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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dancing in the Dark- 12th August 2007

HORRIBLE thoughts, just like scrawny demonic ghouls, like to live mostly unseen, in those darkened places of the mind's activity. They move about and interrupt, and can persuade and incite all kinds of emotions that deter a normal peace. They shadow better thoughts, and mimic the nobler ones with garish step and painful humor.

Horrible thoughts infest most men and women, and are so adeptly hidden, they are rarely disclosed or talked about. It is as though all folk sense that they do not want to give any more time or energy to these wraiths of reason, and coupled with a shamefulness for their content, keep them as hidden as their mind will permit - without being able to fully exorcise them from their being.

And of course, we suspect that it is only the psychotic or deranged that parade them for the world to know; and furthermore, we know in truth, that horrible thoughts (as personal as they might be) do not represent our real natures, or being, or hopes.

There is nothing to aspire to in a horrible thought. It is the fruitless tree, the pitted orb, the compass without bearing. Horrible thoughts are the second-most sadness a man can suffer - second only to immediate physical hardship. As intangible and unreal as they are, they are causal to yet more of the same and the suffering that accompanies it.

In the bigger picture, it is from horrible thoughts that most horrible deeds, politically and personally, are born from and carried through with - not out of logic, certainly not out of love or devotion, neither piety nor patriotism, but out of unworthy, immaterial, ill based and undeserved rank thinking.

Given this, we have to question boldly and bravely, why we do not work harder and thoroughly to contain and expel these nonsensical and deleterious grave diggers in our minds. Today we examine what that involves, step by step, with hopeful outcome.

  1. The broad definition - what is a horrible thought?

If you cover your eyes with your hands (you can rest your head in your hands if you like), what is the first thought that comes to you? Generally speaking, it will be a horrible thought.

It might present in a picture only (albeit hard to see) or a flashing fleeting comment. But if you pay attention to the very first thought experienced, this can be a good way of seeing them.

The reason that it occurs this way, is because by blocking your vision you have decided to do something and then carried it out; that it was with purpose, logic and faithfully done. And the thing you have decided to do causes a period (even for seconds), of a rest. Your eyes are forcibly closed, and it is obvious that your condition is passive. Temporarily there are no things to do but the thing itself, which once the hands are upon the eyes, there is nothing logical to follow. And the minute there is a drop in reasoning, the very minute there is a gap for the horrible thought to surface into the consciousness, it will. As unfair to mediation and prayer as this is, as thwarting to restful moments and peace of mind, it will be the untoward and wayward thoughts that will be able to be consciously recognized when there is this pause in our purposefully driving thinking.

And here is a core reasoning as to an aspect of smoking cigarettes. There are many effects physiologically and spiritually from smoking cigarettes, however one in relation to what has just been discussed, is that the suppression of horrible thoughts is achieved when the will and the action of the smoking ritual is put into play. Those who smoke will know exactly how most horrible thoughts can be silenced the minute the ritual is entered into. And the use of the smoking to appease this disorder and discalm, is often exaggerated by the very horrible thoughts that cram in the very minute the cigarette is extinguished.

The key to the monkey up the pole story, is not about thoughts in general, but about horrible thoughts. Thus also the association of idle hands and devil's work - being meant quite literally and of the moment.

And interestingly, it is not peace or mediation that the majority of the population are afraid of. It is the infilling ghouls that frequent and startle the imagination - the complainings and upsets, the angers and 'hardships', the temptress and perversion, the obsession and agitation. It is those disarming thoughts that threaten the equilibrium that are unwanted and unusual, that men and women fear the most when they think of peace and meditation. Why would you try to pray, or sit quietly, when it only makes you experience your horrible thoughts all the more?

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