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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parallel Realities- 15th February 2009

THE Spirit of all of Humanity is essentially happy and illumined with all of Creation's enthusiasm. It knows inspiration, it breathes inspiration, and has no time or perspective for the cache of sorrows borne by the soul. Yet having said that, the soul also does not experience sorrow as we might directly know of it. The soul has a poetry, a romance - a string of ballads dedicated to those melancholy and desperate times gone before... and a courage and a steeling which would defend some and resist others because of it. 

The soul has grown - has come out from its gaiety and dreaminess into the perplexities of contradicting experiences, with a recall of each and every one of them. For sorrow and hardship known firsthand within this world, definitely promotes such paradoxical contradictory impressions within our own souls. 

We are firstly and typically, enlivened by any change that is before us. This is our nature. Our nature is curious and knows spiritually that the parade of events are all relatively transitory - our Spirit has outlived so many catastrophes, that our self-on-high is not truly perturbed.

The Spirit rejoices for those who pass through to death yet one more time, for it knows the beauty and the relief that is there for them. The Spirit sees cataclysmic events as historical landmarks for enormous change... and perhaps, on a seldom talked about level, is even excited somewhat about its own impending and possible death. For truly our spirits are untouched by the world and all in it - nothing can assault or insult, and no grief or woe penetrates through to them.

Our souls, on the other hand, are tediously and yet wonderfully, faithful to other souls, creatures, beings and guides that are cataloged in a most permanent memory that is soul itself. Someone once remarked that our souls hold much more of everyone else than they do of themselves. This is true of course, for our loving experience of others that remains with us, is of them and does not need to reference itself. Whereas within the ego today of most men, the stories enjoyed within their memory are of their own parts played within any interaction. You will find folk recite to themselves about what they did on any one occasion, skipping over the part of others for the main part, of their own historical dialogue. 

And it is the soul that drives us to care for others when we leave this world - that we might meet up and perhaps be with them, or help them again - whether they be still living, or excarnate also. It is this part of us which finds that part of them - not the ego of a man, and not his selfishness either. 

So this is interesting, because if a person is driven by pure selfishness to find someone (like for example a stalker in this world) but has not the knowledge of them from the soul and the true love of them within his wisdom, then they have no means to find them thereafter - whether in the spiritual worlds or in the physical at a later time. If that person has not loved them, there is no soulic reference for the finding. And of course this is awkward because if the same stalker is searching from will and want, from ego or mind, then without the soulic reference they could go on to mistake anyone for the person that they want to be with; and so it goes, time and time again.

However most folk do have the inner knowledge of whom it is that they have a genuine and constant rapport with, and it serves them well. There is a very real difference between the folk that we know casually and the individuals we know, truly know, with this measure of soulic love.

Returning for a pause to the condition of the Spirit within: it is not to say that this Spirit of ours is indifferent to life, or lifeless in love. This is not the case at all, but rather the opposite. However, the grandest aspect of our own spirit's fire within, is incredibly godly. It is, as if, a very long way from us in time. The memories predate physical existence and countless others before that; and the far reaching vision of the Spirit travels beyond our interludes and travails besides. It is noble and direct and pure. And each living being has this Spirit.

Sometimes, if you are mindful of this, you can see the representative of the Spirit in a different light; whereupon their character as you thought you knew it, is really not at all as it is.

And with ourselves also, should you ever want to change something about yourself in thinking or behavior, you can go look to the Spirit within at its highest and most pure aspect, and literally start again - beginning from that essential self that is not contaminated in any way by anything. You can make wonderful changes with this perspective, for the better.

The experiences of living within the World today are definitely confusing to our beloved souls, that generally prefer to keep things simple - simple needs, simple loves, simple purpose - whereas our demands in quiet times provoke all kinds of sympathies and antipathies. Whilst in times of personal or worldly sorrow, we are torn between the spiritual truth and the physical realities before us. Spiritually our spiritual selves always know that we are just fine; even and especially in the heaviest times of hardship and sorrow, this is so.

Death, granted, is unkind. There is very little that could be said about the experience of death within the world that makes it acceptable on any level of thinking or contemplation. But death to those who have just died - on the other side of the experience - is as wonderful to them as it is grim to us. It is as beautiful to them as it is grotesque to ourselves. It is as life-giving to the deceased as it is as final to those who remain.

We live with parallel realities and this can be confusing - sometimes heart-breaking to those who try to navigate through them. 

The greatest horror the soul and the ego of an individual can experience, is of what is unthinkable to them; and that is of unkindness, of brutality, of the inhuman human. It is incomprehensible to the goodhearted individual that ruthless people can be allowed to exist within their already difficult world. And although evil intent and even its actions, cannot really harm us in the long term, they are a sadness and a suffering of sorts for everyone.

Individuals are resilient and pass through to death very happily - even if they have known pain just moments before, or the strain of limbs that could not bear their own weight and the pressure of a world that pushed down on them. Individuals can recover very quickly and the soul is philosophical about different experiences, loving the retrospect album of recollected memories. But it cannot reconcile evil at all; cannot process, cannot understand, cannot see the purpose or the good in evil being done for evil's sake.

There are two types of evil we can name: intentional evil and unintentional evil. Intentional evil chooses dereliction, unintentional evil does not comprehend the harm that it is causing, or the consequence of that which is to follow. Unintentional evil lacks the empathy, experience and intellect to discern the right from the wrong in a given circumstance... intentional evil has empathy with its victims and enjoys their suffering, has the intellect to plot and plan the destruction, and chooses to do wrong before right.

Some are of the view that pure evil can be redeemed, whilst some believe that it is the nature of these beings that cannot be changed. Some say that evil is necessary for us to understand the good, whilst others look at it as an immature good - one that will conform over time.

Certainly, unintentional evil is something that we all have done in reckless ways, however very few human beings actually choose knowingly to permit or perform intentional evil; and interestingly enough they can barely last one lifetime doing so.

Once this path has been decided upon the individual forfeits their humanity and their rights (and keys) back into humanity. Their time which would have been in incarnating, brings them into the worldly sphere for that period, but not as incarnate. No mother would accept them, and their once identifying attributes which would guide them into the earthly sphere do not associate anymore with their being. This is why there are so few truly evil folk within the world at any one time - they only have one life as such and thereafter none to follow.

Of course they can for a time try to enact their foibles through the weakened states of others during their earthbound yet astral existence... which is more good reason for individuals to keep what wits they have and not succumb to the whisperings of the disengaged. The wrath of God does not exceed His Pity, but these sorry fellows have chosen their lot and it is given to them. If you wish harm to your brother you verily harm yourself. It cannot be otherwise.

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