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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Signatory Influences, Bones, & Woodwards-19th July 1997

THE density of a man, made explicit in his bones, conduits both the gathering influences associated with the greater memory and the memory's incise, alongside the flowing influences of maintaining the present and the willing to do so.

Amongst our very many physical constituents is the skeletal frame, our own skeletal composite which most signifies the deliberate workings of our former selves. The creative will of the man who preceded his frame, seeks to bring substance into the world which represents the many particles so gathered afore; excluding the influences here of the many other memory-incised beings who incorporate his fields of physically manifesting.

Our senses receive angelic beings constantly to them. It is necessary for these beings to actually participate with us, within us, that we may be able to communicate through them and out into the world. They are the eloquent translators if you like - intermediaries - insisting the way for us into domains which we would ordinarily be insensible to, enabling us to perceive many beings of the world before coming to share signatory keys with them of mutual experience.

When a man stands amongst a commonly beautiful landscape and takes in its air, feels its vapor, sees its forms, hears its movements and resounding, the nature around him knows him in return. Would that it held a conscious memory for these things, it would be furthermore enabled to identify him should he return. To impress ourselves upon any place, whether consciously retrieved or impressed as a memory or not, still brings that first all important introduction of our being amongst the many.

All of the participants within the scenery, do in their own way experience an impacting impression of the man before them. Distance is immaterial here as well. Providing one of the senses has met with whatever lies upon that landscape, then the communication is apparent in the spiritual domain. One can know this for themselves in the quite active pleasure drawn from being amongst the natural scenery and meeting with it. This pleasure comes from the conversing taking place, actively inspiring, stimulating, cavorting and enthusing, in a party of company, co-mingling upon the ethers.

However there were not always 'friendly' landscapes which received a man and welcomed his interaction. Even this world has known hostile environments which were embittered to the intrusion of any new being. Deadly terrain and poisonous plant-life held fortresses which were repelling and murderous. Some of the 'old world' was hideous indeed!

Firstly here we can take up this point of beings - such as those who dwell in and amongst the trees and in a landscape - being able to recognize uniqueness; for importantly, they can differentiate. Overall and by appearances, most folk assume that the 'hiding' which is possible within the physical world is relevant within the qualifying spiritual realities. Hiding is a wonderful amusement to Father God! The principle of intentional withdrawal is a failsafe to the soul and a gift from Father God to insure that the freedoms of each be guaranteed. There is always a door out from any situation here or in the greater Kosmos. Father God gives us that right and freedom to disassociate whenever we feel the need or desire great enough - to disembark, to sever, to stand apart, to begin afresh, to have had enough and let that simply be enough.

Hiding, in the lesser but more curious sense, says "I have gone, but I will return". It is a pretense of an exit, with the restful interlude that is so much required. Hiding may well be a preliminary to a complete disassociation, or it might afford a gathering of self to enable a transition of place. However the principle is a good one, albeit characterized in the physical world moreover.

In the context of the Spiritual Worlds you are either here or there, and apparently so - there is not this in-between. That is why 'hiding' is referred to as 'curious' to this World. (Not curious to this World as in 'interesting', although it certainly is that too, in accordance with the perceptions of the many beings who look on upon us.) 

Which brings us back to the point that we began upon, that is to say that from the spiritual vantage (which is the level that our plant friends receive us upon, for example) there is no such hiding - they know not only that we are what we are, but also that we are all different. Thus it is that we come to our dealings with them, on this personal basis, in accordance with the politeness delivered on behalf of us, by these angelic beings. It is they who make the first and formal introductions, it is they who translate and communicate the specifications of each significant factor, it is they who enable us to come to new acquaintances and experience their expression of being, even though we have not known them before. 

In this delightful speak of our sensory beings we have but one example of the interplay between our soul-selves, our Arterial Self and our egoic self relating in our physical body with the cooperation of other beings. This occurs on every level and throughout our entire physical system which adheres around our skeletal frame. There are elemental beings in our blood (associated and cleaving to); there are planetary beings associated to the mineral constituents too; there are physical artifactual remains which are not discarded, that belong to our forebears and continue on that association; there are beings pertaining to the influences in and around all of the fluids which circulate and depart the body; beings of the individual organs and their zodiacal counterparts; and beings that live in the hair, akashic animals that perpetuate the identity of selfhood as was known by the man.

