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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The PHOENIX- 19th March 1990

Remember back to the lesson of perimeters and reversal and bear in mind that a demon is representative of the lower spiral, connected to and with the potentiality of, a most glorious and reverent being. 

And now to dragons and to flames, so to speak.

IT was interesting that you termed the dragon that we spoke of as "Aaaahhriman" and may we term his vomit - outpouring flame - as colored green; although blue within electricity.

Etheric warmth as radiated through combusted organic material is red (although its parent is orange/gold). The Cosmic flame is violet. 

As we have discussed, it is law that opposites can deflect each other when met in correct proportions. Ultimately diffusion followed by evolution can result when a given point of return has been achieved -

= singular perfection, stability.

= chaos begins, (pattern defined within).

= makes effort to return upon itself.
Response pushes out other side forming 8 upon the second return.

= the cross-section separates and we now have two:

Physical life is sustained through etheric warmth, i.e. the ability to conduct the red flame. You can observe the powers of wood-burning in driving away the elementals of ill-health, and the vapors that are released in this process are intrinsic to the usefulness of such a fire.

An electric heater however, will not attract etheric flame, therefore will not inspire strength to one’s etheric body, but in point of fact calls in upon itself the fumes of the dragon. (Note: reptilian, cold and blue-blooded.) The invasion of the blue-flame radiation throughout the earth has marked consequences on the induction of the red-flame etheric world.

Characteristically the term "warmth" when applied to a person, denotes someone pleasant, compassionate and so forth. It certainly does not conjure such definition to say "That person has all the radiation of an electric heater!"

Conversely, a cold heart is one that has difficulty maintaining the etheric rhythmic flame. Colored flames are green or blue when the function is minimally connected, and the true etheric is pushed out. Look at the gaslight, green-blue to red-orange in the process of purification, and then onto white. Flames of totally different sources are occupying the space of that one flame at different times, brought on by different conditions.

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