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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dancing in the Dark 3

3. Mental imagery

Many of these disturbing impressionings may not even appear of themselves threatening. For example: before my inner eye may be the image of a place or object, that of itself is not knife-wielding or end-of-days, but if anything, presents without menace, just persistence.

Now whilst we discussed the fact that there are no lasting afflictions upon us from the past (and truly not), there are however associations that we have made that we carry for a time, that are related to past experience. This is part of living, for if we did not enjoy an associative consciousness we could not build upon our own knowing and learning. Yet it is to be remembered also, that it is very different for our own minds to adopt something, than have something or someone from outside of our being, impose upon us. 

So the fundamental point, that the past does not afflict upon us its mark, is all important; and equally too, what we choose to take from the past, is also.

The random nature of the horrible thought is a great insight of course, into past associations. The horrible thought has no substance in the present, it has no correlation to what is real now, but it does have a fanciful relationship to experiences or thoughts we have had in the past.

Our souls by nature, are generous and kind. They can afford to be because they are naturally happy and enjoying all of what is around them. The healthy soul is vital and accepting, and delighted in life around it. There is no need for dishonesty, deception, or even greed. Souls have everything they could want for, and the sense to know it. The soul of Man is in blessed repose.

Our egos by nature, are ambitious and willing, striving and contesting, but once again, they are not mean at the core, because this is not conducive to learning or acquiring. Our egos are more sophisticated than condemning - they debate, they do not kill.

Our personalities however, are something else entirely. They are blended from various layers of influence and making - some spiritual, some social, some physical - and these personalities are exclusive by nature, and have no consciousness of embracing 'differences'. It would be like asking a square to embrace curves - it is a square by its angles and that is what defines it. We too are defined within the world by our angles. We all share perfections, we all share the same spiritual heritage and true glamor - the only thing really that separates us are the secondary divisions having squared the circle, so to speak.

The mental imagery of getting back to the fundamental core of either soul or ego, is most wonderful in combating the idiosyncrasies of these horrible thoughts - remembering too that none of these thoughts are personal. They are not representational at all of the individual within, even though they may have been born from an energetic association at one point and witlessly entertained thereafter. 

They are suffered but not of substance. They are not you, nor are you them. If your ego is in a weakened condition you may find it difficult to flesh out what is real and what is not. You may not be able to so easily feel strong enough to dowse your way through the ghosts and the beasties, however and all throughout, you are in fact a separate individual to those thoughts - completely separate.

4. Who is stronger?

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