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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take, Take, Take ...Take Care!- 13th January 2001

Since the Elder Brothers are still incarnate in matter, would it be disrespectful to ask them if they ever find the need to kill in their own personal lives? 

- Br. Ron

What of death by voluntary or implied granted euthanasia, where either the pain or consequences of disease are so great the ego can no longer function as a "human being".

We are reaching an age when such diseases as cancer and Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease are taking an increasing toll. Though the argument from a spiritual perspective is let the disease take its course and that the individual is "learning" and growing stronger by the etheric and astral resistance (fighting the illness and its cause psychically), there seems also to be times when the pure strength of the body may just keep on imprisoned for years without apparent benefit to the quality of life.

Also what about "death" or "restrictive birth opportunity" by abortion? Is abortion always an insult and violation of the Angelic work to bring a soul into incarnation or are there times when abortion is permissible such as with rape, probable genetic defects, alcohol or drug abuse prior to birth or being brought up into abusive and degrading family.

- Jeff

Does this mean to say that the 'murder' of Christ was not really 'part of the plan'? Couldn't have been?

That He did not have to die in this way at all? 


PERHAPS the greatest enigma ever, lay in the fact that the King of Man gave Himself into the care and deciding of the lesser, and took upon Himself the humiliation which was to follow. Sadly and likewise, should you surrender yourself to the beasts of the wild (or even to the insects) they too would disassemble you piece by piece within a very short time. It might not be planned, yet predictable assuredly - and would be your karmic curve, not theirs, in the responsibility of learning.

No, our beloved Christ was not of purpose, to be given to a murder; and we do not believe that this would have been a valuable lesson to become inherent in men thereafter besides. But of course, and unusually, the murder did not take Him, nor touch Him! It attempted an annihilation of One who refused to be deceased from this place. This decided act turned back upon evil to defeat it with a much more higher insult than it could have bargained for. He allowed them and the darkest of beings to do their hardest and then blew them away (literally) like the cosmic dust glancing off the dancing shoe of Time's tirade.

Euthanasia & Abortion 

Men and women are by nature, very loving, caring and reasonable. It appears most often that the sadnesses caused as a result of their actions at times, truly do occur most generally because of them not knowing what they do. Although in passing there was an abrupt allusion to wild beasts severely made, it may be more consolate to simply say 'unknowing'.

The woman who is to be violated - emptied of the new divinity placed within her - may know intuitively what this could imply, but cannot know the unseen world's compromise or the disappointments that could hale thereafter should she refuse this little germ of humanity.

Firstly, if she could have two windows of experience to choose from, displaying both consequences and outcome, she would be naturally given to the joy of live birth as a result of it. We can consider for one moment the first window she might explore - and this window of insight would make very visible what is hidden in procedure usually, what is almost unexaminable and unendurable should she know. 

The flesh we inhabit trusts us relentlessly. It makes an effort to respond to our inner drivings, it cooperates as best it can. It can be important to begin to respect this, for many are of the opinion that their bodies are their own to do what they will with regardless. However, the charge, responsibility and use of the body is upon us, but not as an entitlement to misconduct and betrayal of that dear body. Similarly our own hand may be 'our own' but to sever it from the wrist would be, ordinarily, unthinkable. (If the hand had deceased through disease or dire injury and threatened the remaining living body with infection then this would be a different matter of course. This would be parallel to a curette performed after the withdrawal of the life from the fetus in utero.)

So for our woman with the life within her belly now established, there is a certain unspoken trust between her spiritual self and the body she indwells, that the life will be protected, not disabled. This trust is important indeed. Yes, this also implies that the body (and in this case the now two bodies) have of themselves something of a consciousness which experiences a range of effects upon them as well. So the baby body trusts and relies upon the mature body which in turn relies upon the soul and operating ego of the mother. It relies upon the natural progression of a full term growth, and the motherliness of the woman to be.

The up and coming spiritual entity ensouling the child is reliant also. The supporting crew (angelic guides, further generations in place ... the siblings and future offspring) are expectant and reliant as well. There are many hopes abroad! 

