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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Prayer for our Beloved Christ

Our Father, our dear Creator, of us, of all of us,
And those of High Dominion, Throne upon Throne,
Grand station and Principality -
We pray today for our Beloved Christ,
That He may be awarded much Grace,
In such amounts as needed that He shall not tire...
We pray for His happiness, that He may know of our gratitude.

Though there be difficulty, may He never be thwarted.
For He is especial to us, and we His first consideration.

Today, as we meet minds,
We pray that we may return some of that Love
Which He has poured into our being.
Should we catch sight of Him upon the cross,
May we tenderly lower Him down,
And pluck the bondages away,
And with a blanket soft and warm,
May we shroud the cold and rigid form,
And wash, ever so carefully, the blood and oil now rancid.

For surely He is not dead! This One,
Seized with but a temporary death!
And lo! Feel the Strength, and the Warmth,
And His Life empower the feeble frame...

God grant Him all that He shall need,
That He may see us through the perils which await afore us,
We ask you this, and thank you accordingly.



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