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Friday, June 17, 2011

Birth, Death & Tea- 29th April 2007

LIGHT lives in the Water, and when the water in our fluids courses our veins and our membranes it is permeated with that light; and this light does feed us and then expire.

It is the light within the water, traveled and contained, that feeds the plant. Flowers kept in the water of a clear glass vase, will remain fresher longer than those that are in an opaque container.

As a tonic, drink the water of the early sun. Take a clear glass or jug with water in it, out into the sunrise; leave it in the new day's sun for an hour or two, and then drink it. 
There are good properties within that light that will nourish you. This remedy is especially good for the frail, who do not get to go outdoors themselves. It does not have to be in direct light to be absorbing the day's light and ethers - just outside in the open air.

There are of course, pathways to energies everywhere. Undeniably so. But today we will speak of something more than a pulse and vitality, something which is inherent to life within itself and moves more freely (and elusively) than any energized pathway might be able.

To begin we can consider that water itself is but condensed light, in altered but exact form. Water as we know, by nature is utterly Divine. It is the host for all organic life and the carrier of future life to come as well. By this we are saying that not only is water current (great pun!), but it has present within it values of yet unrealized properties as well. 

Blind underwater creatures that live in the darkened depths of the deepest oceans, experience both light and sight through the water around them.

The fetus in the mother's womb is not yet incarnate or conscious there, but does experience an awareness in that place - and that awareness is the very experience of being held and suspended in pure light, as the fluidic sac is just that. 

And some of you, just by the mention of this, will now go back to their earliest of memories and be able to say "Yes, that experience of being suspended in light, pure light, I remember that".

You know when folk speak of near death experiences and they are standing in a tunnel of light, it is often that they are actually in the chamber of their own heart experiencing the light there, as it (when at rest) is drawing in the light from the soul; and they are at that point of either returning to a pulse or vacating out. But that is indeed where they are standing. They may have lifted up and out of their bodies temporarily, they may have flown once around the Earth and back again. But when that decision to live was in play, that place where they stand is most central to their self within the World and the life lived around it - it is in the heart.

And believe it now or no, it is extremely helpful to know where you are. There are times when things can appear so far away like that, and yet be more intimately closer than we know.

This experience described, now that you do know it, can help you navigate such an event far better. And it should be said also, that when the heart is at rest in between all beats, the light of the soul is naturally drawn in and then travels the bloods thus permeated. So when the heart is at rest in those first moments of death, it is as active as usual and technically not 'dead' at all; with the all important light forces of the soul still pouring in as before.

So you may picture yourself as just aware now of that place - your consciousness having traveled there and the light streaming in upon you. Within the rays are moving pictures that are moving rapidly, which are living memories of the soul moving amongst this light in prismatic form. You may or may not be able to see this procession of memories at this time, but you will feel them nonetheless and from this feel very wise. For they are your soul's own memories and the pictures are yours alone; and the wisdom is yours also, and very lovely.

You will not find consciousness in the ethernet of the brain. It is not in a dry spark - it is rather conveyed through the soul's light within the fluids. It moves where it is needed to go, and the fluidic system provides for this light to be contained, and made substantial and accessible. The light pre-exists the bodily condition as always, and lives outside of it for the most part as well. It is drawn in by the many levels of consciousness within the individual; and with each breath we draw, we incarnate ourselves all the more.

So the man that has just deceased has gone to the chamber of his own heart - to the very entrance there into Eternity - and stood at that gateway contemplating his leaving. However the light forces of his own soul are streaming towards him, still in a living current, yet the rivers of him also are bleeding out as he expires into the world.

Here too is a then significant picture of our Christ and His bleeding out into the World. When His own Soul rayed into that body for the last time, and the fluids were drawn to air and into the ground and the light, His Light began to permeate the soil.... and all matter was altered and transformed, from that day on.

And, this is precisely how the water in the Communion Cup can be the conveyor and the blood of Christ - for by the humble prayers we make when we call to Him, His Soul answers us and the Light of His Soul rays into that water to be then received into us.

But you must never try this with the soul of another human being. Mixing and mingling happen ordinarily and naturally, light to light and so forth. But the action that occurs within the Communion Cup is entirely different to what might be if one were to try to do the same with another being or soul in this vein.

When the victims of the black arts have their blood drunk by those who would take their light forces into themselves, or when a lover would covet the soul of their partner in a kiss, there is a sublime resistance on behalf of the soulic forces to become a part of any nature which is not natural to their own. It simply does not work. The light does of itself contain a certain vitality which is separate though not distinct, and this vitality is mistaken for the value of the soul by those aggressors who would requisite that which is not theirs to have.

However debilitating it is to be deplete in such vitality for a very short while, the victim of a would-be soul-stealing, is actually never at risk of it occurring in this way. The black arts, as usual, are mistaken. (They are so often mistaken, but that is pretty much the whole of their problem.)

Conversely there will be those people who would love to share some of their own light around and water you constantly with it; convinced that their light is the light of the World, and driven by a purpose to share it thusly. Now before I go on I must say that this problem is completely distinct from the man who serves those around him without pride or prejudice. No, in this is meant the man who sincerely, singularly and diffidently seeks to change others around him to his way of being, irrespective of whether or not they wish this for themselves - the forceful man who believes he is commissioned to make up the world's mind with his own.

If you are around a person like this and find them to be depleting in their company, it is very useful to have a vessel of water with you and this will alleviate the difficulty you might be experiencing with them. Do not drink the water after you have parted company, tip it out. And it goes without saying, that if they are particularly difficult and opinionated to be around, do not take beverages whilst in their proximity. For in the short term such influences are taken on by the body of fluids around you, and it is their intention also that they be absorbed into your interests and mind. Better to go and have a drink away from them (you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and sip water there). This is of course, applicable only to those overbearingly forceful folk who willfully wish you to commit to their ways and ideas.

However, and having said that, the sharing of refreshments with good company and companionship is ever delightful in the sharing of aspect and forging community. Thus the pouring and sharing of tea is a reverential act with holy consequence - with or without the sugar!

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