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Friday, November 18, 2011

Painting Mythic- 17th September 2010

PAINTING is the concordance of similarities, the confluence of imagery committed to form. The hieroglyphic mythic dance with mind and Soul. The portrait of God and deity of nature.

Paintings encapsulate the humors, by such comedic gesture and sweeping line.

The intent of the artist is paramount to the subsequent delivery of his creation.

In this way a painting can deliver a concept or an emotion or a chaos, defined by the heart, enabled with purpose, driving the work.
Two colors emit nature whereas one color gives way to introspection. Many colors become as light. No color turns pictures into words - for it can deliver a spirit window, as it has a veil removed as it were, as it was.

The photograph does not convey intent as the painting does, nor character either.

The muse to all great artwork arrives in the Silence and brings many friends whose merriment is in watching the brushes sweep and line.

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