These beings so named are relative to the physical body, but are not the full complement as regards to the many subtle bodies within and about, as well as the psychic menagerie of forces and forms associated with other planes of being. However we can now understand further from this, that when we say that the bones maintain the physical identity peculiar to the man alone, then this is quite distinct from the flesh around them to which they have gathered. The community of beings which assist to comprise a person's physical system in a cooperating harmony, does not penetrate the substance of his own will which he has built up to form the frame which they hang upon.

Now given that there is a living, physical representation of a man to be found within these bones we can look to the malady of brittleness and disintegration to ask the causality and understand a'further.

A living bone represents the past of a man, and yet concurrently its action within the system is to assist in the blood production, which courses the interiors and therefore comprises intelligently much of the will and future of the man. The seeds of a man's future actually pass through his past on the way through! (A physical example here for your 'dear friend'.) And too, as it has been said, if the blood courses the body too fast, it shall make brittle the bones - if the desire and will to make futures apparent hurry beyond the due respect to the qualifying 'past', then they shall cause deterioration of that 'past' in the process.

Bones have been known to dissolve in the chemical man who would refuse himself and refute all he was. "That was not me" says the man running into the future; and yet what with the ownership and responsibility of that which did define us? The very image of the jiggling skeleton is one of the grinning past which we would flee from. (Dance he does, as dance he might - dance, dance, dance and into the night!)

There are many degenerative conditions of the bones, and aggravants. One which formerly was asked about, in relation to the treatment of asthma, was the induction of steroids and their effects upon a man, including the cortisone being deleterious to the bones.

The blueprint form for the skeleton is derived from the living forms of Man which circulate the ethers. It is therefore borrowed; whilst the actual process of formation and accumulative strength has been worked in detail by the very will and commitment the man holds to promote his earthly incarnation. The hollows inside the densities offer a tensile strength as well as their lightness to the structure, and these hollows give over to the soul spaces thus incorporated, proving that even at our most physical point (whilst living), we seek to combine always with the spiritual aspects that co-exist and not deny them. Only after death have the fluids and jellies departed. Only after death does the pale pink/blue living frame blanch to white.

However, there can be occurrences which bring a deathly deterioration to gnaw at the bone inside of a living man. Dogs devour bones; they actually eat the whole article, grind by grind. There can be substances which give us an artificial strength ... nicotine, cortisone, ginseng, amphetamines (and others), that like dogs can turn upon us, relishing, ravishing the bones. For it is in the bones that a man is who he is in the world. We cannot find traces of his higher ego (other than in his works of course) in the physical world, nor scan the memories which are scored by the durations of lifetimes reduced from this world ... but we can find 'him' in record best represented in that bone he has built up.

The true strength as represented in the bones of a man is given to a destruction when a short-term artificial strength is so incorporated. The identity of the man becomes in conflict within himself. The will of that man assumes a false persona of dangerous divisions. The blood pursues its pathways faster and harder, because it is now running from the man who has made it. The heart and eyes begin to lose their discernment as the past and the present become in conflict.

It is true to say that we personalize and 'own' all of our physical substance so used. We can also (and do) share cells and mutually work upon such substance, not only from animals and plants, but also we may exchange cells with our appointed fellows-in-kind, and incorporate/impress and bear same karmic relationship to the cells so shared. When certain signatory relationships begin to define one another in their presence, the adoption of mutual particles can occur over years and even keep on in relayed use into subsequent lifetimes. 

On the other hand, sharing cells with someone to whom there has been no signature key established with whilst they were living, is meaningless. What is meant to say here is, that it is not enough to merely harvest cells from another individual in order to essentially enter into a relationship with them, as it can be done through karmic exchange.

Medicines manufactured, living material which is duplicated, these work according to the outer processes of the forms originally defined without the man himself. This is not to suggest that it is lawful to do this necessarily, or without consequence of its own, but in relation to the point in hand we can say that these materials are usually without the influence of the signature belonging to the man from whom the substance is gathered.

Were he to have had a signatory relationship with the receiver, then it becomes an entirely different matter. One example of this is to say that were a person to be duplicated by physical means, the nature of the incarnating ego within the secondary fellow would not in any way represent the nature (ego or otherwise signatory) of the first, from which the physical blueprint has been extracted. The principle itself is similar to the etheric castings, but that is where the comparisons end. (This being yet another subject apart from this one, to enter into.)

We may add here also, that this is distinct from a whole organ transplant; the associations there are part of a corporate entity. The organ of a living man in complete form constitutes far more than tissue cells and fiber. The original forms intact belong to the minor gods with their respective spheres of activity. The physical organs are our cosmic representatives, designed from the soul indications of our very being. The 'sharing' of one's heart in the literal sense (to the exclusion of your own use we might add), commits a spiritual perjury, whereby we are no longer capable of transfusing directly to Father God in our expression. Both parties will be disrupted and demeaned accordingly.