Many times over, an incarnating soul may have difficulties combining with the required parameters of what should be a healthy beginning. It is common indeed for the process to be naturally halted and the fetal tissue shrivel back, and the individual to try again. Such miscarriages can be a terrible upset to the hopeful mother, but are only temporarily difficult for the infant that knows within the wisdom of the deciding.

If we undergo an event which is within our best interests, even though it may be hard, we can be at peace with it. If we suffer a difficulty which goes against our best interests we lose peace in the matter and seek to reconcile the displacement, and in the interim there is a certain soulic pain at the discrepancy.

Abortions cause a physical assault against the mother as well as the infant. When a woman is pregnant she is given a very special dispensation from the Heavens. There are qualities of etheric life surrounding and supporting her which are unique to this combining condition; the cosmic vitalities are not only inflowing, but the virtues of the highest grace as well. This even begins with the ejaculation from the male (a blessed act) and goes on in the germination of the pregnancy. The aura of the woman does literally 'glow', as she is given to be kissed by Cupid and infilled with the heavenly forces remarkable to her sacrifice of self for another. 

Ideally the sanctity of motherhood is recognized by those who can and should offer her encouragement and support within the world. Ideally the mother-to-be can surrender her deepest of fears and anxieties and be given the mantle of the Holy Madonna, who teaches not of a primeval femininity, raw but absolute, but rather that female divinity of sacred wombliness - finding that space, making space, giving space: the great embrace!!!

The highest form of feminine attribute is not in the beauty it represents but in that it gives way to a high and noble beauty. That is what we adore about the beauteous (in the true sense). It is not of themselves, who they are or of their beauty, but what it proffers, what it glimpses at, what it represents, and how it enables us to see it, whilst knowing that it comes from a far higher and greater place. That is where beauty becomes exciting and real.

Those who would seek to be a goddess would best learn to be the mother, for she is the highest of all the darlings of feminine divinity. This commitment to becoming 'mother' is spiritual firstly and in no ways dependent upon the physical act we are revering. Men also can develop and present their motherliness within the world as it takes hold within their comprehension which furthers and betters and encompasses the world. Men can exhibit this remarkable revealing of beauty so well also, in as many ways as there are - and there are many.

We could talk further about the frightening and horrific occurrences which spiritually exist around the violent interruption to life that abortion is, but suffice here to say, that would that the woman knew what this would incur, she could not consent to the operation involved. The issue here is therefore about 'reasons' which overrule our intuitions and good nature, 'reasons' which are perhaps instilled with fear and dubious implication, 'reasons' which override the simple morality and appear to be more significant than the above concerns.

It truly becomes a situation whereupon the young mother is at grief with the 'reasons' of her head and the truth borne in the heart. Very few would disagree with this being the case. Quite so for euthanasia also ... that once again there are 'reasons' presented 'rationally' for something the heart discerning could never, ever be a part of. How can this be, and what should prevail?

The heart qualifies itself with Father God, whilst the head asks Father God to qualify itself. Rationality within the mind is always circumspect of the present. The rationale of the heart refers to unchangeable, unmovable truths which do not know the meaning of compromise. They are what they are, just as the soul's wisdom is what it is. There is no matter of philosophy here - just plain old, matter of fact spirituality! There may be a dialogue of the heart conferring with what we know to be securely right and full of love, but there is no discussion.... and no doubt.

Egoically there becomes a license for contradiction, and this world today demonstrates that rather well. Our communities put up with all kinds of frankensteinian deformities afflicting their own bodies, their foodstuffs, their soils and their nature. In areas where there simply should be no debate, the arguments win over the commonsense realities. It is a queer phenomenon.

Recently there have been many discussions about the two streams of being - the creative and the angelic - having problems when one being defers into the impulses of another. We can similarly contrast also the male and female attributes in their working spiritual context in relation to the correct functions as given to both the head and the heart.

