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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Space versus Nothingness- 16th April 1993

THERE is a fortress enclosure surrounding our Moon, as child Angels clasp hands around the orb. For the would-be-otherwise emanations are such that this Earth could not consume and assimilate; therefore they are held back largely by a protective skin of vigilant warriors.

Moon forces and moon rays were not always as contaminative as they are today. Today they are as death. This is why the astral beginnings of disease organisms may abound, entering into physical dimensions through moon influence. The Sun determines the drag and subsequent spill; the Moon releases, expires another wave, some of which is drawn off as to a loadstone, upon and into the Earth.

The Moon is as one great 'slow-release' tablet dissolving in the mouth of the Earth - who, we might add, extends out (in reality) to that of the Moon's edge. The Moon is captured within the aura of this planet, as it is of this planet. There are concentrated points of activity everywhere of course: those which are explicit, and those which dwell unseen.

'Space' is teeming; however too, perception begets space, as space can be necessary for a defined perception. When we contemplate actual area it is a good humored illusion at best; it is make-up to our present comprehension; it is natural law only to accommodate and separate: a void which is not a void. It is of no matter if it measures twenty cubits or twenty trillion, for the 'weightless, shapeless, formless' space is vacant perception, a fluid of possibility which expands and contracts according to the will of manifestation and the determination of a governing perception.

We are as it were, contained. This is not an endless expansion upon the frontiers of distant systems. However, whilst there is no infinity of the outer perimeter, there is an infinity of the interior. Manifestation always holds very defined planes of expression, each invisible to the other, from high to low; and when one comes to penetrate the higher gradients they come to no end. The lower, yes, has limit, albeit ever expanding, but as to the higher heavens there is no answer: Heaven, High Heaven, Deep Heaven, Impenetrable Heaven etc. 

When Man believed instinctively that the Earth was flat and he should drop off the edge into Space, he was as equally correct as are his notions and concepts of space, distance and expansion today. Man knew of the plateau on which manifestation at any level rests, and the 'nothingness' pushing in at the edge.

'Nothingness' is not possibility, it is not fluid and flexible as Space, it gives over to nothing, and is completely unknowable. Without Space we should become too congested for movement; therefore the insinuations of space are with purpose. They are however, relative only to us, not we to it.

Nothingness is often confused with space and is uncompliant; it calls to the would-be suicide, it is as personal death provoking all souls to escape to higher realms - some say it is as the absolute edge of Father God's Imagination. Having said that we must counteract this way of thinking by adding that all life including Man, is repelled by the Nothingness, which refuses dissolution within it. It is not consuming, nor is it as a black-hole portal to another world; it is what it is: as nothing. Therefore there is no mutual attraction, save in that pocket of our own mind which mirrors in small, such realities as borne by the Divine Mind.

One has enormous difficulty attempting to translate one existence into the experience of another. The means of understanding - i.e. through that of a soul's recollection of experience - is for self-conscious Man too difficult to negotiate well. As well it might be. Comprehension of this very world is altering progressively. There are revelations by microscope, there are computations cast by speculating devices programmed by men, breathing with devils. Men have been forced to give their attention to this world, bereft of their natural clairvoyance. However, they do try to distract themselves from defined perceptions for the main part. Men are not relaxed in the world.

Physical pain is a reminder of our commitment to the flesh and the world that suffers such evolution. Such pain was never intended to be as pronounced as to become intolerable; however, as we are sadly aware, it can and does become such. Men fear pain far more than the resultant mortality. Understandably, for who amongst us would not cringe from the intolerable.

Pain is a driving in of impacting cosmic vitality. The fiery Divine Will is usually concurrent with our healthy physiology, and when there becomes a disruption in the current, the fire is felt: the force of life itself, and it is unceasing until fluidly contained once again.

The fires of Hell are related to this and are by measure more intolerable again. However, no man is indefinitely subjected to this anguish of Will; and though scalded shall pass through quite cleansed for the experience. It is for us to learn how to come through this intensity immune to the flames. Coal walking makes for a novelty, Hell tries a man as he comes before the Divine Will made manifest and either may or may not tolerate the directions of life.
Did you know that 'dunce' once meant deuce, and he who was dismissed as a dunce was given the name for a 'know-it-all'?

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