Returning to particle sharing: we may offer another example of this, in that we are exposed to many emissions daily, and commingling emissions from one unto another. The substance of these may be received into our own system, but will not be incorporated or 'owned' for a time, because there is not the signatory entrance made available. Should there be material come to you when you have shook the hand of a man, or even did know them but not have a 'special' relationship with them (and it needs be very significant indeed in order to share cells in the way in which we have referred) then it happens that the material passes us by innocently, blithely referring back eventually to those forms to which it does resonate with most perfectly.

Therefore we shall also have a completely different result when a man digests the flesh of an animal he has known to that which he has not - in relation to its passing. (Crude to say, but true.) In addition to the 'mad cow' dialogue, we would say that the animals here have incorporated hosts of cells from other animals that they have physically been in the proximity of and known. This of course is a different matter to the way in which a man may combine or not combine as the case may be, and yet it is important because the family of matter and its adherents has been received by the animal which has not the ability to simply pass it - the ingestion goes further into the accepting system of the cattle.

There is a difference between a domestic dog which feeds from the flesh of something it has not known whilst it lived, and the animal which feeds directly off its kill. Conversely you can observe the variations even in the wildest of zoo captive that does not experience that 'live kill', and therefore the assumption of signatory cells, and the way in which its nature is quietened because of this. 

This subject also runs deeper as far as the astrality of the blood goes, and so forth. However, overall there is an enlivening which occurs within the exchange or incorporation, which enters the being into a furthered relationship, testing the efficacy between them. If a lover's kiss exchanges cells and the two willingly commit and receive cells to live in one another, then by the mutual affability this will further the relationship and combine physical substance. If a man were to spit on his enemy however, and the saliva was to touch any part of his enemy's body, even just through the skin, then this becomes an assault of sorts because the material (no matter how slight), will take work to overcome, to cast off on behalf of the receiver.

On a more useful note this explains also why many in custom have mixed spittle in with the medicines they are administering to their beloved who are very sick, that this will have a binding effect to the substance brought in (bearing in mind also that you can also enhance the efficacy by using 'live' remedies, or extracts also from that which the patient has a relationship with personally).

When folk eat their own produce grown - that they have laid hand to whilst it was 'living' - then the incorporation of the nutrients and life-forces excels that of those that have been distant from the origin.

In the extreme case it would mean that the diet would have to all be grown distinctly from the person in question, and then cooked (the result would be malnutrition). For when you partake of raw fruit and vegetables they are still quite 'alive' for you to enter into a relationship with firstly, and therefore take the substance in a lasting way into yourself.
However, artificial substances can delude the system, and enliven it into untoward activity in response as well. This has already been maintained with artificial sweeteners as a case in point, but also we can look to those families of compositions which mimic chemicular interactions, or interface with parent-host organisms (derived from animal substances) and beckon short-term reactions within the system, which provoke fiery activity within a particular center on its own.

In a roundabout way we have discussed here today the distinctions between those whom we share signature keys with, they who we have known previously during the course of their life (this may be a connection through a simple handshake for a man, or encounter for a plant or animal, or of course, involve time spent in the company of, with shared experience common to both etc.) and those beings and men to whom we do not hold previous association with (from any lifetime) and are therefore immune to their presence to a large degree.

We have discussed how it is by law that we come into a new presence and know how to receive it, and they receive us also. The angelic intermediaries afford us new parcels of life and meetings which we would have been hitherto unprepared to come to. It is they who shall continue to direct us after death and equally help us to interpret all things foreign and beyond our ordinary reckoning.

As for the 'Woodwards' - the spirit-guardians of the wood - it can be said that they relinquished their posts to Christ as He had claimed the Etheric World for His own. The Woodwards were the gentler of the 'protectorate'; their lot were boundary keepers at the time when the physical world bordered close in to the etheric realm.

Men were often caught walking in and around ... leaving their wits at the edge of this world, chasing their visions with some wild and indiscriminate laughter which upset the Woodwards terribly.

But it went with the nature of the place that men be so taken with the great amusement of Life, and so drunk with glee, until overcome with the exertion of it all. They would eventually give in to a stupefied rest somewhere, to be then dragged back through the dark forest and into their own world, by the Woodward of that keep - then to waken quite curious-like and wondering, but with not one recollection of the day that had gone before!

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