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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Springs In Whilst Winter Falls- 8th August 1991

The words 'spring to mind' as a fountain bubbling up; and each and every phrase is snatched and put to type in succession.
Playing pass the parcel with words and concepts.

THERE is nothing of comparison quite alike to the change of seasons on those days when warmth returns to air and scent, and imparts joy to those who bask in the newly sun-filled days. Bemingled, a tingling relaxation, an inner rejoicing of a summery day after a long cold chill. Of course the keenness of such experience, does largely depend on which part of the hemisphere one happens to be in. But to many there are gradients of days and their properties relative to this experience.

When the sun sweeps over the alpine ranges, the crisp sharp air is infilled with an awakening. The frosts sparkle, as the pale golden light turns to a brilliant radiance. All that awaits under the ground responds in orchestrated delight.

These aspects in warmer regions are felt to degrees somewhat higher and heavier in tone and vibrancy. Rather than subtle, the new warmth is sultry, almost sensual and so provocative as the days do lengthen with sophisticated finesse.

It is best on these days where the warmth overrides those dark quiescent periods, to take oneself to those special country places and take in all manner of rejoicing. In woody regions, to seaside, pastures and country gardens are the impulses which draw the birth-pains of expectation forecalling summer days to come.

These days are as an exaggerated sunrise which may be experienced for a spell that encompasses the full day, for over a week or so. The calendar shifts accordingly, but one knows of this beginning, until the days will settle down and eventually tire, becoming thin again, becoming shorter.
When one recalls new love, it is as with those recollections of these periods where the onset of Summer springs around. Sadly there are those who may miss these days of etheric joy, because of confines that permit not the experience of earthly rapture.

One's year is much alike to one single twenty-four hour day. Therefore there are activities most suited to those periods corresponding. There is a time for rest and a time for waking followed by subsequent activity. This may be easily charted, with a viewpoint to conditions which are especial to one's corresponding pursuits.

With this implication, the New Year, quite rightly, would be experienced on many a different day for different regions. Also of course, the ebb and flow of qualities and impulses - midnight and midday - have their corresponding activities relative to the year's progress. Overall, who can say from what point on the Globe it begins and therefore predetermines the rest? But as night follows day, the seasons revolve and the sunrise period of the year is held most fondly in experience. If one were to dissect the hours, they too would hold similar rhythms. Dissect the overtures of centuries and they also have night and day episodic heartbeat cycles.

There are corresponding points on the Globe, which in opposite impart conditions to another - the principle of the active and passive, whereby one draws and deflects from another. Whilst overall, the messenger of the new days to come travels around flitting from one to another in successive bounds.

Globetrotting international travelers are sensitive to the adjustments required in relation to the impulses and rhythms so dramatically altered. The patterns of sleep are not the only rhythms rearranged and interrupted. But who can say what is tonic from the virtues of change with its demands?

There is much that strains the constitution of man today that hitherto was never in question. Locally, the artificial lights and temperatures, which are ever consistent, are as confusing if not more confusing to those who remain, than those who are thus stimulated by overseas travel. One has only to view plants that are climate-controlled to realize that the differences are marked, and extremes cannot be prolonged indefinitely without great loss. Many a rubber plant, in many a shopping mall!

This is not to suggest that we all brave the elements, depriving ourselves of the protection therefrom. However, exposure to those qualities of the day which signal the beneficent impulses is imperative to those changes we command - a certain flexing of strength, and so forth. 

It is interesting to find that the notion as expressed above about the nature of the year being quite similar to the daily conduct is less known intuitively by the control-climate man who is deprived of such experience that works its way through to the consciousness. Although still very much affected by that which presents itself during the course of the year, he is at a loss as to knowing innately, that which prevails at those times.

Rather be sludgeing a little snow or sweating a mite, than not at all. In the very least to be in touch with those elements that swirl and sweep around our small homes; and especially so in the periods of the year that bring sunrise to the year and radiate much longed for new love! For we are comforted internally by this: the returning of warmth.

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