For example:
The discerning of the head when properly assuming its male and fatherly properties offers us with reasonableness,

• an ability to meet with challenge,
• to discriminate,
• to decide,
• to discover,
• to determine,
• to seek qualification,
• to refer to the heart,
• to find perfection and to realize it self-consciously;
• to know,
• to choose to know,
• to grapple,
• to contest,
• to recognize,
• to theorize,
• to create,
• to abstract,
• to invoke the imaginative powers,
• to converse,
• to translate,
• to be productive,
• to insist,
• to revive, to instigate,
• to initiate,
• to employ the will,
• to cooperate,
• to be a respecter yet reformer of laws,
• to perceive and promulgate the humorous,
• to question,
• and to adopt (to take to oneself, and into account).

The discerning of the heart when properly assuming its female and motherly properties offers us with affection:

• sincerity,
• unconditional acceptance,
• perception of the highest of truths,
• instantaneous wisdom,
• intuitive foreknowledge as well as instinctual reminiscing,
• inner peace and solidarity,
• expressions of purpose,
• of certainty;
• selflessness,
• charity,
• the virtues received and given,
• the holy powers received and given,
• esoteric insights,
• aspects of ceaselessness (i.e. hard work provoked by need);
• congeniality,
• gentle humor,
• the integrity of the naive,
• respect for the greater and lesser kingdoms,
• unspoken community and communication with the greater and lesser kingdoms,
• capacity for joy and capacity for belligerence,
• essential hope,
• responsiveness,
• conveyance (thus words as well as womb),
• an appeal to higher law,
• a generosity.

It is impossible for an adult to function properly and well without involving both their head and their heart cooperatively and simultaneously in all situations moment-to-moment. Unfortunately though there is often a detachment and the results can be that the impulses of one enter into the other, misplaced and out of context. There can be a false reasoning and a false heart which prevail. When this occurs the true forces enter in and overtake in untoward expression.

When men compromise themselves to rationales which simply are not rational (i.e. experimenting with nature dangerously, knowing they cannot contain or determine the full results of their experiments) they are exhibiting womanly forces of becoming overtly obliging. The very impulses within the Western thinking which accommodate ridiculous rationales are the womanly forces seeking expression, not being permitted through the usual physical and spiritual expressions and manifesting as a false heart within the thinking world. The two are being very much confused. So, it is in the name of compassion that we explain away a death forced upon another prematurely ... and deny the true realities nonetheless of what we are maintaining is correct.

This is precisely why it was important to be pedantic the other day [See The Arterial Self, problem i] about killing never being correct. If we accept a false reasoning of the heart it will spill over into the mind and contaminate our reasonings there onward.

Another point to be mentioned is that there are differing references which come into being depending upon the context. If I am considering an intellectual issue which has no basis in anything that I can firsthand relate to, if there is no story of reference which is specific, which will take me to my heart to consider the answer, then it is safer to be moral rather than not, to employ the heart forces as a matter of course.

This means to say that in the abstract the answer to the question "Is it ever OK to kill?" is "no", whereas in the specific where the heart has determined otherwise by true need (i.e. your question Bruce, about the animal requiring assistance who is irretrievably injured and suffering) then the answer, in due and proper respect to the heart, may well be different.

If the head stifles the heart or the heart stifles the head, a man becomes in chaos. Such chaos will interrupt his life and beg his attention until he has come to be brave enough to reconcile the differences and become honest with himself and with the world.

When the head is contaminated by false heart we may manifest:

