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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Atonement - 23rd June 2001

Dear Elder Brothers,
My brother has committed suicide four weeks ago. Can you describe what state he is in now? As a sibling is there anything I can do to help him?

At his funeral service are there any important issues to raise, concerning his suicide, when giving his eulogy?

With Love,

Anthony -
The winds do not score you,
The heat shall not melt you,
The rains not dissolve you,
The earth will not swallow you.

You have just discovered one great truth - that you are indeed indestructible. Beyond Earth and beyond the outside reaches of the Earth, you have survived on. Beyond even the destructive effort of thine own will, you have outlasted. You are permanent. You are real. You are made from same substance as our Father God Himself, Divine and tangibly forever, you exist and exist, withstanding. 

Know also, that even though fear is difficult and terror is sickening, longing is painful, and impatience worse, these things of themselves cannot annihilate you. The distorted faces of crazed demons - those of chaos, of stupidity and of malice - these creatures of Hell are not empowered to interfere with any soul which is borne by Christ. They cannot and shall not do any more than torment you. You can dismiss them yourself, by the authority given to you - which has always been yours at any time.

Sadness took you to the water and weighted you deep within it. Tangled amongst the cold and the salt you can look for the source of the light - there above - and float up into it. You are not drowsy anymore, nor overcome by the weight of this water. You can come out now. Neither drowning nor diving now, it is time to come out.

Dearest Tony,
There are those very close to you who can help you. Flesh may separate spirit from spirit, but unclothed you now know that we can find a compact love, soul to soul. There are special souls you can recognize which shall guide you, inspire you and cheer you encouragingly for the times ahead. This internment, this interim waiting, can make a new space (not just a pause) whereupon you may gather yourself - and watch life for a while from a differing perspective.

This is now a period for appreciating good works and good souls upon the Earth. There is much to take in, to learn, to enjoy. Although your will and your body is ineffectual in the physical world, you can condescend to the will of others whom you trust, whom you love.

Your astral body remains quite intact and will continue on for the term of your life, as it would have been. It was not badly affected by this death. There shall be disquiet from it however, as it seeks to experience the earthly pleasures it is used to - and it is important to understand that these drives and passions are normal to it, and if you experience major disturbances and wantings this too is normal given the transition you have just made.

This is understandably confusing because the astral body as it is actually (persuasively and realistically) feels more 'physical' than the physical itself. In point of fact the physical body dulls down the sensory and astral impressionings. So at this time, it will require some adjusting to - however there are ways of making this time of life more bearable in this regard.

Firstly, it is counterproductive to try to achieve what cannot be achieved - for example, to believe that you can pretend to eat food and go after it. Our astral bodies are creatures of habit and creatures of desire. Your body needs a consoling of sorts, that it will not be fulfilled as it is used to anticipate. It may also panic in response to this change … desiring vitality and fulfillment wherever it may. However, you will not be debilitated because your soul is feeding the astral body from a higher source.

Usually the astral body dissolves after death quite rapidly (depending upon the physical attachment and cause of death etc.). In some instances and in this case, it persists even though there is no physical body for it to connect to. Now if it were on its own, but divorced from the soul (had the soul gone on, which yours can't do just yet) it may try to protect itself from finding vitality elsewhere in an attempt to remain whole and intact. But even though it may feel this, there is a need for you to see through this time (and it will be short) calming it into an obeisance, rather than by giving way to its excitability.

Even though some aspects must quieten down (or else frustrate and detain you with ceaseless earthly passion unfulfilled), the starry complex of higher virtues can be interpreted and experienced and even developed much further, as you are now. On the most positive of outlooks here, you may be exiled into the life of a saint but do truly have the capacity to adopt the holiest of lives because of this, if managing the future well. It can also be said (and meant most strongly) that saints live very happy lives.

The spiritual worlds and the higher pleasures are simply and divinely echoed only in feint part in the world that you have just stepped the veil from. You were right to anticipate there being much more, but the hurriedness of departure and the insistence of it being just given to you in this condition, was wrong. Be prepared for work in the days, months and years ahead, but also for the wonderful dues which will come from that work delightedly.

There is much which can be achieved that is wholesome and good, and tasks which need to be addressed - perhaps now, more than ever. The peace and quiet and rest which may have been envisaged is simply not yet to be, and nor would it be welcomed, because as you now know the greater sadness lies in leaving things half done.

However there is another truth, certainly of worldly affairs, that despite the imperfection we realize in ourselves and our condition, it is the present which begs our attention most needfully, and there is no point letting the remorse of the past hinder our good works of the inviting future.

This death was explicit to a culmination of sadnesses that haunted and taunted you for some time beforehand. In many ways dear friend, you endured the life of the suicide way before you completed the act. The road was not seen clear for anything else but to fulfill what you already experienced within and without - the death of the self. 

But now with the loving help of others, you can regain and find this sorrowing self, and once more treasure it, one day to live and express creatively that which it is and will be.

You now know that you live on. This is a great gift of knowledge, and one which perhaps only death could truly show you completely in this case.

You have witnessed the exasperation and confusion from the many who cannot accept your departure - do not inflict them with your anger, do not intercept their lives with any more self-pity. Go to them for mutual comfort, devotion and later also, constructive learning. Be aware as best you can that you are in fact in charge of the explosions of emotion still emitted from your lower being. These too will quieten with time, particularly if you can concentrate on simple happinesses - times, songs, hopes - and approach the world again through those doors in gentle step.

Abrasiveness and anger are tiring to you, particularly now. You may not even notice your own behavior until you feel this depletion - and then can review yourself in the light of that. Temporarily these emotions (in similar fashion to the desires) will be accentuated and too easily stimulated by the smallest of callings from you. The memories are incoherent; but even so, do spark the emotions into combustion. However, this condition will pass quite soon, and sooner if you can consciously work on realizing what is happening through you as it occurs.

God bless you now and always. The saying that 'things can only get better' was written for you dear friend, and surely is true. You have exhausted that sadness now which did plague you - and the better of times, of circumstance and of becoming truly that which you yourself should wish to be, has just begun.

The laws of reincarnation require that the very same problems and contests which have brought you here will have to be experienced as before, at some later stage. Yet when you return to these burdens and difficulties, it will be in a much stronger aspect and the findings sought for and won during this period will give you an excellent insight into the spiritual worlds when you finally move out from this sphere and into the next - if you work well.

This too - this awakened condition of appreciation of the worlds before you, before the next life - will diminish the depressions which befall you with the challenges. Your whole being will strengthen because of this.

So when the same conditions befall you next life, and you wish only for the sustenance of Heaven to be known, it will be the sustenance of Heaven consciously won by you now, that will be realized within you. During any circumstance or upset that challenges you later, and even with sadness afflicting, Heaven herself will carry you over any difficulty, through to the next happiness assuredly.

The winds sing songs to you of life and of love,
The warmth may stir in you - bring comfort, bring hope,
The rains end the thirst in you - replenish and revive,
The Earth conjoined to Heaven, realize the Divine.

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