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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Waffles of Men - 31st August 1991

“The wispy, wafty, waffles of men,
Conjugate with sticky incline,
Sickly the syrup,
Slippery it slides,
From top of the waffle,
And into the mind!”
THERE are parcels of speech which lend themselves to blunt or poignant interpretations, whilst other packaged concepts more delightfully conceal. Some wrappings of presents for example, are so lavishly designed that the present underneath is but a disappointment; and whilst this can be true to say, it need not be the case.

The art of presentation applies not only to food or a gift given, but also to language with all of its radiant stimuli. Certain languages lend themselves better to practical use - some are soul-expressive and of older origins, and many an offspring and a derivative is formed for the application in modern-speak.
One usually does not go about interpreting poems for others, unwrapping so to speak, the prose and the qualitative expressions that the 'essence' of the stanzas become more readily understood. For in doing so, one has lost ten meanings, giving over to a certain perspective of logic which may or may not be highlighted according to the wishes of the writer.

Of course it is all well meant: That we should desire to rephrase and present again, so many ideas which have inspired us and talked to us, with multifold aspects. However, the way to do this in the case of an already pleasurable artwork, is to best display it 'intact', rather than pluck the colors from the painting or make piecemeal rationalizations of a spirited verse.

Even a joke loses much spark upon the second telling.

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