• Self-pronouncements (not affirmations, but exhibitions of vanity - being too generous to oneself without due cause);
• Innuendo - an insipid form of thinking and conversing which is contaminated with criticism that is vague and unreasoning and unfair. It is the clever tooling of words to the extreme - a misuse of the skill of verbosity.
• Self-justification and dogmatism, an inability to be challenged - a form of protectiveness gone wrong.
• False reasoning - deferring to the intuitive wisdoms, but with no passage through to the heart leads to an indiscriminate answer or target of thought,
• False compassion - presuming to be motivated by the heart firstly and yet not deferring to it in actuality or in process - sentimentality. The ability here is drawn on from a naive hopefulness. If the compassion pronounced is aligned with the truth of the situation and known by the soul of the man (regardless of whether he knows it or not) then the effects will reveal themselves fruitfully even so. If the compassion is misguided and actually provoked by a self-interest or motive other than true goodness then consequences will ensue. The statement: "I am doing this for your good" must be true in actuality and in motive. It is largely very hopeful at best. Knowing something for others (proclaiming that you know their heart, their circumstances, what is good for them) is dangerous. It may be possible as an intellectual conjecture, but as said above, such removed and abstract thought is without the promptings of the heart we have been provided with, as a dependable and fully qualified referral. It is a good thing for a person to try to relate the abstract into their own lives for reference, if it searches their heart on the matter, for this is not only a practice to strengthen our relations within and to Father God, but also tries to give us a 'handle' on a form or reality - whether or not it applies, it is nonetheless a reality to our hearts and therefore understandable by the mind.
• Grandiose performances - a false beauty, becoming a false channel for the divine or for the competent - wishing to present as more than we are, only understanding the superficiality of it, rather than the supporting role these true virtues hold.
• Unreasonable expectations - confusing the past with the future. The feminine impulse is to support the past, whilst the masculine is driving the possibilities to come. When the one crosses into the other there become in the head unreasonable expectations, and in the heart, a fear of the future and a reinstatement of an empty misrepresented past.
• Risk-taking - certainty infiltrating without soulic back-up. It becomes a false certainty when the true heart is not convened.
• Misplaced concern, calls for subjugation, possessiveness (even for material goods as well as over people) this is where the personal will involves the smothering mothering qualities to reaffirm its wants to maintain the ego-identity of the person involved.
When false reasoning contaminates the heart we may manifest:
• Extreme fear or panic - when the masculine egoic forces seek to control the heart and determine its wisdoms.
• Insensitivity to others, lack of empathy - the strength of meeting with challenge is controverted into non-sequence. There is a stimulation initiated upon meeting, rather than a receiving of thought or of being. This transfers over into the treatment of the self also.
• Self-obsession - the forthright nature of the masculine can upset the selfless quality of the heart, and by such creates in the individual a range of subjective half-truths which dominate the perceptions and reactions repeatedly.
• Cruelty - women have been known to be crueler than men - this being the man in the woman working where it should not ... the misplacement of laws being unjustly forced.
• Novelty, frivolousness, detachedness - a dullness of character parading as eclectic, passionless to real cause, yet stimulated by self primarily.
• Despair - sensing the male loneliness. Ordinarily this is answered in and by the heart. When the two are displaced the heart senses the displacement and despairs. This manifests in suicidal impulses, overwhelming self-doubt and nightmares.

It is by no means casual or fanciful that the Great Ones have often called upon us to at all times defer to our heart's reasoning as well as the discrimination of an untainted ego. How easily the two can become out of step, and in the stead of being the greatest of working company become injurious to one another with their inverted principles aggravating a much greater reality.

Collectively, within a society, the margins may be named as well. Similarly the true functions can be ignored or substituted for a fake reasoning or fake compassion (telling you that valium is good for you or that the valium manufacturers really care and are there for you).

Paradigmical thinking is not only contagious but consequential to more of the same. The only way we may avoid the pitfalls here is to take responsibility individually for our own referrals to our own hearts and morality, and further deciding. This necessarily goes for all matters. So no matter what may be implied or stated here - and bearing in mind this is yet another such statement - it is paramount that each and every one decide and decide all matters of correctness, fairness, compassion and of truth, FOR THEMSELVES. Let no teacher tell you otherwise.

Moralizing can be insightful, it can be fruitful if it leads to other considerations or doorways back to our hearts or our reasonings, but regardless of everything, absolutely everything, the weighing of these truths needs be accomplished on our own, for our own, to be good and consistent for the world at large.

All men and women (even the ones who have formerly been waylaid into the deepest of confusions) hold currently the divinatory talents for finding their true heart and mind, would that they would exercise it. Let us ('us' as fellow students here - all of us) bring this message gently, hopefully, stoutly, remonstratbly to our brothers who falter at knowing for themselves with confidence. Even when mistakes are made Christ Himself glories in our trying. This is a great truth.

