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Monday, April 6, 2009

Egg Meditation 1990

MEDITATE whilst holding an egg. This exercise is particularly useful as the vitality captured within the egg will help further contemplation.

Picture the golden orb held in suspension. This may have been the words to a song, we maintain it to be a very useful concept. Feel the smoothness of the shell as it passes from hand to hand - the temptation will come to squeeze the egg in order to break the secret within.

Try to picture the yolk in your grasp - but not held with your touch.

This egg will have an ability to draw from your hand the tiredness emanating - realize it as a vessel in which your irritations can drain into. It is vastly receptive to much force and has the strength to contain this unclean discharge.
Then take the egg to the garden and with grateful blessing, break and dispose of it. Never bury it whole.

Those of a hysterical or worrisome disposition may find this exercise especially useful.

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