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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Principles- 18th December 1997

THE theme of this year's Christmas meditation is of the voracity of Life and of Christ's accompaniment therewith.

In that this World entertains the powers of our Father's Holy Spirit - that being the Spiritual Life- it is because it is enabled and bonded so by Christ.

Life does not hesitate. It will come where it will. It moves with the grace and gracefulness swift to find that space which it can infill. Look at the waters when they move through and into any pass. Water will seep and creep and run across that which it does not already instill. It shapes and obliges the physical world; it does not negotiate for it is the Life itself.

The Light is eager to permeate and penetrate the wanting world. It persists even below the dark earths; with a sublateral equation the Sun's forces are received through the passive and joyful etheric globe. So even the roots become pronounced in their affection, and with warmth the plant-soul grows with forceful enterprise. And this Light is Life itself.

Feel the Orb pulse with the Spirit's determination; always renewing, rebirthing, redoing the making, the creating, this prologue to eternity.

What of the World without Christ? As a teardrop expelled and fallen from His Eye? As an island independent, loathe to the captive spirit compelled? In strife with itself, falling back into chaos?

And what of the Holy Spirit within the shard, if not for Christ? Very quickly the fiery forces would belittle that without soul, without true purpose. The tensions in the astral sphere would be annihilated with one lightning strike of commission, for it is to be that Father God cannot tolerate orbs of wanton evil. How could this be so? His patience with the temporal is but temporal, according to its spiritual wealth and worthiness made known.

Life without Christ is a dangerous Life - merciless and without humor, contesting this love against another in strength of contrast, insulting to all. Life with Christ in Man and throughout his multifarious adjuncts, is Principle. Principle builds worlds, and the substance of Principle is Love.

Each spirit and creature, creation and community is so loved by Christ that He has given them Himself to make their substance. When we receive the Father's Life in the Holy Spirit well into our hungry beings, we can do this and remain, because it is the body of Christ we exaggerate our existence with. He is at every living conjunction. 

It is He that submits the fiery forces to relation and begs their complementary aspects. It is He that discharges the excess. It is He that warrants the tide of death forces without. For the equal and opposite effluence is present as a mighty space of anti-life which laps also at the shores of our Humanity. It is but a greater Life in future to become, but not of one that we can at present tolerate. So our beloved Creator fully comprehends that of the dark unknowables of possible affliction, and withstands them for us also.

Here with Him, we are safe. Here in this cavity the brilliant spirits perform and love well. Here also, His delight in each moment when souls may be great, when the exhilaration is put to good purpose and so defined ... then Christ knows too He has brought His Father further into this World - when Life is pronounced in us.

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