When we give ourselves over to less than ourselves, when we live out a pretence or accept complaisantly that which we intuitively know cannot be good and does not measure up to our heart's expectations, when we compromise our minds to dulling them, or compromise our hearts to defeat and disappointment, we are not trying very hard, and by that the Heavens are saddened.

On the question of the Teachers killing things in their incarnate world:

We can look forward to the day when expiration in and out of the world comes only from the being that determines their own lifespan, and not one creature affects or afflicts another adversely.

There are such men present in the world today whose lives are in years considerably longer (although we shall not call them older, because they are far 'younger' than youth itself) and these men faithfully represent something of the future condition awaiting Man in the next hundred thousand years to come (or thereabouts God-willing).

The conditions that they live in at present cannot be equated with those future material conditions to come, however; and so the assessment of similarity in one sense would be very much misleading were one to dwell on the fancy - remembering also that material conditions have been paradisaical in the past, and the etheric life itself is immortal: not afflicted with death or disease or the difficulties known by a predatorial ecology. And, the etheric world today is very much with us and going strong.

We are not without influence. By this what is meant, is that to live, to manifest, implies that you impinge upon your surroundings, rather than wander them as a delicate ghost. We do both. 

When a man goes to bed at night and dreams, he often vents himself upon the invisible worlds and does many things which he could not express within the material world without causing certain chaos. In fact, so subtle are the effects of his dream activity, that there is no karma-bearing due to him, night after night. Nor is he determined by karma inwardly as to where he goes or what he does. Nor does he injure or cause permanent harm. If he is given to evility he will be bound by those realms. If he is given to helping spiritually he may well do such things as are of wonderful assistance or beautiful findings. Once again, karma will not enter into this.

He may drift in and out of nonsensical sequences, or many sensical experiences - insane or inspired - his own mind will barely be touched by the events through which he has traveled the night.

For the men who live as future individuals will one day live, their occasions with the world are similarly as subtle as the ordinary man impacts the spiritual worlds in his sleep. One can be of the world, yet not of the world, one can incarnate, but be so distinctly conjoined with the body that other bodies may presume many tasks that would ordinarily be given to the flesh. In this manner many things are easier to negotiate than most, in respect to killing - and the necessity within modern life of doing so.

Added to this there is something of the occult rule that at certain levels an individual does have an enhanced responsibility and effect given to everything they do. This complicates everything, rather than make things easier. Part of the deal of remaining within the world and endeavoring to better it, at such a stage, lies amongst these difficulties. Sadly, for reasons of protection, we shall not speak any more of this.

Suffice to say that we only have to think a little too loudly and the whole world knows about it. We are responsible therefore, for not cajoling the world into our way of thinking until such a time as they themselves come to it. Getting a message across, for us, is not difficult. Doing it the right way and being patient about it is. (We have a little joke amongst ourselves: "those who can't, teach". What that means is that we can't do it for the students, all we can do is teach, and are resigned to it, in a pledge to their divine and sacred egohood as given to them and to ourselves by Christ).

Rest assured that if we interfered with the ego of any man to do our bidding we would do so at the very real jeopardy of losing our own. Even after all of this time and all of the preparation and learning we have gone to! Please know that if you ask or expect our presence to come to you and overtake your lives in any way, you are asking us to forfeit our own rights to egoic development potentially, by this gesture of community. We cannot. 

Many of you are deeply connected with the wisdom within the world and no manifestation exterialy could or would enhance it. There is no source to the truth (or to the Masters) or to our beloved Christ which is more important or truthful than what you yourself can divine in your heart and your mind - at all times. No group can presume for you, no teacher, not even a loved one can do your work for you, can love for you or be awake for you, can discern for you, can prepare for you.

Yet the supporting love is there - really there - awaiting for you to know it and be encouraged by it. We are all inextricably implicated together and wonderfully so. If you are pained or dislocated we feel it. It is our guess that there are those days or moments when we are pained and disturbed and you feel it. There is much work to do, and we are grateful for all. The spiritual beings are grateful too. Pray hard for them for they also do need it. Pray that all of us are free from harm and causing harm, and that death itself only ever means the greater resurrection -
Thanks be to Christ,

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