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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Addiction & the Cry of the Spirit- 1990

MAGIC oversteps the bounds of the sensory world. The true meaning of the word 'magic' is to conjure. The faerie-world of the twilight is known for its trickery and enchantments on the human mind. Paradise is enchanting and the raptures, nay delights, are too wonderful to bear for the ordinary mind.

Creation is ever unfolding. This is its nature, if you will excuse the pun. Creation's mantle is the world of the fairy, a world which itself can spark the imagination into the riches of the soul-world. Poets of the past have been lured to the window, and the longing can soon turn to torturous lament, the song into wailing and regret.

Man was barred from this threshold lest he be lost in fanciful dream, overcome by the beauty of paradise, destined to take up with the grass, contented with its progress in growing.

Rewards are always sought, especially by those who would not share their hoarded treasures. Cravings are self-perpetuated and have no real basis in the living world. The addict who has tasted heaven, is willing to forgo his earthly temple.

The cry of the spirit seeks neither flesh nor fancy. If the body would have its way, the soul could not endure. If the soul would have its way, the body could not endure. Though both house the conscious spirit within, they are only as servants in the hierarchical constitution of the spirit of man. The only ruling element is the divine ego.

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