that six of the seven fiery ethers may be found in crystal formations (depending on the nature of the crystal)? But a combination of the seven, however, would compromise the form to become spherical. When diamonds were manufactured instantaneously by those so developed, it was by calling into the relevant material that fiery ether required.

DID YOU KNOW that the difference between an egg that will not float and an egg that will, is the difference between a good and a bad egg? And why?

DID YOU KNOW that most of the hot-tempered, more notable individuals who were masters at war, were particularly short in stature? And if this is part and parcel of the choleric temperament, why is it so?

DID YOU KNOW that just as quickly as one man tires of something, another man shall find curiosity and great interest for that very thing discarded? Nothing is ever wasted.
Correction: One third to one half of the world's crops are wasted.

DID YOU KNOW that Black Mumbo's pancakes did not taste all that good, buttered with tiger ghee?

DID YOU KNOW that Tolstoy wrote War & Peace in an argumentative household, whilst the Bhagavad Gita was written by an extremely even tempered soul - curious isn't it?
DID YOU KNOW that the portrait of K.H. was considered way too dark in skin tone and ordered that it be immediately lightened?: The eyes flared too much.

DID YOU KNOW that half of the men of the world confuse love with want, and the other half want to?

DID YOU KNOW that fleas detest sunlight?

DID YOU KNOW that a camel with two humps is as bad tempered as a camel with one?

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  1. Napoleon- Matters are confused by the autopsy, which was carried out by Napoleon’s doctor, Frenchman Francesco Antommarchi, and gave 5 foot 2 as his height. But was the autopsy, which was signed off by a number of British doctors and in a British owned area, in British or French measures? We don’t know for sure, with some people adamant the height was in British units and others French. When other sources are factored in, including another measurement after the autopsy in British measurements, people generally conclude with the height of 5 foot 5-7 inches British, or 5 foot 2 in French, but there is still some doubt.


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