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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 30


30. Elemental servitude. 

There is a part of our nature which we rely upon that utilizes an etheric memory for repetition (the constant re-building of our bodies for example, or the referencing of certain instinctual or pneumatic knowledge), and the binding continuity brought about in the local astrality, which is also given to a systemic repetition. Whilst also within our own thoughts, habits and desires, there is an elemental component which assists as a foot servant with the relaying of repetitive endorsement. 

We relate to this obeisance of repeated action, in the larger context of cycles, to the smaller as known by the servitude of the elemental beings. However, for that portion of us which begs to break into new person, new future, new finding, new life, for themselves and for the world, there is a heaviness experienced within this realm of continuum also. Quite easily men can fall into the service of the very elemental thought-forms that first served them - obsessive, addictive behaviors are example to this (e.g. gambling, diet, kleptomania, over-worry etc.).


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  1. Tomberg tells us that the Devil card is not a depiction of the Devil as such, but represents those elemental beings (Tulpas in Tibetan) that hold us in captivity once we have built them up ourselves. We can work and pray for release. Of course not all elemental beings are deleterious- they are morally neutral. The depository for the elemental beings is the Human Double. Notice how this devilish fellow has eyes on his knees!


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